Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2022 Crystal Ball (Wednesday)

Ok gang, we do this every year. These are our "predictions" for 2022. Now, as always, these are not to be taken seriously. They are lighthearted fun escapism. Comment as you will, and of course, join in with some of your own. Here we go (again)...


Natalia Livingston will dye her hair blonde and appear as Sarah Webber. (Remember, the hair dye trick worked for Sarah Brown)

Brando will, indeed, be groomed to be the new Jason. Until the real Jason is discovered in Nixon Falls with amnesia.

Jeff Webber will finally arrive. The actor will be someone most of us know, but he will not be someone with a daytime history.

The show will do the episode tribute to Alan (Stuart)

Speaking of tributes, it is Monica's (Leslie's) 45th year on GH. This will be celebrated with an all-female luncheon where everyone takes turns saying nice things about Monica. Except Lesley. As always, the banter between the two will be priceless.

The Nurse's Ball returns. However, it will be totally re-imagined and radically different than the past. Fans revolt.

New opening credits debut April 1.

Kelly Monaco leaves the show before Spring and will resurface on another soap.

Lucas returns with a new boyfriend. A character that was previously on the show (not Brad or Felix) MW? 


Robin will return for a 2-wk stint to get some maternal advice on marital strife.

Carly thinks she is pregnant and tells everyone. She insists the baby will be a boy and will name him Jason. Starts buying all kinds of blue articles of clothing and blue stuff for the nursery only to find out it is Menopause.

Guess what former cast member is behind the mask on the Masked Singer?


Martin and Lucy will start dating by the time of the Nurses Ball --and OMG I wrote this 2 days before they slept together. LOL! TRUE! 

Esme will turn out to be a killer just like Ryan; her hero. First dead body shows up on PCPU campus early February (just a rando student, she has to practice)

Victor tries to woo Ava when Nikolas is sent to Spain in some Cassadine business ...Ava is VERY tempted. 

Willow and Michael try to have a baby but find out it's impossible. IVF? 

Ms Wu has an ace up her sleeve: Morgan 

Peter is sent to a long-term care facility; waiting to re-generate when we least expect it

At least 2 contract players will leave in 2022 --one is a complete surprise. The other? Not so much

Felicia comes back and joins Deception as the "Face Over Fifty" 

This doubles as the blog for Wednesday. 
The Wubqueen won't be around. 
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  1. These are so awesome and hilarious. I think the only one that will come true (besides Lucy and Marty) is that Brando will become Sonny's right hand.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I do believe Esme is the next serial killer on the show.

  2. Kelly Monaco actually speaks loudly and can be heard for the first time ever, causing all of the boom mikes to crash and causes the directors to have hearing loss.

  3. Oh there are so many that I want to come true. ( except Morgan) lol Great job. Thanks.

  4. Esme has been set up to be a killer since her debut. I'd be so disappointed if they changed direction. We need this. As for babies...GH should take a break from baby stories for a bit. No IVF please. Especially for the constantly woesome Willow.

    1. I agree. No more baby stories for awhile. Too depressing the way they are doing it.

      Never will happen, but would be "oh so lovely" if Esme practiced her "killing skills" on Peter!!!!!!!

    2. I don’t want Esme to be a killer. I don’t want ant new killers.

  5. Courthouse in PA:

    Scotty and Michael: Awww poor wittle Mikey upset that Scotty badgering poor wittle Willow on that stand. Boo hoo.

    Michael: I will not forget that.

    Oh Michael shut up. Stop acting like your a big bad mobster and get a life. Oh look Michael punched Scotty! Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: Well now Michael, that is assault.

    ROFL! It is!!!! Now arrest the idiot Scotty!

    Willow and Nina: Oh Willow stop whining. Michael just brainwashed you into thinking Nina used you. Not true. And you have choices Willow. Stop blaming Nina for them! Boy Willow, you and Michael are two peas in a pod!

    Mildew: Oh so he forgives Willow?!?!?!! Blames Nina and Scotty! UGH! Mildew needs to die a terrible death. I don't know who else they can date. I think they need to both be single for awhile.

    Nina and Scotty: Come on Nina! Scotty was just doing his job. And look! He did his job well! Charges dropped! YOU ARE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAY! :)

    Mildew and Michael's Lawyer: Poor wittle Michael didn't hear his daddy say he isn't a victim. BOO HOO!

    Outside courthouse:

    Cujo and Sonny: You can see the vain on her forehead! :) She keeps asking him if he is still in wuv with Nina, and he won't give her an answer!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh uh Carly, did you forget that you are in wuv with Jason? Cujo is kicking Sonny OUT of the house! BAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHA!

    Port Chuckles:

    Mr. Hat guy's hotel room:

    Mr. Hat guy and Curtis: Hmmm he isn't living at the Metro. Well, he really should. Around and around and around they go. Where it stops, I have no idea. Curtis just give up! He won't admit to anything about where he was and why he left you and Tommy! Stop asking him.

    Mr. Hat guy and Stella: Stella is worried about her relationship with Curtis.

    Mr. Hat guy: I will never ever tell Curtis that you knew I wasn't dead.


    The hospital:

    Stella and Portia: Stella is really really worried about Curtis. Oh boy. When Curtis finds out that Stella knew that his daddy was alive all this time, he will be furious!

    Curtis and Portia: KISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    PCU: Man the Port Charles University looks like the same building set as the courthouse building.. Hmmm I'm just going to say that the PCU is in the same building as the courthouse. ROFL!

    Alexis, Joss, Chad, and the professor: Hey!!! Joss and Alexis going to school together. I like it. Chad can't leave it's too late! Yes I agree with Joss. He can learn something. :) Hello professor! She is talking about a case, and Alexis is disagreeing with her. ROFL! Oh oh! :)

    Alexis and the professor: TEACHING?!!?! ALEXIS? I think that is a FANTASTIC idea!!! Teach law in college! YES YES YES! :)

    Joss and Chad: Oh good. We get a summary of everyone that Joss hates. :)

    1. I think that Alexis teaching is a great idea. I'm hoping since she was pardoned her crime won't show up on a background check. A pardon is supposed to cancel it out. ...maybe they could have had the president pardon her with the turkey as a double

      I wish Scott would charge Michael. He's turned into a little gangster wannabee. Maybe facing consequences might givee him a reality check. It's obvious Sonny isn't all there right now and Jason isn't there to protect him. He and Spence can do time together. lol

    2. Would be great if Alexis taught law, except I am sure she is all over the internet and newspapers. Although, as we know from Nixon Falls; no one uses the internet. lol. Except Marty to "google" Lucy.

    3. "Di says A pardon is supposed to cancel it out."

      Really?!!?!! I had no idea!!!!! :0

      "maybe they could have had the president pardon her with the turkey as a double"


      "lindie says, Although, as we know from Nixon Falls; no one uses the"

      Hahahaha true! :)

      "Except Marty to "google" Lucy."


  6. I am ready for some kissing on New Year's Eve.

  7. I don't like Nina or Carly. They both deserve to be miserable

    1. The Curtis and Marshall thing has gotten so boring already. Just talk, talk talk about the same thing over and over and over

    2. You took the words out of my mouth. At this point who cares, except Curtis of course. lol

  8. Agree. Don’t care about Marshall. Had potential but just not working.

    1. The story with Marshall is not moving at all. I think that's the problem.

  9. I agree that the Marshall story is moving way too slowly. I don't like Carly, but now really can't stand Nina for telling Willow that she should have lied.( even though Michael and Willow are so self righteous) Can't see how they can redeem Nina. Maybe she will have another breakdown or become like Nell.

    1. I don't know how Nina can be redeemed but they always redeem characters. I can't believe Nina wanted Willow to lie under oath.

  10. Anyone think Sonny will turn to Nina now that Carly has left him? Or do you think he will be too mad at Nina because she ruined his life?

  11. I'd like to see more of Mac and Robert. When is Felicia coming back? I don't miss Jax and Jason.


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