Sunday, April 3, 2022

Sunday Surgery: 59


Oh it's been 59 years now that GH has graced our screens!! I was but a wee one when it first aired but I do remember watching with my mama!! I'm hoping we get a great 60th anniversary much like the 50th. This week didn't see "celebratory" but stories did move along and for the most part, I was entertained. 

Let's go!  I have 59 TIM BITS for us! 

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID 2 SUMMERS AGO: There's Harmony, dipping her needle into Neil. Unfortunately for me, this was spoiled/rumored so I wasn't that shocked. If I hadn't have known, I think I would have been all WHAAAT? Why did she do it? We thought maybe Neil was Willow's Dad-- ?? Not sure.. and enter this nugget of info: 

BROTHER OF THE WEEK: Brenden, Neil's brother comes back to PC to try to charm Alexis but turns all bully and asks for money. We see him later at the Metro Court looking at Neil's case files and sees "Harmony" in there. He thought he recognized the name. Why would Neil have a file on her? He was a deprogrammer of the Cult. Hmmm...interesting development. 

JERK OF THE WEEK: Oh, Spencer. I really thought when you were having your flashbacks to Esme's antics after the video was released, you realized she had done the deed. NOPE. You are just.. pathetic right now and you living with Esme in Wyndemere serves you right. 

FRIENDS OF THE WEEK: Joss and Cam standing by Trina. :Clapping: SO glad they went to the courthouse to support her and tell her they'd find a way to get Esme.  They also told the reporter to fk right off. Unfortunately I think he's going to go away and write a hit-piece for some cyber-rag next. 

HOLE OF THE WEEK: Um, Taggart was just on the show....going off about Trina's arrest and..he doesn't show up for the arraignment? I didn't even hear anyone say: "Marcus has been rushed to surgery at GH for a broken wrist" or something. I mean, you really should tell us where he is and why he's not there. I know Real isn't on contract and is spotty on availability but.. COME ON. 

DELIGHT OF THE WEEK: Scotty got more airtime than Carly I think!! He was everywhere!! With Nina...with Trina...just being his great self!! He's going to help Nina with WILLEYY and also keep up with Trina's case. Loved him sparring with Molly "call me Ms Davis" during the court proceedings. Kin is just so fun to watch. 

DEBBIE DOWNER OF THE WEEK: OMG If I hear that kid's name ONE. MORE. TIME. !! Good lord. Michael and Willow, just let this obsessed woman take Wiley out for a grilled cheese now and then, will ya?? 

KIDNAPPING OF THE WEEK: Ok, ok...well technically it WAS a kidnapping but since it's Esme, no one cares LOL. Sonny was sublime with her. First being all dimpled and charming and then whispering his threats. Loved it. Alas, it just made ol' Ez look like a victim to Victor and Nikolas. She got to live in Wyndemere and Spencer is moving in as well. Dang it. Sonny should have put her in the glass case with Badger Bob until she confessed!! Photo thx to @Pier54 

CARLY BEING CARLY OF THE WEEK: You knew we couldn't escape it. She's been much "softer" lately I think, and then...NINA had to push her last button and Yoga Class turned into whatever this is. Nina asked about Wileyyyy and Carly lost her ish. I actually understood her this time. You're just tryin' to chill with your BFF and.. WILEYyyy. Ugh. 

NEW HOTTIE ALERT: So,  Michael Blake Kruse  joined the cast as "Rory" .. PCPD Officer who was kind enough to offer Trina a smile and a Coke during her interrogation. He seemed mighty protective after Spencer left. I'm still hoping he's a Wu but we'll see! 

JASON 2.0 OF THE WEEK:  So, looks like Brick will be Sonny's right hand man from now on--not sure if he'll be on the show very much but he did take the gig. Mr. Smith usually doesn't get much attention from me but I enjoyed he and Sonny's scenes. It was also noted that when everyone came into Sonny's office they noticed no bar there! Both he and Ava were supportive of Sonny's not drinking. Kudos. 

NO F'S GIVEN OF THE WEEK:  Nope. Don't care. Oh..Sasha's calling her dealer for more drugs. Yawn. 

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: If you know this blog, I RARELY give this out. This week I have to because I found Brook Kerr to be just perfect in every scene. I didn't know her prior to GH so I've watched her settle into the role of Portia over time. Watching her become shaky and scared for Trina was mesmerizing. You could feel her anxiety over the screen. She would be all normal around Trina and then flip into a trembling mess. Even her walking into the PCPD was a sight to behold. I FELT that anger/nervousness/terror underneath her being all "strong".  


Molly is on the Viral Video case with the ADA 

Trina pleads not guilty and gets out with no bail set. 

Joss and Cam pledge to stand by their friend

Spencer isn't convinced Trina's innocent

Esme is warned by Sonny but ends up living in Wyndemere

Esme stalls on taking her PG test 

Nina hires Scotty to take Willow and Michael to court for visitation for Wiley

Harmony killed Neil 

Neil's brother is bothering Alexis and has info on Harmony

Deception is moving along with it's IPO and there's going to be a celebration

Sam and Carly discuss their kids

Brando and Sasha are back; Sasha's ordering drugs again

NEWS AND NOTES: Hope you caught Tyler Christopher's State of Mind episode with MB on You Tube. Great interview. This week he sits down with Kirsten Storms. She's had a long long career and grew up on set so it should be a wild one! Search State Of Mind on You Tube and it will come up 12pm PST. 

Alexis will be Temp recast because NLG has had an operation to have a cyst removed from her hip. SO many temp recasts!! 

SPOILERS: Spinelli will be back for a bit, Harmony's guilt weighs heavy, Brenden decides what to do with the information he has, The Deception Party is almost ruined by a druggy Sasha and Esme plays her hand. Will she really be with child....or no? (I have no clue right now! LOL) 

And that's a wrap! It was mainly an Esme/Trina/Trial week with Wiley Woes and Alexis-Harmony thrown in. Liked Sonny being Sonny but with a different edge. Loving Alexis' new job.  Deception is going to have a party (much like the Nurses Ball by the sounds of it) which means more Lucy! Yippee!  Dave points out HE predicted no Nurses Ball this year!! Maybe he should do more...? Here's the POST: Crystal Ball 

I'M EXCITED about Esme living in Wyndemere! I live for these old school soapy things. Is she pregnant? Will she fake it? Will Victor move in?? Squee! 

As always Thx To @Flutterby and @SourceRyan for photos

Have a good one. Here's to 59 more years of GH !

Thanks for reading this blog many years??!! 


  1. tired of the teens. this story needs to move along. in fact all stories are moving in slow motion. ryan and esme let the truth out. liz and her stalker story. brooklyn and chase have now become boring. get rid of sasha and brando, boring. michael and willow move away. and since carly has to be lead can writers tone her down. I loved tamara braun as carly. she gave the character heart. sorry for complaining

  2. Another great SS after a good GH week...thank you!
    Yes to Portia. She was spot on. Most obnoxious of 2022 so far goes to Nina.
    The two stories they could dismiss are hat man and Sasha/Brando, although Gladys should stay. I like the workplace dynamics.
    We all complain about this and that. Some more than others. I just want to say that I am grateful to still have GH to watch. Even at their worst(Hiney). I don't know how I got hooked on soaps, all ABC. My mom never watched them. My fave was OLTL and still miss. Congrats to GH on 59 years! And thank you kdmask for enhancing our viewing pleasure.

    1. Zazu, I still miss OLTL too! I watched and loved all three abc shows but of the three, I felt that OLTL was the best. I am grateful, though, that GH is still around. Also, I like GH much better without Jason.

  3. Thanks so much for this great SS, kd. You're right on the money for me this week.

    Jerk was a perfect word for Spence this week. He was pathetic to the point that I can't even see anyone feeling sorry for him. As for Esme she's such a schemer.

    I wouldn't put it past her to fake losing the baby if she's not pregnant and blaming it on Sonny. All hell will break out then.

    "Wileyyyy" hahaha I know what you mean. No one who watches will ever want to call their kid that now. It's like nails on a chalk board for me now.

    And "The Deception Party is almost ruined by a druggy Sasha". How original. They must have found some old unused scenes from last time. I'll be FFing through those scenes as I have no wish to wallow in someone else's misery.

    Loved the scenes with the teens. The lightness is a welcome relief. As is our loveable Scotty. I was so pleased that they used him so much this episode. A chuckle in the middle of tension is a welcome relief.

    And the new cop is also a welcome relief. Love his quiet smile. I hope we see more of him.

    We're preparing for another snow storm to morrow so here's hoping the power stays on and I get to see the show.

  4. I don't understand the purpose of Sasha and Brando----truly I don't....FF through them...
    and I am THIS CLOSE to FF through this Trina's catastrophe-----is NO ONE going to do due diligence?????? GEEK people/Spinelli/Brick? (BTW-Bradford said he HAS been filming more.)
    ----just a meh week for me------This Harmony thing could have been really interesting, but they have her killing Neil-betraying Ryan in his mind---and lying about Willow-for a character we BARELY see-----so I don't care----just pick ONE and build up to it!
    Karen is the only bright spot of the week.....

  5. yes Esme = fake pregnancy and then fake loses it - like Gwen on DOOL----sigh....
    let's bet she blames Ava----------
    ooooo-maybe Ephinany will be a doctor by then and figure out she wasn't pregnant!

  6. Brook/Portia absolutely was best performance.

  7. Portias portrayer is beyond beautiful, talented and she must be a mom to act that well.

    While I agree Nina was the most annoying this week she will always come in 2nd to snarly for me.
    The writers really want us to hate Nina. All of a sudden Carly has a BFF in Sam. Olivia was believable but I guess Kemo doesn’t have much going on. Where’s Drew? Start a love triangle.

    I hate that the Liz story has stalled. She is one of the best and can do anything. Not just a love story or the kids.
    Something meaty.

    Valentin where are you our handsome leading man? Lack of swooning on the show without him.

    1. I miss Valentin too. Just didn't want to be the only one saying it again. Thought he was back in March.

  8. He said he was back taping in March, so hopefully will appear sometime in April.🤞


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