Friday, April 1, 2022

Exclusive: ALL the INFO


Did you know that Helena Cassadine really hired Esme to seduce Nikolas at school to make sure she controlled the next Cassadine Heir? Yes..she and Krystal Carrington cooked this up because Esme (real name: EvieMcKenzie) is Krystal's cousin's second great-great niece. Look for Helena to have a Feta Brunch to celebrate the (supposed) success. 

It will be revealed that Victor fathered Nina and I'm not sure how but it's going to happen. 

Josslyn gets a contract with a Reality Show "We Live in a House" and Cam is so jealous he dumps her. Cameron decides to go off and find a music career. Ned helps him with a name change: Camden New Jersey. 

Deception is bought out by Elon Musk and will now produce a skin care line made out of llama milk. Lucy's Llama is spokes-animal. 

Hope you are enjoying the first day of April...:) The day GH Launched 59 years ago!!! 



  1. lol And happy April Fools to you too, kd. I wonder how many people will copy these spoilers on other sites today. lol

  2. I was hoping with Lucy's picture there would be a nurses ball

  3. So far I like the new Trina. Miss the old Trinaof course but this actress is good.


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