Wednesday, December 8, 2021



Sonny and Peter. Sonny tells him he's going to kill him basically. Peter says his secret will be out if he does. Says he taped the kiss on his phone, it's on a zip drive and in the vault until he dies. They yell at each other.. Sonny tells him he'll kill him in prison when he least expects it. 

Maxie and Austin. She wants to find out how much Austin told Peter. Weird convo. Don't care. PLUS ORANGE SWEATER DAY 99. 

Willow and Nina. Willow heard the whole "love" thing. Nina says it was out of context. Willow doesn't buy it.  She wonders if Nina and Sonny are still having an affair. Nina says no and they didn't really have one in Nixon Falls. "it was just was". Willow says Carly was right to say she was toxic. Anyway, Nina is wondering if Willow is going to tell. She begs her not to. Willow says she's not sure yet. 

Michael goes to visit them a gift. They want them to be Liam's Godparents. He says yes and he's sure Willow will want to too. 

Gladys sees Liam..cries. Carly hugs her. The talk about the baby. Gladys hates the name Liam. "Must be a millennial thing" LOL Says it must be Sasha named him. Brasha come over and say hello. Gladys wonders when Liam can come home. They tell her about all his complications. She's upset. 

Martin and Laura eating hummingbird cake "Your devotion to me is appalling" Says Laura to him AHAHAHAA. He won't let her leave. The fake cleaning lady gets the ok to go and clean the house. Martin wants to watch a movie "Christina Comes Home for Christmas" (a fake movie mentioned on OLTL years ago LOL)  . Laura says she can't because she can't go home for Christmas-- and see anyone. He convinces her to go take a long bath so he can watch the movie. She agrees. 


Willow chickens out about telling Michael and Carly about Sonny/Nina

Laura goes to take a bath. Fake cleaner comes in, tries to strangle Martin

MS WU is on tomorrow!! 


  1. Nina apologizing is getting old. It was all her fault... we get it. I wanted Nina to say remember when you lied to Chase and hurt him thinking you were protecting him? That was wrong too. Everyone on this show has been a big a$$ at some point.

    I enjoyed the Laura/Martin scenes. They better not kill him off. I also enjoyed Gladys softening as well as Sonny yelling at Peter.

    Still no Liz scenes about Jason

    1. I don't think they'd kill off Marty, he's kind of a new guy. Hope not. I am liking he and Laura as brother and sister.

      Nina was annoying today. Today was actually quite boring again.

    2. We never really got a November Sweeps did we?

    3. No Liz and Jake about Jason. No one is actually all that upset about Jason. Maybe Cujo and Britch.

    4. The whole Nina/Willow conversation was repetitious filler.

      I didn't mind the Maxie/Austin filler.

      I'm thinking that Marty will get loose and save Laura. The hit woman said she's next and he won't let that happen. Maybe he makes noise and brings Laura out and she takes care of her. Either way I'm hoping they're both safe and Marty will realize they can find them anywhere and he and Laura go home.

  2. I have a question: I don't remember how Maxie knows Drew. Could someone give me a brief explanation, please?

    1. I don't remember either exactly. I think just mostly everyone in Port Charles knows Drew. The Drew/Jason thing.

    2. I was thinking the same about Willow and Chase.

  3. I want to see more VAnna. Their scenes are so choppy.

  4. I don't mind Austin and Maxie as friends. I think he wants more though

  5. Police station:

    Hiney and Sonny: Great scene. Love the threats. I can't wait until that happens Sonny! :) Well, I hope it happens. *Sigh*

    The hospital:

    Gladys and Carly: WHAT?! Gladys crying? Seriously are the writers changing her? I'm liking this Gladys. She doesn't like the name Liam, but meh oh well. That's fine.

    Gladys and Brasha: WOW! She is so nice to Brasha. I'm just not used to THIS Gladys..

    Nina and Willow: Willow has this snobby look on her face. It's weird. Willow are you going to tell Carly or not?!!?!! Geez.

    Michael and Brasha: Oh yeah right. Michael will be the Godfather.. Sureeee. Michael your EX boyfriend is going to be the Godfather of your baby with another man.. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.. *Roll eyes*

    Willow, Carly, and Michael: Of course Willow isn't going to say anything to them about Nina's secret. Now we are going to have to watch Willow's painful face for months and months. UGH!

    Pumpkin head Maxie and Pawtucket Holtster: Awwww! He wants to be her friend. :) This is actually a great scene. Yes Pawtucket you are right. Hiney has a LOT of enemies.. If you don't kill him, someone else will. When? I have no idea. I wish we have a who done it. PLEASE WRITERS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Undisclosed location:

    Laura and Marty: Laura wins the line of the day.

    Laura: Your devotion to me is appalling.

    BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Luke would be very happy with you Marty. :) Yes I think it's a great idea Laura for you to take a bath so Marty can watch Christina comes home for Christmas! :) Does Laura miss the Tribbles too? They live at Sam's place. So when you are able to go home THE RIGHT WAY, then you can go visit them.

    Fake lady cleaner and Marty: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LEAVE MY TAD ALONE LADY!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Laura better come back and knock that lady off her ass!

  6. Sonny is just being a big old bag of wind threatening Peter. Jason's gone...who's going to kill him? Spinelli? Hahahaha! That being said, who will actually kill PLP? I refuse to believe that he will live.

    I enjoyed Gladys yesterday, especially her passive aggressiveness in calling Liam, Little Mikey. Another hahahahahaha from me!

    Absolutely loved Laura and Marty. I really need to try this hummingbird cake.

    Willow and Austin just get on my nerves. And really, Nina is nutters.

    1. Ya, Sonny hasn't used his gun in a long time. The last time I remember was when he shot Dante. Might have been after that, but I don't recall any since.

    2. I am hoping someone that really hates Peter gets to kill him. Let's not always cater to Sonny (although lately I love the mix of sonny & Mike). I want Mac, Anna or Valentin to do it or at least to tell him that Bailey is Louise. Valentin could say Your daughter has been in my arms for months right under your nose! Then pull the trigger.

    3. Yup, I think Maxie or Valentin should kill Peter. In my dreams I'm sure....

    4. We have hope now that Mrs. Wu might be successful, because Sonny would blow it. But I agree, it needs to be Maxie, Val or even Anna.


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