Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Plunger, Peter and Pancakes

Well, at least the week ended on a TOP NOTE!! Much of it was spent in past narration and with Carly on every second, it was a bit tedious. I don't know who needs to hear this but she doesn't HAVE TO BE ON EVERY DAMN day! Seriously. Sorry, but it really just made the week a pain. Ok here we go. Hang on to your hats! 

I have a Starbucks today. Treated myself! YUM 

Photos thx to @Flutterby without whom this blog would be blank. 

Everything seemed like a catch-all. For 5 days we had Brasha Baby angst with no real movement. I DID learn what a "cooling blanket" is, however. I think they said it 90 times. Ms Wu was a hit of course and good to see Lucy. Other than that?? I kept waiting for Maxie to change her orange sweatshirt and for Elizabeth to be on screen. One happened on Friday; the other? Still hasn't gotten there yet. 

SLAP OF THE WEEK: Couldn't have happened to a better guy.  The smack heard around the GH Timeline! 

STRANGER DANGER OF THE WEEK:  Whoops! Laura goes to take a bath and Marty gets jumped by some fake cleaning lady!! Just when he's sitting down to watch "Christina Comes Home for Christmas" (if you're an ol' OLTL Fan, you'll get it!) ...he gets jumped from behind and almost dies. BUT!! Laura comes out and bashes her with a plunger. Laura The Badass. Welcome back. 

TABLE READING OF THE WEEK:  All I want to say about this is Maurice saying "PETAH" .. because I lost my ish. LOL !!! PFffffffffft. PETAH!

RELATIONSHIP READING OF THE WEEK: Nina texts Sonny. He comes a running to the chapel. They discuss their Nixon Falls Affair. Who hears it? WILLOW of all damn people. And get this: She thinks she MIGHT tell but in the end, doesn't tell. So... as usual, nothing burger. By the way, Sonny hasn't told Carly yet because he still has feelings for Nina. You know it. I know it. She knows it. Now, next week hints that he might come clean to Carly. Maybe. We shall see. 

WU-HOO OF THE WEEK: Oh, she got a first name (Selina) and was just glorious. LOVE her. She got Sonny to agree to have 'his guy' vote for Brad's release, managed to get CarSon to discuss 'replacing St. Jaysus' and told Britt to mind her P's and Q's.  Not bad for  2 days work. Lydia Look is going to become way popular on GH and I'm here for it! 

TRASH OF THE WEEK:  These two bland-biscuits need to get back to NYC like yesterday. Set up a PH and just stay away. Willow gets all pissy at Chase for "Sleeping" with Brook when SHE was pretend married to him and slept with Michael? AUDACITY!! I never liked this pair (as you well know) and they are just on my last damn nerve. I wish Brook Lynn would be meaner to them an just tell Millow to Go to Hell. UGH. 

FRIEND OF THE WEEK: Our Lucy talks to Sasha about her troubles having children and how she carried Serena! Serena mention!! Anyway, it was the best part of the weepy-baby-Brasha party. I would pick Gladys for that but CARLY was all over those scenes and well...she just ruined them, imo. 

RANDO FRIEND OF THE WEEK: Um.. okay? So.. I guess TJ can run into Brando at the hospital but it was just so... unexpected. Not in a WOW! Way. More of a "HUH"? way.  TJ has been on more and more so I'm hoping this is just to increase his face-time on the show. (He's Brando's Rando friend..heh) 

PANCAKES OF THE WEEK:  Oh, yes!! Poisoned by the glam Ms Wu and her nephew...BRAD!! OH MY GOSH I screamed!! Yes, yes I did. I do have hesitation with this though. Will he DIE-DIE or "Coma-Die" Because.. damn it. DIE! It's on all our Christmas lists so do it already! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Welp. He's back and he's just WU-ING IT UP!! I am so happy for this. SO happy. Although Selina did tell Britt to stay away from him, we know that's not happening! 

METAPHOR OF THE WEEK:  Ava likened The Cassadines to "Rat Kings" which is a real phenomenon that happens when rats get their tails entangled. Used in Stephen King's novel  "IT" and other stories, one must free oneself of the others by any means possible. Personally, I'm just loving the Cassadine reunions. Keep them tails tangled. 

Mac Daddy was on too! 


Brando and Sasha ask Michael and Willow to be Liam's Godparents

Liam has his EEG. We find out the results Monday

Assassin Cleaning Lady almost kills Martin but sis Laura saves the day! 

Ms Wu is all over town; making demands and looking gorgeous

Sonny agrees to help Brad get outta jail

CarSon discuss replacing Jason 

Willow overhears Sonny and Nina talking about their Nixon Falls Wub but stays mum

Sonny and Britt bond a bit over Jason's death

Maxie confronts Peter, doesn't really accomplish much; talks to Austin. Same. 

Nikolas and Ava make love. 

Carly--everywhere-- doing everything. Crying about Jason, reliving her Michael birth, telling Gladys she'll be a good Gram, comforting Sasha, talking to Britt, slapping Peter and probably changing all the bedpans in GH. 

Meet The Mayhems 

NEWS OF THE WEEK: Finola tweeted congrats to James Patrick Stewart (Valentin) for his live Disney+ show that got picked up. EXCUSE ME, WHAT?  UM, NO. not allowed. I know you're not on contract to GH by choice but ..come on. :sobbing: You'd better not be absent from the show. Of course I'm happy for him, but I'm thinking about ME, ME ME!! 

SPOILERS OF THE WEEK:  EEG results are out and NOT good, Marshall is going to volunteer at GH, Drew spends time with Scout decorating the tree,  and Brad learns of his fate in the parole hearing. (FINGERS CROSSED!!). ELIZABETH is on next week. :thud:  

I'll even buy HUGGIES!! 

So, all in all not the best week ever. Besides Selina Wu and Brad, I could have left it. I can't stress enough how Carly is just NOT wanted most of the time. Nothing against LW but damn, TEWW MUUCHH. 

Trying to get Millow angst drummed up by first having Willow hear MikeSonNina in the chapel then get angry about Chase is just... not needed. The best day was Friday because Peter is down in his cell poisoned by Brad at the behest of Sonny and Wu. Now if he only STAYS down and dead. Brasha's baby was a week of praying and people moping around. We get the EEG results Monday but it doesn't look good. Some guess it's setting Brando up to be the "NuJason Enforcer". Bitter and all that. I say why kill a kid off at Christmas? Maybe he will just need heart surgery at St. Jude's.  

The ongoing NO SHOW of Elizabeth is just so puzzling and wrong. Again, if Becky is on vacation or something at LEAST mention why she's not around. Again, having people find out about Jason/Drew at the Savoy Turkey Dinner was a lost opportunity. You had them ALL IN THE SAME ROOM. :shrugs:  I realize it's only been a 'few days' in soap time (ONE Day by the looks of Maxie's Orange outfit) but it was a huge miss.  Spoilers say she's on next week.  Will Jake be on too? 

SEE ya this week!! CHEERS!! 



  1. That is one reason I am not happy about GH. LW and Carly rule this entire show. Just like Tony Geary back in the day. Not right

  2. Yup I posted about JPS yesterday and his new show. So much for VAnna. One of the only reasons I watch anymore. He has SO much talent. We better not lose him.

  3. Thanks for the SS Karen. Always appreciated. I was so happy to see Mac and to see Lucy. But Why oh why do we get so much Carly and not enough of others?

    1. I have 2 Christmas wishes that won't come true. Much less Carly and a truly dead Peter

    2. Me too. Whether it’s her own blubbering over Jason or intertwining stories I don’t care. We need a break from her. I know not everyone feels that way so don’t get your panties in a bunch. We can agree to disagree. Elizabeth is one of my favs but I know she can at times act holier than thou when she shouldn’t.

      Alexis is out of jail. Give us some Diane-Alexis girls spa day time. Show Alexis with her grandkids.
      I can’t wait to see Felicia!

      I know this isn’t popular but I Would like to see Sonny have Mike/Nina flash backs.

  4. thoughts:
    ------Marshall and Phyllis pairing in the future?
    ------I still think Peter is in a coma - and Mrs. Wu thinks 'that is enough - help me Sonny' and Maxie gets her baby back and then down the road Peter wakes up and kidnaps the baby. Peeee--tahhhh is NOT gonna I am not sure how LONG that will be, though...........
    -----Baby dies---------------thus Brando will not care and be the enforcer----I first thought maybe Drew, but I think Brando.
    WHY are Sasha, Brando, Willow, Chase, Gladys even still here????????

    1. There are a lot of characters that need to go to give room for others IMO. We never see Liz or Finn or TJ or Molly anymore. Would be nice to see the Vets again more. I agree we don't need Sasha, Brando, Willow, Gladys. I like Chase some. There are just too many and then we don't get to see the ones we want to see. I guess with JPS doing a new show we won't get VAnna much anymore. One of the only reasons I watch the show.

      I don't want to see a baby die at Christmas. That is just so horrible and cruel. There are loyal fans that don't want to see such sadness at Christmas especially.

    2. I like Chase and Gladys. Gladys has turned into a comic relief type character. I guess with Gladys comes Brando, who is just ok to me. I also like Sasha, especially before with Chase.

  5. Couldn't agree more with your SS. The oversaturation of Cujo, losing your ish with Peet-ah (I laughed out loud!), the glory of Mrs. Wu, and a rat tail mention! I loved it. THANK YOU!

    1. I do like the added story line for Selina Wu. Glad for whoever saw that potential. She is a strong actress.

  6. I am surprised that this article focuses so much on Carly. When I think about this week, I strongly feel that Carly helped move/narrate storylines and tie newbies to the canvas. Brando/Sasha are family, Gladys has no one. This week was heavy on Carly, but also heavy on Nina who I could care less about. I also thought Willow was on A LOT, as was Sonny, Michael, Willow, Peter, Britt. But I was also happy to see a lot of Laura, Nik, Maxie, Anna. I don't complain about the vets. And LW brings her A game every day. Plus, she got to hit Peter!

    1. I agree with your assessment. I can’t stand Nina! I wish she would go and live in NF.

    2. I didn't think I focused TOO much on Carly. I just REALLY felt that everything was focused on her--especially Jason's death. Then..Brasha baby. She just gets me riled up. Like I said, I think LW Is a good actress, just on and yelling tooooo much

  7. Thanks for another great SS!
    I like Carly but her daily presence is too much. In reference to her BF...I can not believe that one actor could wield so much power over whether another character is killed off or not. Just seems crazy to me. But I still don't think they will ever kill Hiney. Coma then disappearance.
    Chase: they have done to him what they have done to so many female characters. He was a good, honest and strong character upon his arrival in PC. Now he is a weak marshmallow. Fits right in with Willow/Michael.
    Yes to Ms. Wu, Brad, Lucy, Laura and Marty. They all made the week a better one.

    1. If we are stuck with the character of Peter, I wish he would wake up from his coma with a different actor playing him. I just don’t like the actor. I’m sure he’s trying hard, but I just don’t like his acting.

    2. I seriously doubt that they have hired an experienced actor (who has been around since Charmed and was on Guiding Light) and they are writing for him because of his girlfriend. Even Tristan Rodgers said that Wes is a great actor. His character or the way he is being directed to act may be the things people don't like - but over the top, slightly campy villains is what GH does - and they have been doing that since the 70s. It's interesting because NO ONE on the show seems to have any problem with LW or WR and these actors obviously have no problems airing how they feel about each other (if you follow some of the social media).

  8. Thanks for another great SS, kd. I love Ms Wu too. She's a great addition as a new Big Bad who knows how to mask it with her charm and reason. So much better than the snarling over compensators flexing their muscles.

    Loved the Laura scene and also cheered when I saw Brad. I can't wait to see him with Britt again too. She's lost too much to give a hoot about being told to stay away from him.

    And if Peetah lives once again I'm thinking 1000 posts on TPTB's site saying STOP TROLLING US might show them that we dont LOVE to hate him.

  9. I don't understand why Ms. Wu would kill Peetah for a single vote at Brad's parole hearing. That's a big risk for such little reward. Sonny wouldn't agree to reign Michael and instead snarled at Ms. Wu and threatened her if Brad so much as looks at Wiley.

    1. Sonny has also promised her that no one will ever go after Brad as long as he stays away from Wiley. And he already gave her half of the Novaks' holdings as thanks for helping to save Carly and Jason's lives.

  10. Loved seeing Lucy! She was a breath of fresh air.

    1. I agree about Lucy. She brings happiness to every scene she is in. Such a powerful screen presence.

  11. i think (don't shoot the messenger) that peter lives after being rushed to GH while there i think he will start to piece together the baby saga and start to just hear a few things that don't add up to him

    i heard that helena (constance tower) is filming now


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