Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 Christmas fun!

Davis House: LOL.. Krissy and TJ and Molly all give Scout musical instruments for the holiday. Scout was watching a show and loved them. Alexis gives Danny BONGO DRUMS!! AHAHHA. Shawn and Alexis toast with water. They kid Sam about going to the Qs later where both Drew and Dante will be LOL. 

SHAWN moved from Alexis' house and is going to run THE INVADER! I think that's great!  He's working for some non-profit that bought it and he'll use it to expose injustice. 

Carly is SO ANGRY that Nina DARED to try to give WILEY a Present!! HOW DARE SHE!! Dante and Rocco are over for Christmas. Dante and Rocco leave for the Q house. Josslyn wonders if Brando and Sasha will visit given the circumstances. They do! Gladys hijaks them out of the hospital and drives them to Sonny's. (he asked her to). Sasha and Brando are happy to be there. CarSon tells Sasha she's part of the family now. Brando and she go out to the patio to look at the stars. They pledge their love to each other in a really nice scene. 

Portia and Curtis going out for Christmas Dinner with Stella. He sees Marshal with his clarinet. He's surprised he can play. 

Epiphany meets Marshall who's playing his clarinet for the hospital holiday show. He wants her to sing while he plays. 

Maxie's -Dr. O leaves a present for Louise when she comes home. They talk about Nina not being able to visit Wiley. Maxie thinks Willow would help. Nina doesn't want to tell her that Willow knows about she and Sonny. Oh!! Dr O figures out Willow knows and tells Scotty when he comes. He's going to put her on the stand! yippee!! Brook and Chase come to let Maxie see Bailey. 

Q House!! Monica looks great. The baby comes out with Brook. Brook checks out Chases' butt and then gets all flustered when she remembers him naked! ahahahaha. Rocco and Dante show up and so do Scout, Danny and Sam. Danny has on a leather jacket just like his Dad's. Drew says he'll take him to the baseball game. Scout gives Drew a hot pink scarf ;her fave color. 

Epiphany sings O Christmas Tree ...montage of everyone. Good Show. I liked it. 


  1. Didn't Shawn say he was going to use the money he got from Nicholas to start a non profit? It'll be good to have it being used for more than idle gossip.

    Good move by Gladys to remove that car seat. She does seem to be trying. Now if she'd only make a happy face while the wind is blowing. lol

    I loved the Sasha and Brando scene too. And of course any scene with Dr. O and Scotty.

    Nice gesture on Brooklynn's part to bring the baby to Maxie's place for her first Christmas.

    Loved the musical instrument gifts. lol Brings back an old memory. lol

    When Scout gave Drew that pink scarf he looked so cute I wanted to hug him.

    Everyone looked great but I wasn't a fan of the pumpkin dress. Maybe the wardrobe dept got some deals after Hallowe'en.

    It was great to see a family oriented show today. I liked it too.

  2. Gave me goosies the whole episode!

  3. Alexis's home:

    Alexis and family: The invader? ALRIGHT SHAWN! YEAHHHH! :) Oh musical instruments!! The bongos!!! Babaluuuuuuuu!!! :)

    Sam: How old are you guys?

    ROFL! Yeah I mean Sam and Drew weren't even together when he "died" Anyway, Sam would have won the line of the day, but Molly wins it.

    Molly: Alright Kristina have you ever heard of the word tact?


    The hospital:

    Nurse and Sasha: Yeah I don't want Sasha to be alone.. Not a good idea. :(

    Brasha: Yeah go stay with him Sasha!!! :(

    Curtis and Portia: Wow! Portia in a sexy dress! :) I don't know how Curtis could be so composed hahahaha. I don't know how I can be with Curtis lookin like that.. YUM! :)

    Piffy and Marshall the hat guy: Oooooo. Chem testing? They were a flirtin. :) They are adorable together..

    Piffy and the music band: NICE!! VERY NICE! :) LOVE IT!!! :) More flirtin with Piffy and Mr. Hat guy.. I'll call them Marshphany!! :) They need to be a couple. :)

    The car garage: Awwww love that Glayds took the baby car seat and put it in the trunk! :)

    Brasha and Gladys: Another surprise Gladys? Hmm Brasha didn't ask about the baby car seat.

    Carson home: Awwwwwwwwwwww! Brasha is part of the Carson family. Well that made me all emotional! *Sniff sniff* Welcome to the Carson family Sasha! :) Willow thinking about the Nina and Sonny wuv.. Great scenes with Brasha. I thought he was going to propose to her. Damn.

    Michael: Candy for your thoughts.

    Willow: I was thinking about how much I love you, and this family.

    Ohhhh she be a lyin!!!! Her nose is growing and Michael is oblivious! Rocco bringing in Nina's gift, and Carly was close to turning into Cujo!

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie, Nina, and Dr. O: Oh oh. Yeah don't be a callin Willow!! YIKES!

    Maxie and Nina: I love Maxie's sweater, but I'm afraid that if you wash it too much, then the sparkly things will pop off.

    Maxie: I'm rooting for you.

    Awwwwwww! :)

    Nina: What do you want for Christmas?

    Maxie: I want Peter to die.

    Yes that would be a GREAT Christmas present Maxie!!!! :) That's what we ALL want!

    Balbrecht: The look on Maxie and Nina's face! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Scotty: Let's go home and play.

    ROFL! I wonder what kind of play they do. ;) Oh yes!!! Willow knows.. Dr. O you so smart! :) I don't think Willow will lie. I think she will tell the truth, and Michael will be so furious with her because she didn't tell him the truth, that he will dump her ass. :)

    Balbrecht, Nina, Maxie, Chase, Blazer Lynn, and Bailey: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! :) Beautiful baby! :) #Family. :)

    Q home:

    Drew and Scout: Awwww great scene.. Hot pink scarf awwwww. :)

    Drew, Danny Cheeto, Rocco, and Dante: WOW Rocco! What the hell? ROFL! What is with that ginormous chip on your shoulder named Chip! :) You don't want to mess with Italian Rocco. :)

    Monica and Danny Cheeto: Oh look at that. A photo album with just a picture of Jason.. ROFL! Danny Cheeto wants his own motorcycle when he gets older? Oh oh! :) I can hear Sam say NO!

    1. Oops forgot something..

      Blazer Lynn and Chase: She can't stop thinking of nekked Chase and is now cranky. Haven't had sex in a long time eh? :)

    2. hahaha I was wondering why you didn't comment on that.

    3. And the Marshphany comment made me hungry. lol (Marsipaani...yum)

    4. "Di says, hahaha I was wondering why you didn't comment on that."

      Hahaha oopsy! :) Oh and something else I forgot to mention. When Nina was thinking of the Nina and Mike kiss, I was hoping Sonny would think about it too. :) Damn. :)

      "And the Marshphany comment made me hungry. lol (Marsipaani...yum)"

      ROFL! Sorry! :) Now you have to go get some. You have some at home? :)

    5. Good show yesterday, nice to see families celebrating. :)
      I'm still wondering about Rocco and his "chip". Where the heck did that come from?
      You're killing me about Blazer Lynn. HAHAHAHAH!
      I so want Willow on the stand looking all angsty, then spilling the beans, THEN the Corinthi all losing their collective minds. Such fun! Maybe that will be our New Year's present. :)

    6. "Julie H says, Good show yesterday, nice to see families celebrating. :)"

      YES! Love seeing families celebrating too! :)

      "I'm still wondering about Rocco and his "chip". Where the heck did that come from?"

      Hahaha beats me! I loved the look on his face when he first came in. Hahahahaha. He looked all angry and angsty!

      "You're killing me about Blazer Lynn. HAHAHAHAH!"

      ROFL! I can't take the credit. Someone on twitter calls her that, and I just had to use it for myself. :) I even told the person that. The name fits her really well! :)

      "I so want Willow on the stand looking all angsty, then spilling the beans, THEN the Corinthi all losing their collective minds. Such fun!"

      Yes! Fun and soapy delicious! :)

      "Maybe that will be our New Year's present. :)"

      I hope so!!!!!!!!

    7. Sonya, tell the person who coined Blazer Lynn that they're a genius, and yay for you for swiping it to share with us. I giggle every time! :)

    8. "Julie H says, Sonya, tell the person who coined Blazer Lynn that they're a genius,"

      If I can remember who it was! OOPS! But yes GENIUS!!! :)

      "and yay for you for swiping it to share with us."


      "I giggle every time! :)"

      You do? Hahahaha YAY! :)

    9. Blazer Lynn is funny as hell. She wears a blazer every day. Yesterday she at least had a pretty blue one on.

    10. "lindie says, Blazer Lynn is funny as hell. She wears a blazer every day."

      Hahaha she does wear it everyday! :) She wouldn't even take it off when she was in the sauna! :)

      "Yesterday she at least had a pretty blue one on."

      Yeah that was a pretty one.

  4. No. I guess I'll have to make do with assorted cheescakes, cookies and salted caramel pastries. hehe

    1. Yeah. I accidently signed myself out of my account. That's an old one I used on another site.

    2. "Di says, Yeah. I accidently signed myself out of my account. That's an old one I used on another site."

      ROFL! Ahh busted! :) Anyway you don't have to make do! Just go out and buy Marsipaani!!!! :)

  5. It was a good show. I was missing the other characters, but I guess they were on yesterday. Tomorrow will be all about the trial (trial before Christmas??? weird). I didn't really care about all the flashbacks though. I was hoping the photo album had a pic of Alan. Maybe Jason and Alan and Monica would have been nice. Marshall and Piffy do make a good couple. Curtis nod to Marshall was nice. Wonder if the guy really plays clarinet? Probably not but you never know with GH. There is talent galore musically and it is rarely seen anymore.

    1. PS. Drew is kinda hot in that hot pink scarf by golly!!!!!

    2. PSS. They NEVER show Georgie and James. Ot is just so weird that Maxie has other kids and you'd never know ow it.

    3. Considering life in the real world right now maybe the little actors' parents are keeping them safe at home.

    4. Yup. I would keep my kids home too.

    5. lindie, Drew is hot no matter what he wears - or doesn't wear.

    6. So true about Drew, lol! Not many men can pull off a hot pink scarf. Fanning myself...

  6. I find Curtis to be really self righteous.

    1. Yes but he is hurt and was abandoned as a tiny child.

    2. I really like him and I like his ties to many of our Leading ladies

  7. I really liked yesterday’s show! Everyone looked great and real emotional stuff. Love Drew and Scout! Sonny looks just like Mike now except for the wardrobe.

  8. OK, so yesterday was Christmas on the show, and they are having a trial on CHRISTMAS????? Or is it supposed to be the next day?



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