Friday, April 1, 2022

Bubble Bath

 Esme moving into Wyndemere. Spencer wonders when Nik is going to tell Ava (who's at Trina's trial). He says they'll need a bomb shelter to hide in LOL. 

Trina's Trial: She pleads...NOT GUILTY! She's actually released without bond! Everyone hugs. Proud of her. Joss says they'll find the truth no matter what. ADA lady says she's going to prosecute to the fullest extent. CYBERCRIMES ARE BAD! lol. Trina, Scott, Ava and Portia and Curtis leave. Cam and Joss stay in the courtroom a minute and that poptart reporter comes in to question them. He says he can help them find out who did the tape to help Trina if he talks to him. Then, Ava comes in and tells him to get OUT!  He says he'll get Trina in his own way (I think he's going to write a hit-piece). 

Alexis and Neil's brother: she says "I remember you, you blame me for your brother's death"! He says he's changed and he's sorry. He THEN says she was a drunk that killed his brother (um, in about 2 seconds) and wants money. He threatens Alexis..then Harmony walks in. Seems like they know each other. He leaves. 

Harmony tells Nina that the kids won't let her see Wiley. Nina says to ask Willow alone. Harmony says no. Nina goes on and on about Wiley and Nelle and.. Harmony looks guilty. Nina says Willow is such a coward. Harmony stomps out. Then Scotty comes in and takes Nina's case but says she might have to throw Sonny under the bus.  She says it will be fine. What makes you think you can have it all? asks Scotty. 

Brick flies in from LA and Sonny says he's 'trying to fill a void in his life since Jason is gone".  Brick says he'll step into the role to help him run the business. Sonny wants to find out who did the tape. Brick is on it. He thinks Sonny needs love in his live too. They talk about Nina. Sonny says what happened in Nixon Falls was real. 


Scotty takes Nina's case. 

Ava comes home and sees Esme reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting"... heh. 

Neils' brother (Brenden) has a folder that Neil kept on Harmony. 


  1. It was nice to see Brick again. He'll figure out where that tape came from.

    I was not impressed when Neil's brother showed his true colors. They just had to bring in another evil character. No one on this show can be happy for more than 2 minutes. Are they trying to drive Alexis to drink again? And the rest of us too?

    They must have shot part of the court scene separately because cutie was at the back of the room in one scene, and replaced in the next. Guess he made the mistake of smiling again. Not allowed on GH, cutie.

  2. Nothing against Brick but why not reach Spinelli? Maybe a I missed a scene where they discussed him being able to help with the tape.

    Love that Ava Jerome-Cassadine Supporting Trina!

    1. Several people have mentioned that Spinelli is on it but the actor mustn't be available to come back. Also brick has different resources, including boots on the ground.

  3. Meant to add I think Brick is a good enforcer.

  4. strange no taggert in the courtroom

  5. Nina looks demented. Her eyes all popping out. It really is all about her, not Wiley.
    Only took GH about 2 years to continue the ridiculously unexpected death of Neil. Which we will now see over and over again.
    A personal funny...when Trina walks into their new home she says it's a "safe harbor". That's the name of the place where I live. lol

    1. sorry, i think Nina cares more about Wiley than Carly....who's eyes are going to pop out when she finds out Willow is Nina's daughter......

  6. I can’t stress this enough-everyone needs to follow Wubsy on Twitter and read her recaps. Even if not live. It’s solid good

    1. YES YES YES YES! :) She is hysterical! :)

  7. Courthouse: I am so glad Trina pleaded NOT GUILTY! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :) Good good! :) I love all the hugs!! I want to hug Trina! :) WHERE THE HELL IS TAGGART?! I am feeling very uncomfortable with Molly on this case.

    Molly and Scotty:

    Molly: You can address me as ADA Lancing Davis.

    Okay I like that. :) Hmmm is she turning into her father? :) Damn I miss Ric. :( Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: Ohhhhh brother.


    Jam: She wants them to go to her dorm. ;) Make sure there is no tape recorder taping you!

    Poptart Smalls and Jam: Alexis called this guy Smalls! Did the writers change his name to Smalze? Seems like it.. Why?!!?! Oh hi Queen Ava! :) She knows how to handle Poptart Smalls.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Scotty and Nina: Oh Nina! If you want Scotty to help you, then you need to be nice to him! and Nina: Nina stop! That is enough!!!!!

    Portus home:

    Trina and Portus: Oh Trina staying with them? Oh good. :) WHERE THE HELL IS TAGGART?!?!!

    Sonny's office:

    Brick and Sonny: BRICK HI! :) Great scene. :) Glad Brick is going to help him with Vampira. Love that Sonny doesn't drink anymore, well, for now. :) And he doesn't have any alcohol in his office. :)

    Alexis's office:

    Brendon and Alexis: New love interest? Oh my he has a chip on his shoulder!!! I'm sure his chip will melt away eventually.

    Brendon, Alexis, and What a weird scene!!! I was wondering if and Brendon know each other hmmmmmm.

    Alexis and makes me so uncomfortable!! I don't want them to be friends anymore and I don't want them to even kiss anymore. I don't want to be bad!!!! *Sigh* Oh man when the light was off was creepy!!!!


    Vampira, Nik, and Spencer: Home sweet home sweet home right Vampira? :)

    Nik and Spencer: Spencer is right! His life feels gray without Trina in it. He feels so sad..

    Vampira and Spencer: Awww sweet angel Vampira is skeered of taking a pregnancy test! Poor little thing! ROFL!

    Vampira and Queen Ava: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Great scene!!! :) The grin on Vampira's face! :)

    Brandon's home: Ohhhhh! Neil had a file on! Ooooooooooo!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 5th 2015.* Laura/Genie is back!!!! WELCOME BACK LAURA/GENIE! This is the last Laura/Genie jump.

    1. Oh I forgot t to mention, HAPPY 59 ANNIVERSARY GH! :)

    2. That's Molly's idea of acting impartial I guess. She's just an assistant in a great job and if she acts like she can't be impartial with people she knows she'll be gone in the blink of an eye. (She is making herself as unlikeable as the DA though. I guess she thinks it's a prerequisite for the job. lol)

      I'm sure if Taggart was available they'd use him. Maybe he only has so many hours a week as it's not on contract. Curtis must be.

      And thank heavens you're getting off the Alexis/Harmony kick.

      I'm anxiously awaiting the Ava /Trina war next week.

    3. "Di says, That's Molly's idea of acting impartial I guess."


      "(She is making herself as unlikeable as the DA though."

      Yes she is!!!!

      "I guess she thinks it's a prerequisite for the job. lol)"

      It's not!!! So she better cut it out!

      "I'm sure if Taggart was available they'd use him. Maybe he only has so many hours a week as it's not on contract."

      Yeah maybe.. They should give an excuse to why he isn't at the courthouse though.

      "And thank heavens you're getting off the Alexis/Harmony kick."

      ROFL! Thank the writers! :) Damn. So disappointed. I wanted them as good friends!!! They can't be now!!

      "I'm anxiously awaiting the Ava /Trina war next week."

      I'm ready! :)

  8. Who is Poptart Smalls? That tiny little reporter guy?

    1. Yes. I think his name is Smoltz but Alexis called him Smalls ( probably meaning he was a little man of no consequence to her. ) So Smalls he becomes.

      I sometimes need a bit of an appendix too. lol

    2. Thanks Di. Have a good weekend

    3. "lindie says, Who is Poptart Smalls? That tiny little reporter guy?"

      ROFL! Yes. Alexis called him Smalls one day, and he didn't correct her. So I'm thinking that the writers named him Smalls, but then they changed it to Smoltz for some reason. I don't like it. Sounds like schmutz. Karen called him Poptart once on twitter, and I like it.. So Poptart Smalls it is! :)

  9. I think Harmony and Brendan are on a "grift" together and trying to get money from Alexis.

    1. I think they are in cahoots too!!!!

    2. Well, if they did work together once, he doesn't remember her! The name to him sounds familiar. He found his brother's things and found's name on a file.

    3. That's right. He had to look through his brother's things before he remembered who she was so I doubt they're in cahoots.

    4. "Di says, That's right. He had to look through his brother's things before he remembered who she was so I doubt they're in cahoots."

      Yeah I doubt they are in cahoots either. She is just nervous because she killed his brother!

    5. And God knows who else! And she's hiding baby secrets too.

  10. I really like seeing Brick but honestly can’t stand SS on ESPN. Trina just looks too happy - other Trina was more intense. Always glad when Scotty is around.


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