Monday, April 4, 2022



Finn and Liz are at her house talking about The kids and the video tape. They kiss ..Finn leaves for a dinner with his Dad. Laura comes in to talk To Elizabeth about Cam. Liz needs a hug first. They talk about Trina then about Jake not being the one to break into the house and leave the painting. Also about Jeff! "I've known your Dad a long time and can't understand why he and your mom don't want more to do with you". They hug. Laura thinks maybe Liz should let them back in now for her sake and the kids. 

Nikolas and Spencer talk. Nik tells him how wonderful it was to hold him for the first time and if Esme is pregnant it will be ok. 

Ava's really upset to see Esme. She tells her to get out. Esme smiles. Ava grabs her book and throws it. Esme says Nikolas invited her and Spencer. Ava said he'd never do that without asking her. Es tells her she may be a step-granny soon. HAHAHA. Nikolas comes in to talk to Ava. Ava rips into him. Tells him SHE sent Sonny after Esme!! Nik is angry. Tells her Esme might be pregant. She says THAT'S THE OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK!! She says no matter, she has to leave. Nikolas says no, he's made up his mind. Ut OHhhhhhhhh. 

Spencer tells Esme it's time to take the pregnancy test. She hesitates. Stalls Says she's scared. :eyeroll: THEN she does take it. They both wait outside the bathroom. Time is UP! But they don't tell us yet!! 

Maxie, Brook and Amy are at The Metro talking about the song for Deception party. Chase walks in with  Violet. She asks Brook how her baby is. WHOOPS..Maxie says "Oh, Bailey is great, come see photos". Amy suggests that Chase sing with her. Brook says NO! Greg comes in for dinner. He blames Brook for Chase getting suspended. He goes to the table with Violet and Finn comes in too. 
Chase and Greg argue about Brook Lynn and Greg goes over to apologize to her. 

Britt tells Terry thank you for hiring Brad after his track record. Terry says she owes her one. Then Brad and Britt go in the hall to talk about it and Mr. Lee (works for Selina) Is there to pick up Britt to go to dinner. Britt is going ALONE TO MEET MS WU!! Brad goes DON"T DO IT! Britt laughs and leaves.  

Brad talks to Terry. She's thinking maybe she'll hire him to be an orderly. NOT a patient advocate. He finally says ok. She  has to ask Lucas..UM> HE does still work there!!? WHAT? Anyway, he leaves and then Amy sees him and calls security LOL 

Selina rented out the entire PC Grille for Britt ..ahahhaa. She tells Britt she WILL help her with Brad because she knew her father. Britt is like SO WHAT? Selena says she knows what Britt was doing with Fiason when they were traveling together in 2016!!! 


Fake out of a man in Liz' house..she's really napping BUT!! when she is really awake, someone wrote "Don't forget me" on the drawing table in paint. 

Ava tells Nikolas either Ez goes or I do! He says nothing. She leaves



  1. Hopefully Ava doesn't find out that she's pregnant now that she and Nikolas have split up.

    1. Ava doesn't find out she is pregnant, or Vampira is? :)

    2. Ava? But isn't she like in her 50's now? :)

    3. I looked online and it says that ava was born August 18 1974 and is 47 and she has Avery who is about 6. Besides this is gh so anything is possible.

  2. I guess everyone forgets their crimes on GH. Didn't ava kill connie falconeri?

    1. Wow! That was along time ago. :) That doesn't mean Ava can't get upset over what Vampira did to her.

    2. Yes, Ava is still allowed to get upset.

  3. Great show today!!!! :) So many funny one liners today!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie, Blazer Lynn, Amy, and Chase: The exchange between Blazer Lynn and Amy was hysterical!!! Hahahahahaha! I love it! :)

    Blazer Lynn: He made it perfectly clear he doesn't want to be involved.

    Amy: You didn't even ask him.

    Blazer Lynn: I did

    Amy: When?

    Blazer Lynn: Before!

    Amy: Where?

    Blazer Lynn: Not here.

    Amy: If you took that tone, no wonder he said no.

    Blazer Lynn: I did not take that tone.

    Amy: You mind if I ask him then?

    Blazer Lynn: Yes I mind!

    Amy: Then you are both idiots.


    Blazer Lynn and Chase: Oh come on Chase! Sing! PLEASE?!?! Pretty please with a cherry on top? :)

    Chase, Blazer Lynn and Greg: Greg is in papa bear mode. :) Love it! :)

    Chase and Greg: Oh Chase doth protest too much. :) And yes Greg, Chase is in wuv with Blazer Lynn!!!! :) I do love when Chase defends her. :)

    Chase, Greg, Finchy, and little V: Hahaha yes little V. Little Vi is so adorable! :) A lot of sleep overs at aunt Elizabeth's! Quiet yelling hahahahahah.

    The hospital:

    Brad and Britch: Man Brad is so nervous.. Forget the hospital Brad! Work with your aunt Selina! :)

    Brad and Terry: You are even more beautiful than I remember.


    Terry: Well lab tests take less time when you're falsifying the results.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *dead* Wait Lucas still works at GH? But he left! Did he come back and decide to work at GH again? I'm so confused.

    Terry and her text: WHAT?! I thought Chet was done with his tours?!!! Come on writers!!! What the hell?!?! :(

    Brad and Amy: Hahahahahaha. Amy wins the lines of the day.

    Amy: YOU! What are you doing here? Answer the question! Why are you lurking around Ms Randall's office? What are you up to? SECURITY! SECURITY! What are you after? Are you trying to steal records? SECURITY! YOU ARE A LYING LIAR THAT LIES!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Amy you kill me! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Hey she stole my line!!! You are a lying liar that lies! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Terry and Amy:

    Amy: You are new to the hospital.

    Terry: I have been here for 4 years.

    Amy: 4 years? Time really does fly doesn't it?


    Port Chuckles grille:

    Ms Wu and Britch: Wow Ms Wu looks great, and she has got great legs!!! MS WU KNEW FAISON?!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what? 2016? WHAT HAPPENED?!!!?!?! :) Ms. Wu is very very good. :)


    Vampira and Queen Ava: HA! LOVE IT!!!! GO QUEEN AVA GO! Yes pull out all her hairs! :) Then throw her out! :)

    Nava: Queen Ava knows what she is doing. :) Oh time to leave Wyndemere queen! Oh she does decide yay! :)

    Spence and Vampira: Stalling stalling stalling. Are we going to find out the results next week?

    Liz's house:

    Fiz: I'm glad he is sleeping over to protect Liz awwwww! :)

    Liz and Laura: Great scene!!! :)

    Liz and strange things: Okay.. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!?!?!?! Who is that guy?! Was Liz sexually abused as a child? Who wrote that don't forget me? Was it Beth?!

    "Karen says "I've known your Dad a long time and can't understand why he and your mom don't want more to do with you"

    Was Liz sexually abused by her parents friend, and they didn't believe her? Is that why they don't talk to her?

    1. LMAO Sonya. And she did steal your line! I said that while I was watching.

    2. "Di says, And she did steal your line!"

      Hahaha how rude! :)

      "I said that while I was watching."


  4. In the previews, Stella collapses ----- so is this the beginning of Stella being Curtis's mom? Cause no sure why we are readdressing her illness????? or maybe she remembers the divorce papers?
    Dear Writers, You have SUCCESSFULLYY turned Nicholas into a stupid stupid jerk....NO WAY he would choose Esme over Ava----WHY would you make Nik that stupid? I am just screaming -----
    the Liz thing better hurry up cause I'm getting tired of nothing happening....
    LUCAS moved out of town, remember writers? Even if he moved back, ACKNOWLEDGE IT....
    JUST so frustrating....
    Selina and Britt---that was great...

    1. "mufasa says, In the previews, Stella collapses"

      Stella wasn't in the previews..

    2. weekly preview on Twitter and Facebook

    3. Stella collapsed on the previews I saw....right at the end. The ones on Youtube don't show that though.

    4. "mufasa says, weekly preview on Twitter and Facebook"


      "Stella collapsed on the previews I saw....right at the end."

      Oh? Damn.

      "The ones on Youtube don't show that though."

      I didn't look it up on youtube.

    5. agree Mufasa, Nik would never choose Esme. Who is Esme's mom?

    6. Thank you! They absolutely 100% mentioned that Lucas had moved. Why can't the writers keep their own material straight in their heads? Sloppy.

    7. Yes they did when Austin started at gh he said that he was replacing Dr Jones.

  5. When Curtis finds out that ESME put HIS daughter in jail------it's gonna hit the fan!

  6. the writers have a short memory, Jason killed a bunch, and he was "saint jason"
    having said this, I can't believe Nicholas, what a wuss.......good for Ava, get out of there.

  7. I think Nikolas is being motivated by guilt over how he lied to Spencer for years. He's trying to be a "family man," but still really wants Ava.

  8. I agree nik is being motivated by guilt. but only certain characters can be forgiven for their crimes. sonny, jason, carly, sam and ava. Brad was punished with going to prison. but I had to listen to amy yesterday on her rant. they even killed off franco cause of his crimes.


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