Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sunday Surgery: The Sorrows


Oh, sad week, right? Not sure there's anything else to say about it because it was  permeated with um... not great stuff. Many were taken aback because this happened during the holidays. Some, like me, appreciates all the drama and were wowed by the performances.  GH timeline is a lot of love-hate right now but people are talking about it! Right? 

Grab ya grub and let's go go ...

I feel like this SS may be very difficult because of the dead baby in room; so many people are so upset about it that writing about other things that happened on the show seems insignificant.  Other things DID happen so I'm here to get you through those. 

PETER SORROW OF THE WEEK: "Why does an innocent baby have to die and Peter get to live"? asks Elizabeth. Or rather, the ENTIRE GH AUDIENCE.  First you had us think he might be dead by poison. Then, Elizabeth is all ready to cut the P in the ER. But noooooooo, Finn stops her. Damn. It would have been a great story for Liz I think. And she'd never get to jail because this is GH and come on. It would have been epic. 

DADDY SORROW OF THE WEEK: Marshall can't catch a break. I mean, you let your kids think you're dead for years and years and when you show up with no good reason they ghost you? Oh man...that's cold. 

THE MILDEW SORROWS OF THE WEEK: First Willow gets all angsty at Brook for "sleeping" with Chase and lying to everyone when she's the biggest faker-liar going. I can not WAIT for the truth to come out and I hope Brook rubs it in her sanctimonious face and never forgives her! Second up? Michael all in Brad's space for being in the Metro Court eating his first free breakfast. HELLO, it's a public place, butt out bread-boy.  Alas there is a  sorrow for Michael and it comes when Queen Wu stands up and puts him in his place. :clapping: I so hope they give her real claws and not just fake-ones. In other words:  I hope Wu is a Helena. 

WUBS DAVIS-DREAM SORROW OF THE WEEK:  Damn it! Alexis already gives up on working with Sam in their PI business. That lasted ONE scene. Alexis is super sensitive right now and everything just made her feel badly. She runs out and meets Harmony in the park. They are going to lunch! Oh! Wait a minute, that can't happen because of Krissy and Dawn of Day? What. Well, get Diane in here to help her out then! 

OUR SUFFERING CARLY SORROW OF THE WEEK:  Could she BE anymore places?? Oh she wasn't on one day--I think Wednesday. Next day? RIGHT THERE!! IN all the business. 

BLAZER SORROW OF THE WEEK:  Chase and Finn looking all Ford Brothers in the sauna --check. Chests all glistening with sweat...check. Woman and man get trapped in said sauna--check. USUALLY resulting in something, right? Nope. Brook Lyn did manage to get her coat off but KEPT HER BLAZER ON? WTF. They are trolling us now. Some people are speculating she's pregnant again. Ok, if that is true, there was "Steam" all over that place. AT LEAST LET HER GET OUT OF THAT DAMN JACKET FOR ONE MINUTE! Oh, and Chase and she almost kissed but didn't so thanks for nothing. 

PAST DUE SORROW OF THE WEEK: Elizabeth finally got to talk about losing Franco in a more expanded manner this week but.. guess what? A 45 second chunk with Britt was left out!! Yep..leave it to Frank's editing and there you go. Liz is still wearing her wedding rings. Jason is gone too and there's no scenes yet with Jake ??? Next week we will see her with Drew finally but it sucks he didn't find her from day one. Y U Hate Elizabeth so much? 

BABY SORROW OF THE WEEK:  Not a lot to say about this other than the stellar performances all around. Sofia Mattsson should get all the awards. Yes, she's an actress but playing the mother of a dying baby when you just had a baby has to be double duty. They did a good job with coming to the realization of letting him go; everyone around them pitching in advice and shoulders. Still in the end, it was the two of them that made the hard choice. I liked the Sonny talk to Sasha, it fit perfectly. What didn't fit? Carson looking on at the end to the weeping couple. Not needed. If anything it should have been Gladys looking at them. Mike comes down from the heavens and takes baby Liam Mike up with him. He's our resident St. Peter now. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Heh... Britt defying Ms Wu and just rejoicing in the BRAD of it all!! I LOVED it. They were vintage Britt-Brad. Wu also should know Britt's pedigree. She's a Faison after all!! 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Couldn't go a day without a Jason mention but at least this was a goodie. Vintage keychain Jason gave Carly back in the 90's. She and Sonny hung it on the tree. 


Drew, Scout and Sam celebrate the season in the Q kitchen

Elizabeth gets thisclose to killing Peter but... GH 

Liz and Finn may or may not date, I'm not even sure

Carly and Sonny reflect on Christmas

Aunt Stella knew Marshall was alive the entire time

Baby is brain-dead; painful decisions are made and Liam is taken off machines

Mike takes Liam to the next realm. 

Willow is mad at Brook Lyn for sleeping with her fake husband 

Olivia and Ned take Leo to the neurologist

Nina tells Olivia to mind her own business

Gladys has an emotional scene with Liam ...and Carly 

Brad is on Parole!! 

Wu tells Michael to back the hell off

SPOILERS: I think Jane Elliot may be back for Jason's funeral??? Finn, Violet and Anna have a tea party, gathering at the Qs and a tree lighting. So....basically Christmas week. 

That's a wrap! Love it or hate it, GH has all the pathos of a great soapy drama. It seems like Martin and Laura are taking the slow-boat back to Port Charles. Next week should be pretty all the holiday stuff. See you then! Cheers 


  1. "PETER SORROW OF THE WEEK: "Why does an innocent baby have to die and Peter get to live"? asks Elizabeth. Or rather, the ENTIRE GH AUDIENCE."

    YES! :) Hmmm didn't some GH characters ask that question too?

    "DADDY SORROW OF THE WEEK: Marshall can't catch a break. I mean, you let your kids think you're dead for years and years and when you show up with no good reason they ghost you? Oh man...that's cold."

    ROFL! Your sarcasm knows no bounds. :)

    "Damn it! Alexis already gives up on working with Sam in their PI business. That lasted ONE scene."

    Yeah.. I really wanted the Tribbles agency.. Damn!

    "OUR SUFFERING CARLY SORROW OF THE WEEK: Could she BE anymore places??"

    ROFL! Okay Chandler. ;)

    "BLAZER SORROW OF THE WEEK: They are trolling us now."

    ROFL! Yeah they are! :) They always do. :)

    "Some people are speculating she's pregnant again."

    Oh I didn't even think about that one. Hmmmm.

    "Mike comes down from the heavens and takes baby Liam Mike up with him. He's our resident St. Peter now."

    He better be our resident St. Peter! :) Always good to see our Ghost Mike! :)

    "Willow is mad at Brook Lyn for sleeping with her fake husband"


    1. Tribble Agency.....hahahaha! Thanks for that!

    2. Any way GH can get Max Gail on our screens I'll take. I adore his Mike.

    3. Me too he is just the best.

  2. Fantastic Sunday Surgery,kd. I love your sarcasm.

    And Sonya, you commented on all my favourite lines too.

  3. Seeing Mike was a great and much needed surprise during a sad painful story. Like you said, excellent acting from everyone but the timing was awful.

    So happy Brad is back, and I love Madame Wu almost as much as Dr. O!

    Willow really is a sanctimonious hypocrite. I remember when I liked her, but that's over now, lol! And Michael just needs to shut up.

    I watched the deleted scene with Liz and Brit. Seriously, Frank couldn't throw healthcare workers a bone? Shame on him! Guess one of the million Snarly scenes couldn't be cut instead.

    Always enjoy your SS, so as always, thanks!

  4. Yup, Snarly scenes win out. She is the Queen of GH after all. Liz and Britt get the cut as usual. (yes, sarcasm here)

    I don't think we'll get any VAnna this holiday season :(

    Hope Laura and Marty hurry back now. Who is trying to kill them?

    I don't know about Brook Lyn being pregnant IRL she has been wearing those heavy coats all along and even in the summer.

    I guess the poisoned Peter is just hanging (and living) in limbo behind that white curtain with no medical treatments. lol

    Thanks for your SS Karen. Much appreciated.

    1. Oh, more sarcasm here; when is Jason's funeral New Year's Day? lol

    2. Please just do it off air. PLEASE

  5. Would Jane come back for Monica cause she hated Jason.....
    I see NO reason for this heart-breaking storyline - especially if it makes Sasha back on drugs - PLEASE NO - and I guess Brando will be the enforcer...........but it was a storyline that should not have happened
    no mention of Taggart again -
    LOVE Marty and Laura

    1. I know what you mean about some people NEVER being mentioned. At least mention Trina and Taggart getting together for the holidays. Mention Maxie getting together with Felicia etc. If they don't show them OK, but at least have a mention.

  6. Another great SS! Thank you.
    Two things I love about today's SS. Calling Michael "bread boy" and the reference to the Ford bros on OLTL(2nd time).
    It was a heartbreaking week. Sophia Mattson did an outstanding job. Just don't get the purpose. Whatever the end result is it probably could have been reached in other ways.
    At least Brad is back. Love him and his auntie.

    1. I still think they could have done a heart transplant St. Jude story

    2. I was really expecting a St. Jude story as the ads were back.

  7. Felicia's grandmother/ June Lockhart is 96

  8. When is the Stuart Damon tribute?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. That would have been much nicer to have at Christmas.

  9. Just saw the Happy Holidays from GH clip. "Marty and Lucy" were together. They seemed like they had chemistry. I am all for that if they would just show them on the screen they'd make a hot couple possibly.

  10. I'm guessing baby Liam (a name mentioned more times than Nixon Falls, something I didn't think possible) had to die so Brando can go work for Sonny and be the replacement for Jason. Brando stepped away from Sonny's business, at Sasha's request, because of the baby. Now that excuse is gone.

  11. There is no one on canvas that means as much as Elizabeth. Legacy character, nurse at GH,
    Tied in with Laura, grand daughter of Audrey and our beloved Steve Hardy. Had a child with a Quartermaine, Put this woman on a pedestal where she belongs! I wish they would also give her more scenes as being friends with Sam. I enjoyed their drinking binge a few months back. Show their kids bonding as they have 1 child that are half siblings.

    PS: Man Laura Wright has amazing hair.

  12. why is carly in the middle of the Sasha story line, Nina should have been front and center, Carly could care less


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