Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Orange Sweater

 FINOLA posted this on IG!!! So cute. It was some play readings in LA. Marcus Columbo was there (Nikolas) and Michelle Stafford too! 

Joss and Spencer are at the gym to... BOX? OMG are they chem testing them? WTF. NO THANK YOU. They talk about going on that vacation. Joss asks why Spencer likes Esme so much. He basically says for the sex LOL "We just fit". He says they were in boarding school and always left for holidays and bonded. Her parents died when she was a kid. 

At Kelly's: Trina and Esme and Cameron. Cam is waiting on them. She talks about going on a ski vacation. Says Trina can bring a Plus One. Trina is like: NO thanks. 

PCPD: Mac is talking to Peter (as Maxie's Uncle)... and Maxie rushes in to talk to him as well. He basically tells him anything can happen in jail. Peter says if it does, they'll never find Louise. Liar. Anna doesn't think that Maxie should talk to Petra. Mac comes out and says Peter is playing a game and is saying he knows where Louise is... Anna sticks up for her. Mac finally lets her go in--Peter stares at her. She tells him they are over. He says he knows where Louise is. Maxie screams. "You're NOT GOING TO GET LOUISE"!! OMG Peter is going to know she has him. 

Michael and Carly cryin' over Jason in the hospital. Willow overhears Sonny and Nina's Nixon Falls WUB. She looks for Michael. Carly and Michael find her first. They wonder what's wrong. 

Sonny tells Nina if she loved him, she wouldn't have kept the secret from him.  He tells he never to text him again. They talk more about Nixon falls. She's sorry. They agree to live separate lives. He leaves the chapel. 

Willow is about to tell Michael when Sonny steps out of the elevator. Willow doesn't say anything. Later Michael asks her if she went to the chapel. She says yes but People were there. Nina overhears that.

Sonny leaves GH and won't tell Carly why--he 'doesn't want to worry her'. 


Nina confronts Willow about hearing she and Sonny talk in the chapel. "What are you doing to do about it"?? 
Sonny goes to the PCPD to see Peter, Anna stops him in the stairwell. Then he gets in to see him. 

I HATE Maxie's sweater. Did I already say that?? It's SO SO Orange.

ZZZZZZZZZZZ show today


  1. I feel like Friends screaming "we were on a break"
    MIKE/SONNY had NO freakin memory - WHY are we just not telling the truth? BEYOND stupid.....
    I will be back after I calm down.

    1. I totally agree. It’s ridiculous. Just tell the truth. I don’t see why this would be such a big deal.

    2. It's a show. Exactly Sonny had no memory, and Carly was about to boff her best friend.

    3. Because Carly is crazy and even Sonny is afraid of her (lol)

    4. haha I'm not even in the same time zone and sometimes I'm scared of her.

    5. I think you are right Linda. Sonny is afraid of Cujo

  2. Bet Esme's parents are alive and kicking somewhere.
    Big nothing day. Hiney will soon disappear. They will never kill him:(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. of course they are alive!!! Still think Ryan is the dad.

  3. I can't wait to see what Joss has planned for Esme.

    1. Hope it doesn't backfire, Esme is a serial killer wannabe

    2. I like Joss way better than Esme, and Eden is such a good actress. However, Joss is just as spoiled. Let's not forget the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Almost everything she accused Spenser of is true for her as far as money and being rich.

    3. I know what you think of Joss but she's not a sociopath and it has nothing to do with what she's got planned for the evil one.

    4. Agreed 100% vs. Esme, but the words against Spencer have been hypocritical IMO

    5. I know. It just that sometimes it gets needlessly repetitious when it's not what we're taking about.

  4. Police station:

    Mac and Hiney: Hiney wins the line of the day.

    Hiney: IE James. The child I brought into this world with my own hands.


    Pumpkin head Maxie and Anna: No! You should NOT see Hiney!! He is crazy!

    Mac and Pumpkin head Maxie: Awww great scene.

    Mac: I could never say no to you. Awwwwwwwwww! :)

    Pumpkin head Maxie and Hiney: Oh forget it! He isn't going to listen to you. Stop talking to him!

    Anna and Sonny: You can tell Sonny wants to kill Hiney! Anna turn around and go to the bathroom. :)

    The hospital:

    Sonny and Nina: What is happening here? Is this a slow burn? Are they going to get together or did the writers change their minds?

    Willow and Piffy: Oh no are we going to have to watch Willow's face in turmoil for months because of what she over heard Sonny and Nina say? UGH!

    Carly and Michael: Michael and his huge hair are so sad about Jason. IF Steve Burton gets the vaccine and goes back to GH, why can't he just come back as a different character? *Sigh*

    Carly and Mildew: Yup! Look at Willow's face! UGH!

    Carly and Piffy:

    Carly: Count to 10. Count to 10. Count to 10.

    Carly is counting down to 10 so that Cujo don't come out. Oh hey look it worked. Oh no now the writers got Piffy gushing over saint Jason! UGH!


    Vampira, Trina, and Cam: What is Vampira up to? She wants Chad and doesn't want to give him up, but yet what is going to happen in the cabin? Will she try to seduce Cam? She will lose Chad if she does that. Hmmmmm. Unless she is going to get Trina and Cam together. Cus she did bring up the fact that Cam and Trina almost got together. Hmmmmmm.

    The gym:

    Chad and Joss: Chad is gushing over Vampira. So that means what? He will find out Vampira seduced Cam and break up with her? He wasn't really convincing telling Joss he is in love with Vampira. Come on Chad you are in love with TRINA!

    Chad, Joss, Cam and Vampira: Yes Joss. I think Vampira WILL show her true colors at the cabin.

    1. sonya said..." Oh no are we going to have to watch Willow's face in turmoil for months because of what she over heard Sonny and Nina say? UGH!"

      *** Yes, we'll have a month of Willow standing in the background with her face in turmoil. It's what she does best. And the writers don't have to write any script for her that way either. Gawd forbid she get an actual sl.

      And I'm hoping Joss's plan will get Esme to show her true colors and get our Spencer out from under her thumb and back with his friends again.

    2. Line of the day is Sonya's. "Anna turn around and go to the bathroom." Hahahahahah! And yes, please. That's all I've got. :)

    3. "Julie H says, Line of the day is Sonya's. "Anna turn around and go to the bathroom." Hahahahahah! And yes, please. That's all I've got. :)"

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes let Anna go to the bathroom, so that Sonny can, you know.. shhhh. :)

    4. Sonny talks a good talk, but he is not a man of action in awhile.

  5. The orange sweatshirt is the ugliest ever



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