Tuesday, December 28, 2021


 OMG The hearing is just OUT OF CONTROL!! Carly is yanking Sonny around! ahahahaa. Oh geesh, so... Willow tells about the whole Sonny-Nina thing but the DA asks if she ever asked Sonny about it. She says no. He also wonders if Nina didn't tell Sonny the truth because she was in love with him. Carly's just crying hard. OMG the JUDGE wants to hear from SONNY!! He's so into the story pffffffft. SONNY gonna have to testify! OMG so Sonny says he was in love with Nina as "Mike" and he doesn't consider himself her victim!! OMG!! 

RECESS!! Sonny leaves "I'll make this right" (not sure how?) Michael thinks Nina planned all this to 'drop a bombshell in court"...Nina runs after Carly to tell her she's sorry..she didn't want this to happen. Carly runs out.

Nina yells at Scotty. Scotty is like I kept you outta of a hamster cage..you're welcome!! LOL 

Brook and Chase watch Leo while Olivia and Ned go to the neurologist. Leo doesn't want to do anything but play with his spinner. Brook and Chase sit and eat. Brook says at the end of all this she's going to have to give up Bailey. 

Hospital: Olivia is scared to talk to the doctor because she thinks she might not be able to provide for Leo what he needs. Doc comes out and ushers them to the office. He explains the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and how they reached that conclusion. He says there are a lot of resources available but it they need time to digest the news. Talks about school and a program, and the journey ahead. 

Curtis takes his Aunt Stella out for coffee and questions about Marshall. He says he never asked her before because he and his brother decided not to upset their mother or Stella. They made up grand stories about him but he sees now he's just 'a man'. Stella says he loved his clarinet "Henrietta" LOL.. and he was very generous.

Shawn and TJ in The Invader office. Shawn looks good . TJ tells him about Marshall being alive. Oh! Marshall comes in because he wants the Invaders' to do a story on his new band. TJ introduces Shawn as his dad. Marshall blows up because Shawn killed Tommy. Shawn explains that Tommy pulled a gun on him. TJ says it was his PTSD and he didn't get the help he needed.  Marshall blames himself for not being there. He leaves. 

Later, Curtis goes to Marshall's room (Not sure where). Marshall was on the phone saying "I am following protocol" Oh I think he's an agent!! Curtis comes in. 

Dr O and Britt talking about her love life. She got her a dating service gift card. Dr. O tells her about Nina and Sonny. Britt says that Carly gonna kill Nina LOL 


  1. love the whole courtroom scene, but I think Nina IS happy that the truth is out - just don't like her at all anymore--------- and for sure Sonny NOW will NEVER take Nina back------and to repeat myself all of Port Charles will be on Carly's side...
    on the upcoming previews for January - Willow takes a trip out of the country and discovers something? STILL think she is NINA'S daughter...
    Marshall as an agent - like that--------still think Curtis or Thomas was Stella/Marshall's son.

  2. Well, Marshal's story just got more interesting.He's obviously working for someone and "following protocol" is a very specific term. I noticed when Curtis was talking to Stella and he mentioned Marshal's leaving them, Stella looked a little sheepish. I'm wondering if his wife threw him out because he was never home. A secret job that needed lots of travelling would lead to that. And being a musician would give him the cover he needed for such travelling. I'm hoping for something that doen't mean he's a criminal.

    I had a bit of a giggle when Dr. O gave Britta the membership. The way she was talking about giving her a gift that meant she'd never be alone again, I thought maybe she was giving her a fur baby. lol

    I liked the way the appointment with the specialist went. And I loved the convesation between Chase and Brook, and the "I can spell you know" interruption. lol

    I'm happy the court case went quickly. Not surprised Willow would try to switch the anger over to Nina by saying she got her to keep quiet on purpose. It retargets michael's anger as she should have told him.

    I'll leave the rest of the trial to the foaming faces at the door. lol Just wanted to mention some other good aspects of the episode before the other comments are drowned out.

  3. Pennsylvania court: THIS WAS FUN! :) Carly was glaring at Nina and Sonny all over the place. :) Her head is about to explode. I can see Cujo trying to come out. Sonny admits it! HE IS NO VICTIM!!!! :) Nina and Mike were in wuv. :) SCOTTY YOU WERE FANTASTIC. :) Now all the judge needs to do is drop the charges and Nina is freeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

    Mildew: Oh Michael! This was not a set up from Nina! Get over yourself. Oh there goes Carly running out of there as fast as she can! She can feel Cujo coming out!

    Michael: What the hell dad?



    Carly is closing her eyes.. Counting to 10 no doubt. :) She is really really trying hard to not let Cujo come out.. She can't fight it anymore!!!

    Port Chuckles:

    Central Perk:

    Stella and Curtis: Hmmm. Drew and Curtis were talking about trying to find out who Marshall is, and now Curtis talks to Stella.. Coincidence? I think not. :)

    Q breakfast nook:

    Blazer Lynn, Chase, and little Uncle Leo: Little Uncle Leo wins the line of the day.

    Little Uncle Leo: I can spell.

    BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHHAAHHAA! Oh that's so good. :) I'm dead! When Blazer Lynn spelled out wash to uncle Leo, what did he spell back?

    Blazer Lynn and Chase: Chase thinks he is annoying her! Nope! :)

    Blazer Lynn: I'm just frustrated.

    CoughcoughSEXUALLYFRUSTRATEDcoughcough! Oh come on Chase just kiss her! You look like you want to!!!!


    TJ and Shaun: Love that TJ grew out his hair. Awwww I'm glad they have a scene together!

    TJ, Shaun, and Mr. Hat guy: Oh great scene!!!! What a find! This hat guy is a great actor. I wonder where they found him. :) I knew he would blame himself. :( Love how TJ was defending his father awwww. :)

    Mr. Hat guy's room:

    Mr. Hat guy on the phone:

    Mr. Hat guy: I'm following protocol.

    Protocol? WHAT PROTOCOL?!?!

    "Karen says Oh I think he's an agent!!"

    If he works for the WSB then it all makes sense why he had to disappear! Frisco had to do that to Felicia back in the day. Robert and Anna had to do it.

    Mr. Hat guy and Curtis: Curtis you want to ask him about Henrietta? :)

    The hospital:

    Doctor's office:

    Nedlia and the doctor: Awwww. :( Great scene. :( Awww it's going to be okay!! :(

    Britch's office:

    Britch and Mudder: A dating site! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who will she meet there? Pawtucket Holtster? :)

    1. Robert Gossett, the actor who portrays Marshall Ashford, is a very accomplished actor. I remember him as a series regular on both The Closer and Major Crimes.

      Here is a link to a Soaps in Depth article about him: https://www.soapsindepth.com/posts/general-hospital/mystery-man-on-general-hospital-robert-gossett

    2. sonya said, "When Blazer Lynn spelled out wash to uncle Leo, what did he spell back?"

      ***He said "Be right b .a .c. k. lol

    3. "Di says ***He said "Be right b .a .c. k. lol"

      OH! ROFL! Thanks. :)

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  5. ooooooo I hope Britt is paired up with someone we know on this dating app?
    Shawn? Drew? who else?????????????

  6. Sonny holding his nose looks "A LOT" weird.

    1. Sonny is probably trying not to sneeze. ROFL!

  7. So far I think they are doing a good job with the story of Leo and his ASD/ Autism

  8. So good to see Carly finally get hers. Michael is put in his place and Willow finally does something right.I don't think there will be too many tears from viewers over Carly.Brooklyn and Chase seem a good match.Hope they wind up the baby story soon before she starts walking.

  9. Karma is a b*tch. I have zero sympathy for Carly, and enjoyed seeing her squirm during Willow and Sonny's testimony. More, please.


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