Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Cry Me A River


Another week with things just whipping along!! For the most part, I did love the show. The Thanksgiving dinners were up to expectations. Yes, there was a lot of narration and Peter showed up but all in all entertaining!! So much happened, this might be another long one. I do include some ball-drops of those of you that are crabby on the show at this juncture so hopefully, everyone will have a good read. 

Grab what ya got and settle in!! 

NO TEARS OF THE WEEK:  Sam was pretty much over Jason anyway when he boffed Britt and married Carly. They'd been apart awhile (due to his 'lifestyle") so when Drew came to tell her the news, she teared up but never really turned it on. What DID turn her on? Oh, Dante that's who!! Yep! They finally took the plunge. Grief Sex? I think not. 

DADDY TEARS OF THE WEEK: Did Curtis shed any? Nah... Marshall did a bit when he told TJ the truth--that he was his grandpa. What happened after that? Curtis was all depressed so Portia moved the Thanksgiving dinner to The Savoy. Liz, Finn...the kids, Trina, Nina, Phyllis and TJ were all there. Molly? Who knows. Aunt Stella? Who would have made this dinner a blast? Still "recovering" from her stroke. So it goes. 

UNICORN TEARS OF THE WEEK: Aw, Drew gives Scout a nice unicorn. She's a bit shy about the whole thing but it will work out. He also sees Dante and Sam "together" which is fine because he and she sure weren't when he left. 

BABY TEARS OF THE WEEK: Valentin sure was having those water-works going!! Geesh... someone said he reminded them of  Lucky back in the day. Yep. Sure did. This time Anna talked him down from the ledge and made him visit the Q house to say goodbye to Bailey. This was all well and good but Chase, Maxie and Brook had all discussed telling him the truth but for some dumb reason opted out. We see Maxie running from the kitchen saying "This has gone on long enough, lives are ruined"... UM, girl where ARE you going? You had a chance back there...Oh, never mind. Please get your Daddy and Uncle to get Peter transferred far far away. Or poison him yourself. There. Done. 

MORE BABY TEARS OF THE WEEK: So, Brasha baby is born and Sasha goes to see him. They think once all the tubes are out and the cooling blanket is removed he will be ok. Britt explains he only needs one more test...EEG. Ut Oh. Hmmm... well Shriner's needs a tie in so?? Anyway, they name him Liam Mike and discuss name meanings for days. CarSon comes in and Sonny offers Sage advice. Brasha keeps saying "He'll be home soon, he's a fighter..." which to me is a red flag waving high in the air. 

FRIENSHIP TEARS OF THE WEEK:  I singled this out because I really liked the Anna-Sonny scenes. It was a surprising choice to have her deliver the news but it was done so well. Sonny was even Mike-Like with her so that was awesome as well. Oh! And he threw kitchen stuff all over!! 

ST JAYSUS TEARS OF THE WEEK: I can't list them all here but everyone and their mother were crying about Jason. It was the week they found out he was "dead"..."YES!! really DEAD" said everyone.  Even Carly seemed to come around to the fact he's buried in tons of rubble. It was all hollow because we as soap fans have been yanked around for years and years with back from the dead stories. Hell, Jason has been back himself. No body. So.. yes, Britt and Carly seem to have forged some kind of weird kinship over the Robin River (that's ROBIN'S BRIDGE, BITCHES!!) but we know better. 

INVISABLE TEARS OF THE WEEK: No photo for this because someone was absent...who could it be? OH yeah..ELIZABETH. Usually I don't get into the fights about her character being dissed but this was GLARING. HOLY HELL. Don't tell me RH wasn't 'available' to at least have been at GH during some of this because she was at the "Savoy turkey dinner" Monday. Tell her then. Film a tiny side scene. ANYTHING. Drew should have found her. She's the mother of his first born FFS. By the time she does have her scene the whole peak of the story is over. 

TURKEY TEARS OF THE WEEK: Oh, Valentin was angry. He ate some of the turkey, gave the rest to Annabelle 2 and told Brook Lynn she was the "Runt of the Litter" that couldn't sing. AHAHAHAHA. LOVED IT!! Plus, it got us our pizza. 

ENTIRE GH TIMELINE TEARS OF THE WEEK: Why? PETER was back on. Good Gravy but overacting isn't even the word here. IS Wes trolling us all? I would hope he'd be slapped by the director if that was the case. Anyway, Austin stabbed him good while taking blood (is that DNA blood for Bailey? It was a weird close up). Stupid Peter was being taken for tests and then allowed to harass Nina in the hallway. "You're alive"??! He thought she burned up in the fire he set. Nina gave it right back to him and got in his Peter-Pumpkin Face. BUT THEN... ding dong. He mentions her falling in wub with Sonny-- and guess who's right behind? CARLY!! Oh what joy. I squeaked!! Ahhh, if I had to endure him on the screen, that was a great way to end it. 

CHEERS OF THE WEEK: First of all, loved Sam's sweater. I usually never like what she's in so I must mention it!! Second, OMG but Sam wants Alexis to go into the PI Biz with her!! YES!! PLEASE!! Alexis isn't sure but they throw around "Davis-McCall or McCall-Davis" names. I hope this happens and Spinelli is a part as well. We could have some great stuff coming. 

WUBS FAVE SCENES OF THE WEEK:  I enjoyed every second of the Cassadine Thanksgiving!! LOOK at that family!! First Alexis has Spencer and Esme to dinner. Shawn is living there so he's in. Where are her girls? Well that's another ball dropped because Molly wasn't shown at the Savoy dinner and Kissy supposedly had "other plans". :eyeroll: Other than that it was glorious. Ava showed up with Nikolas and pie...Valentin pout-face came over and.. VICTOR entered!! OHH!! He basically told everyone to shut up and act like Cassadines and get over it. LOL. Magnificent. More please. And can they all live in Wyndemere? 


The town finds out Jason is dead; Drew is alive

Drew sees Scout, gives her a unicorn 

The Q's turkey is ruined by Valentin and Annabelle 2; Drew brings the pizza 

Anna tells Sonny about Jason

Sonny tells Spinelli about Jason

Britt tells Carly about Jason

Carly cries; she and Britt bond on the bridge

After talking to Anna, Valentin asks to say goodbye to Bailey

Sam and Dante make the wub 

TJ finds out that Marshall is his grandpa

Portia takes over the Savoy for her Thanksgiving dinner 

Sasha and Brando see their baby together; name him Liam

Baby Liam appears to be stable but needs an EEG 

The Cassadine Clan finds out that Valentin is Victor's son

Peter is in GH because he was shot :eyeroll: confronts Nina 

Austin vows to keep an eye on Peter, gives him pain with a hypodermic needle 

SPOILERS: Next week we will see: Laura! Martin!  Brad!! Also Kristina Wagner is coming and she's on contract!! I saw a blurb that Lexi Ainsworth (Krissy) is also back but who knows for how long. Looks like Carly might find out about the MikeSonNina WUB from Peter on Monday. Willow and Michael return home to Chase being Bailey's daddy and news of Jason's death.  Rumor has it Helena makes an appearance. 

It's a wrap!! I think that having the expansion of the Cassadines is going to work out well. I'm hoping Curtis and fam finally get a story. Aunty Stella? Where are you?? As for Jason aka Steve Burton; don't miss him. It was one of those situations that well, I was ready for him to go. I'm also ready for you know who to go.  Maybe that's our Christmas present? Peter all DOA under the tree. 


  1. Yes, Peter needs to go. I for one do NOT miss Jason. My Christmas wish is to see LESS of Carly and Sonny and MORE of Laura, Martin, Krissy, Molly, TJ, LIZ, Finn, Robert, Mac etc etc.

    1. I would like to see a chem test of Britt with Drew, NOT Britt with Austin. Austin doesn't really fit with anyone IMO. I wouldn't mind Austin getting the revenge on Peter at this point. I think he and Maxie should take Peter down. Let Maxie kill Peter; that would be SO FITTING

    2. I agree with all Lindie. Austin’s character is so superficial right now and not that appealing. On the other hand CM’s Drew exudes sincerity. Great SS as always, and I loved the Cassadine Thanksgiving. If I was Nina I would have smacked that smirk off Peter’s face. There was an old movie called the Beast that Wouldn’t Die and that is him. Thanks Laura W. For that fresh hell.

    3. crap! I TOTALLY FORGOT to put the TJ's/Shawn father thing!!! DERP!!

  2. And, YES the Orphan Thanksgiving at Alexis was fun. Alexis had the best one liners. "What fresh hell is this?". "Who could this be now, Satan?" and it's Victor. lol I do like Charles Shaughnessy as Victor a lot. Doesn't hurt that I was in love with him all throughout The Nanny. lol

    How did you hear that Helena is back? Is Constance Towers actually going to be able to do some filming? She is almost 90. You go girl.

    1. PSSSS I think that Cameron Mathison makes a super great Drew. He brings a lot to his scenes.

  3. Victor works as Valentin's Dad even though the actor is only 13 years older than JPS IRL. lol

  4. Vernee Watson (Stella) has a full time job on the sitcom Bob Hearts Abishola. I think she can only appear on GH when that show isn't in production.

    1. I bet that is true. Sad to lose the good ones.

    2. yes she commented on that - and by the way Bob Hearts Abishola IS GREAT! must watch show!

    3. "Mufasa says, and by the way Bob Hearts Abishola IS GREAT! must watch show!"

      YES! I love the show! I love when they do musicals. :) Bob's mother needs to get caught walking!!! :)

  5. I can't take Peter and his breathy Jessica Rabbit villain voice. He is not a good actor, at least on GH he isn't. I also think that when theykilled Franco, they were going to bring back Todd, but the higher ups nixed it because of Me Too and glamorizing rapists, so they hastily added Austin. I love Roger Howarth so I hope they fix his character soon.

  6. Thanks for another great SS!
    Just a bit of realism on GH would be nice. Like people working in some form.
    Hopefully there will be a happy outcome for Sasha and Brando's boy. After all it is the holiday season. If not...GH will sink to a very low point.
    Seems to me that Britt and Drew would be a perfect set up for Jason returning someday. That would be new. lol
    I too hope the Austin character gets better. I love RoHo.
    They will never kill Hiney :(

  7. Does Marshall know that SHAWN is TJ's father? More importantly, do the writers know?!?!

    1. Too funny. Yup the writers don't seem to remember what they write do they?

    2. The 'facts' get tangled often on GH. Why would they have Marshall tell TJ he is his grandfather? Meanwhile what happened to Portia telling Curtis he is Trina's father? Kind of confusing.

    3. Isn't Curtis Ashford T.J.'s uncle because T.J.'s legal father, Thomas was his older brother? If this is the case then his father would still be TJ's grandfather.

    4. Weren't Curtis and Thomas cousins? Thomas being Stella's son.

    5. Every page I checked in terms of research says they were brothers but I don't know why I even bother.

    6. Stella never married or had children, Curtis and Thomas are brothers.

    7. Thanks for clearing that up. Both of you.

  8. Thanks for another great Suday surgery.

  9. As much as I liked Steve Burton, (Been watching him as Jason since he was a teenager), when he left to go to Y&R and Billy Miller played Drew Caine, I was very happy with the transition. Drew was then in a “plane crash” presumed dead and Jason was resurrected. Now, Jason is presumed dead again and we have Drew back, this time in the form of Cameron Mathison. Frankly, I think the Drew’s have added to GH and made it enjoyable watching. Now if only Peter would try to kill Nina again and Sonny takes him out forever!!

    1. Why aren't Nina and Stella pressing charges against Hiney for attempted murder after he tied them up and set the place on fire?

  10. I say this weekly, but I have NEVER known any character more disliked than Peter and he is STILL around! WHY can he NOT go away? His voice is a character-cartoon voice!
    still not sure why Taggart isn't mentioned....and Jordan for crying out loud - NO ONE mentions her at Thanksgiving?????
    Anna + Valentin = all day...
    I am TRULY fading on EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER....................

  11. "Valentin sure was having those water-works going!! Geesh... someone said he reminded them of Lucky back in the day. Yep. Sure did."

    What?! No way!!! V.C. doesn't cry a lot. He just found out Bailey isn't his daughter. So he has a right to be upset and cry.

    "(that's ROBIN'S BRIDGE, BITCHES!!)"

    ROFL! Yes it is! :) But I can understand why Carly would be there. Maybe she feels close to him there. But Britch shouldn't of been there. Makes no sense.

    "Sam wants Alexis to go into the PI Biz with her!! YES!! PLEASE!! Alexis isn't sure but they throw around "Davis-McCall or McCall-Davis" names."

    Oh screw that! I'm calling it the Tribbles agency! ROFL!

    "Next week we will see: Laura! Martin! Brad!! Also Kristina Wagner is coming and she's on contract!!"

    YAY!!!!!!!!! :)

    "Maybe that's our Christmas present? Peter all DOA under the tree."

    If only!

    1. Yup, if only we'd get that Christmas present under the tree......

  12. I still don’t understand why it’s THAT big of a deal that Sonny had feelings for Nina as Mike. He had amnesia! Just tell Carly and move on. But, I’m NOT a Sonny/Nina fan.


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