Thursday, December 16, 2021


**Trigger warning today: The baby stuff is really rough and sad. Might be very sensitive for a lot of folks. You might want to FF or skip. 

 Ok, so... Liv is going to meet the neurologist that will test Leo in January. Then they get off track and talk about why Carly isn't beating Nina up (literally). Carly's says she's going to let the courts take care of it. Liv laughs. NO reason for these scenes today. NONE. 

Nina and Sonny are in the lobby together. Gladys comes out and tells them about Liam. Sonny hugs Gladys and he and Nina look at each other. She tears up. 

Sasha and Brando. He says it's time and she says it never will be time. "Liam is my only flesh and blood; he's my baby"... she runs out of the room. 

Sasha goes to talk to Liam in the NICU and Sonny comes in. I think because he had to let Mike go when he did. Sonny says he's sure Liam knows she's there. They talk about Love and quality of life. Gladys says the doctors are looking for Sasha. Sasha leaves to find Brando. Gladys tells Sonny he was right to let Mike so. He says Thank you. Then Gladys prays for Liam. 

Nina and Brando talk. He says look at her, she was in long term care and she's ok now! She said she could breathe on her own. He should trust the doctors. They hug. Sonny sees them. 

Harmony and Alexis walking in the winter park talking about friendships. Alexis feels guilty taking the pardon. She invites Harmony over for lunch. Alexis realizes it wouldn't be a good idea because of Kristina. 

Liz and Finn in GH. They want to talk about "the kiss". Liz says if she's going to start dating again, it should be casual.. it would be too serious. Finn thinks that's ok. They talk more. 

Portia and Stella at the Metro Court. Stella is sad and worried about Curtis. Portia leaves. Stella texts someone. 

Gym: Curtis and TJ. Marshall walks in. TJ invited Marshall! LOL Marshall isn't going to explain why he left. SO.. who cares just TELL US. Curtis throws him out of the gym.

Brook and Chase are stuck in the sauna. Chases' towel falls off!! Brook Lynn @@!!! She keeps her damn blazer on. They talk about their situation. I guess it's banter. Weird tho. Oh their phones are outside the sauna :eyeroll: They almost kiss. Will they do it??  


Carly sees Nina talking to Sonny in the hall 

Sasha is realizing she has to let the baby go

Marshall and Stella meet in the coffee corner place to talk things out. 



  1. The Carly/Liv scenes were disgusting. IMHO

    I loved the Sonny/Sasha scenes. Well written and well played.Nina and Brando scene was good too.

    Glad Liz and Finn will remain friends for now. I like how they support each other.

    When Liv and Carly walked up to Nina and Sonny in the hall. I half expected Liv to yell "Sic her girl!".

    Can't wait to hear what Stella and marshall have to say. I HOPE it's tomorrow and not next week or next year.

  2. I don't know what TPTB are thinking with this Liam story at Christmas. I will say it EVERY day. It is just so wrong. I am tired of Carly on my screen every day. I am so done with her. Sonny and Sasha did have good scenes if you like sadness. I hope that Stella and Marshall give us a hint of what went down and not more of a big nothing burger.

    Where are Laura and Marty? Where is Mac? Where is Lucy? Where is Felicia? Where is JPS; because his new job is taking away from his job on GH. Guess everyone forgot that Peter is in that tiny room behind a little white curtain.

    I don't think this show has been this bad before. Sorry.

    1. PS. The scene with the sauna and Brooke dressed like she's at the top of a cold mountain completely took away from the entire scene. At least have her take off the darn coat.

    2. "lindie says At least have her take off the darn coat."

      Well, she did! :) But when she left she forgot to get it!!! Guess Chase will have to find her and give it to her. :)

    3. I really don’t want this story anytime. Just really depressing.

  3. GH should have tried to keep this little girl if possible. She is a better actress than MANY adults on this show.

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  5. Sauna:

    Chase and Brooky: Oh geez Brooky has got like 2 blazers on! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Don't just take off only 1!!! Take off both and roll up your sleeves!!! Oh they were so close to kissing!!! DAMMIT! And of course when Chase was trying to hit the door with his shoulder, I had a feeling that his towel was going to fall off.. So obvious. :)

    Brooky: Good morning to you too detective Chase.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but Chase wins it.

    Chase and worker guy:

    Worker guy: I should warn you the hot water is out. I hope you don't mind cold showers.

    Chase: Not a problem.

    ROFL! Why? Do you REALLY need a cold shower? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Portia and Stella: COME ON! Stella has to remember about the Jurtis divorce papers!!!! For crying out loud!

    Carly and Olivia: Why won't the writers let Carly and Nina fight?!!?!?!?! Is it because of covid? *Sigh*

    The gym:

    TJ, Marshall the hat man, and Curtis: Yeah Mr. Hat man! If you can't tell Curtis what is going on, then GET THE HELL OUT!

    TJ and Curtis: OH! Great scene.. I'm glad TJ is listening to Curtis.. :) Stay away from Mr. Hat guy until Curtis finds out about him.

    Inside central Perk:

    Marshall the hat man and Stella: Hmmmm.. Will they finally talk about what is going on?!

    Rice Plaza:

    Alexis and They really have chemistry.. Okay whether they will kiss or not. Or just be friends, I love their scenes. On twitter they are called Alemony! :) #Alemony!!! :) #Besties!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Nina and Brando: SO SAD!!!!! :(

    Nina, Brando, and Gladys: Okay if Gladys doesn't stop this, I am going to really like her.

    Finchy and Liz: What a great scene.. :) So real! So honest! This is good. She isn't ready, but she will be. :) More of a slow burn this way. :)

    Sasha and Sonny: STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! I don't want baby Liam to die! :( Hmmm why is baby Liam wearing socks in an incubator? It's strange and very distracting.


    Sonny and Nina: Mmmmm. They had some eye sex today and got really close talking. I'm glad Carly saw it. :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to December 1997* That Caroline trinket that Jason gave her, The one we saw recently and Carly talked to Sonny about it, well, here it is. I'm not sure what that note said.

    1. "sonya said..."Oh geez Brooky has got like 2 blazers on! HAHAHAHAHAHA! "

      *** Yes, I know. And yesterday some of the women had layered shirts on, while the men are having half naked scenes. lol

    2. "Di says, Yes, I know. And yesterday some of the women had layered shirts on, while the men are having half naked scenes. lol"

      Hahahaha. So ridiculous!!! :)

    3. It's very obviously a doll. A doll wearing socks

    4. I can’t believe Brook Lynn’s body is so bad they won’t let her take her blazer off. Hated Liv instigating Snarly, like she really needed it. Would love to see her attack Nina and have Sonny defend Nina. Baby story is well done but I agree, too depressing for Christmas. Liz and Finn in a real relationship is promising.

    5. I already like Gladys. What a wonderful actress!

    6. BLQ and all of her clothes...sheesh! Her ogling Chase was a hoot, though!
      Agree with others that the Liv/Cujo scenes were not needed. And get Snarly off of my screen!

      I'm really liking Gladys lately, too. And she is a fine actress. Sonny and Sasha's scenes were excellent. This baby stuff is a good story, but why at Christmas? I don't understand the timing of anything lately. Everything seems off. Marshall saying nothing over and over, this depressing baby story, Liz and Finn doing their endless dance, Laura/Marty off of our screens again, the constant pitiful Nina's exhausting.

      Thanks for yesterday's "Worth" update Sonya! :)

    7. "Julie H says, BLQ and all of her clothes...sheesh!"

      Someone on twitter called her blazer Lynn. :) I like it so much I'm calling her that from now on! :)

      "Her ogling Chase was a hoot, though!"

      I don't blame her. ;)

      "I'm really liking Gladys lately, too."

      Yeah it seems the writers are changing her.. Good! :)

      "And she is a fine actress"

      Yeah she is!!!! I have never seen her before. Will have to look her up on what she has been in.

      "This baby stuff is a good story, but why at Christmas? I don't understand the timing of anything lately."

      Yeah I don't get it!!!!

      "Thanks for yesterday's "Worth" update Sonya! :)"

      You're welcome!!!! :)

      "LSV422 says, I can’t believe Brook Lynn’s body is so bad they won’t let her take her blazer off."

      I KNOW!!! Especially in a sauna!!! *Facepalm*

  6. Hey Writers, Alexis already has a BFF, and her name is Diane. We love her and the
    friendship they share. Or Show Alexis with Finn as they are great friends too. Or Valentin (yes I miss him too ladies. I just want to hear him say DARLING!)

    While I'm at it, Hey Willow, your mom can see Wiley no matter what she did I guess?
    Man they are writing her as a big fat hypocrite.

    I love Olivia, but I forwarded through the scenes with Snarly. Nina is due for a lunch with pal Ava. Seeing the 4 women in the same room would have been fun.

    1. 100 likes to everything Linda, couldn't agree more!

    2. I love that idea -- Nina and Ava at one table, Carly and Oliva at another. Let the sparks (and the glassware) fly.


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