Monday, December 13, 2021

Baby Blues


TJ at the hospital. He's discharging a sweet old lady...then Aunt Stella comes around and is so happy he's a doctor. Hugs him. She asks what Curtis is keeping from her. He won't tell her. 

Drew goes to see Curtis at Savoy. They talk about Peter. Asks when he can take Jordan and Curtis out to dinner. He finds out about their marriage and Jordan's health issues.  He's going to help Curtis find out where his father has been all this time. 

Anna and Sonny talk about Peter and his transport and CARLY INTERRUPTS: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? None of your fking biz, Carly (I said that, they didn't). Anna gets a phone call. Sonny tells Carly Peter 'doesn't have a future'.  Anna comes in, says Peter is going to the ER at GH . She leaves. Then Carly asks Sonny if he did it. He says he put the hit out on him. 

Liz talks to Finn about Jason's death..which apparently she learned about off camera. OH! Jake too--and he's upset about both Franco AND Jason. Both killed by Peter. Finn and Liz hug. Stupid. This .. ugh. They see Peter come into the ER. They go stare at him in his portal thing. Anna and Maxie talk about Peter and Maxie is afraid he's faking. Finn says he's not faking. Maxie remembers back to her convo with Sonny. Everyone talks. Finn needs to wait for the toxicology report to treat him. Maxie wants to give an award to who ever poisoned him. 

Mom Portia and Trina have breakfast. Trina feels like a loser. Everyone is paired up but her. Portia is like You don't need anyone to know you're worth! Marshall interrupts them. Portia introduces him as "Curtis' father". He leaves after a bit. Portia tells Trina he's "back from the dead". Trina says she can give Curtis pointers on that LOL .

Maxie and Epiphany talk about baby Liam and missing Louise. Epiphany tells her that they will probably want to be alone with Liam once they get the news: good or bad. 

Brando's room with Britt telling them about Liam's fate. Oh little to no brain activity. No motor or cognitive function. Sad. Everyone is crying.  They go to see the baby in the NICU. Sasha says Liam WILL wake up. Ut. Oh. 

Britt talks to Epiphany and thinks she may have given Brasha false hope. Because there is no hope. Epiphany tries to console Britt about giving parents bad news. 


OMG Liz goes into Peter's bedside with a SCAPEL!! WOOOOOWHOO!! 

Stella sees Marshall at the Savoy. I think he was in Witness Protection and she knew. 


  1. Doom and gloom. Unless they are planning a Christmas miracle for the baby. I am not one to make up stories to come but...what if they take some brain out of Hiney and transplant in Liam. Baybay lives and has the potential to be a nasty killing machine some day. Next year maybe. I have to make fun because GH makes me so angry right now.

    1. Yes a brain transplant. This story about killing off a baby is horrible. I also feel sorry for the actress because she ust had a baby IRL. Not nice at all to make her do this and especially right before Christmas. The ratings will drop. Maybe TPTB want that.

    2. WORST storyline ever--------WHY do all of this????????? Unless Brando turns dark and Gladys vows revenge on Brook Lynn who didn't do anything - it still is NO excuse for this!!!!!

    3. Supposedly, Brando goes to work for Sonny after all of this.

  2. We only wish Liz would use the scalpel. Finn will stop her.

    Yup. I think Stella knew. I wonder if he and Stella had a thing. Hmmm.


    *** My response was exactly the same as yours. Why do the writers write her as being so rude? I have never seen anyone interrupt a conversation between adults like that unless they were under the age of 5. I certainly would never have interrupted a conversation between my husband and a friend like that.

    And now they're going to kill a baby. Joy to the world! We've had a child born with a heart problem, one with spina bifida, another child diagnosed with autism, and now a brain dead baby. AND THEY STILL CAN'T KILL PETER!!!!

    And what is Liz doing with a scalpel. Girl, you're a nurse. Get out the empty syringe...geeesh

    1. We all know Liz won't do anything.

    2. Agree with everything you said Di. Cujo just needs to STFU and be off my screen for a couple of days and the entire Liam story is making me sick. It's awful.

      When I saw Liz with the scalpel, I was yelling use a pillow, lol! But Lindie is probably right, Liz won't do anything.

      I want to start watching "off screen" GH. That's where things seem to happen that I'm interested in. :(

    3. "Julie H says I want to start watching "off screen" GH. That's where things seem to happen that I'm interested in. :("

      Yeah I want to watch off screen GH too!!!!! :(

  4. IF I want to watch depressing stories, I can turn on the evening news. Sofia's pregnancy NEVER should have been written in. I don't understand why this show has decided that the darker the storyline the better it is. But it it is consistent, Thanksgiving was depressing and it looks like Christmas will be too on GH

    1. I personally think someone wants to ruin this show.

  5. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sonny and Anna: Of course while they are talking Carly has to show up wondering what they are talking about. NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS CARLY!

    Carson and Anna: Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Please tell me he's dying.


    Trina and Portia: Man Trina's track suit is so bright! Yikes!!! No Trina you are NOT a loser. :( And mama is right. You don't need a man!

    Trina, Portia and Marshall hat guy: WOW! For a man who wouldn't tell Curtis and TJ right away who he is, he is able to tell strangers who he is rather quickly.

    The hospital:

    Brasha, Dr., and Britch: NO! DON'T KILL OFF BABY LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Britch and Piffy: Awwww great scene. Glad Piffy was there for her. So glad Piffy didn't wax poetic about saint Jason again. :)

    Brasha and baby Liam: THIS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure they keep Hiney's baby girl, but they are going to kill off Brasha baby? UGH!

    Little old lady and TJ: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    TJ and Stella: STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Great to see you!!! You look great!!!! Come on TJ tell Stella about Mr. Hat guy!

    Finchy and Liz: For someone who supposedly pining and yearning for Jason, she finds out about his death off camera?! UGH!

    Hiney, Finchy and Liz: Hmmm. Cut tubes? Shut off switches? Pillow over face?

    Hiney and Liz: OH BOY!!!! :) Wait don't stab him Liz! It would be too much of a mess. Unless you are going to cut the tubes. :) Then go ahead. :)

    The Savoy:

    Drew and Curtis: Awwww besties. :) #Drewtis! :)

    Stella and Curtis: Yeah time to tell Stella!! OH! HELLO MR. HAT GUY! GET HIM STELLA GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAR HIM UP!!! PUNCH HIS FACE!

    "Karen says, I think he was in Witness Protection and she knew."

    NO! Why would you think that?!!?! I hope not!!!!!!!!!!! She needs to NOT know and tear him a new one!!!!

    Sidenote: For Christmas they are going to show February 23, 2021 episode.

    Michael and Willow process everything that has happened over the past few days.

    Maxie offers Nina her support.

    Britt makes a plea to Obrecht.

    Anna reaches out to Peter.


    1. Why can't they show an episode that is an old Christmas episode? Instead they have to show stupid stuff on the holiday.

    2. "lindie says, Why can't they show an episode that is an old Christmas episode? Instead they have to show stupid stuff on the holiday."

      GREAT QUESTION!!! If they would show old episodes, then I wouldn't have to do throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday!!

    3. I was hoping they would show the episode "A Christmas Carol". How long ago was that? Two maybe three years. They all did such a great job. Wait...Christmas is on Saturday. Why show a repeat on Friday?

    4. "Zazu says Wait...Christmas is on Saturday. Why show a repeat on Friday?"

      Another great question!!!!

  6. Stella and Marshall-----------had an affair and Curtis is their son maybe? SO glad Stella is back, but Jordan should be back and/or mentioned lots more....

    still think Peter will be in a coma - go away for a time and come back later--just as Maxie gets her baby back.....

    1. I think you are exactly right. I do think Stella and Marshall had an affair; and maybe Curtis is Stella's son. Why they would hide all this IDK, but it is GH after all.

    2. Oh for heavens sakes. Stella had been deeply in love with Marcus Godfrey, but she broke their engagement to help her widowed sister raise Stella's nephews. And you think she had an affair with her sister's husband!

  7. Ugh Ingo filing suit against ABC.
    Let the fighting begin.

  8. Chad Duell and his brand new wife split up.

    1. No way!! Are you serious?? It’s literally been one second!

    2. Well, not literally. But you know what I mean.

    3. WHAT? They been together a long time and just got married!!!! 😲😲

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I watched a Danish tv series tonight called The Chestnut Man and Anders Hove (Faison was in it.) Thought I recognized him so I checked the cast.

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