Monday, December 6, 2021

Willow The Waffle


Kin Shriner's birthday today!! YEAH!!  Eden posted this on Twitter today.. great photo.


Laura and Martin in a safe house playing video games!! They talk about Cyrus. The guard guy comes in and tells Laura Victor Cassadine is alive and in PC. Laura tells Martin that Vic makes Cyrus look tame. Some new cleaner lady came..the guard has to call the service to see if she's legit. 

Drew says hello to Willow and Michael. He tells Michael Jason is dead. Michael's upset. He thinks that No body so there's a chance. Michael also wonders what life will be like without Jason. Like he hasn't died before?? 

Brook and Chase tell Willow he's Bailey's "Daddy"...WHY would WILLOW Care? But she does. LORD why. Michael and Willow find out about Brasha baby and go to GH . 

Victor comes to Wyndemere wants to talk to Nikolas about business. Victor tells Nikolas it was Ava that sent Scotty to him to set him free. Victor has news about Hayden. HE said he 'took are of her' for Nikolas because she was going to expose him ?? I don't even know. Anyway, he won't tell Nikolas WHAT he did with her but..? They also ask Victor why he worked with Peter. Victor won't tell but says the family is in danger. He leaves. Nikolas tells Ava he wants to send Victor packing. 

Sonny asks Britt how the baby is. She says good. He says she seems way less bitchy now. He sees why Jason cared about her. She says "yeah so much so he chose another woman".  Sonny says he was protecting the family by marrying Carly. 

Peter threatens to tell Carly about Nina and Carly. Of course he doesn't. He mentions Jason. Carly smacks him.  He taunts Nina with "What happens in Nixon Falls stays in Nixon Falls". He leaves. Carly screams at Nina about 'WHAT DID YOU DO IN NIXXXXXXXXXON FAAAAAAALS"  Nina tries to convince her Peter's making stuff up but Carly doesn't buy it. Then Sonny walks out.  Carly goes OFF. Nina leaves. Carly just loses it. Sonny tells her she's too much and to calm down. She says she's as upset about Jason's death like she was with his. He's like I'M YOUR HUSBAND! ahahaha She storms off. Nina texts Sonny and tells him to meet in the chapel. They meet and talk about Peter's threats. Sonny says "This is terrible timing... no one can know" and WILLOW is standing there. 

Britt tries to talk to Carly. She calms her down. 

Michael and Carly hug 

Nina tells Sonny their love in NF was special and she won't regret it (Willow overhears)

The fake cleaning lady gets instructions from Cyrus. 


  1. I was happy that they had Britt remind Carly that she's in a hospital.

  2. Didn't watch the show today. I'm glad I missed the screaming harpy (Carly) for an hour.

  3. I kinda like Carly and Britt bonding, to be honest.
    I have watched since 1974, and Victor wasn't as bad as Cyrus, I don't think. Maybe I am not remembering things?????????
    very confused - so it's in the PAPER about VICTOR but NOT Jason and Peter cause of the 'black-out'---------what did I miss?
    Willow - just filling time with her secret to give a storyline to Michael and her.
    I see sparks with Ava and Victor?
    What day is it? We had Thanksgiving - so now it is?????????????

  4. I said it before and I will say it again Maura is just divine and has chemistry with anyone and anything

    1. I absolutely agree! She is my favorite!

    2. I agree 100%! My favorite actress on the show.

    3. Isn't she just a work of art? She has it all.

    4. She is a joy to watch! GH has some remarkable actresses-Nancy, Finola and Becky are excellent, too.

  5. Undisclosed location:

    Laura and Marty: YAY!!!!! LONG TIME NO SEE YOU TWO! :) They bonded!!! They are talking about the holidays! YAY! :) Oh oh maybe Laura shouldn't of found out about Victor being alive, but hey Marty convinced her to stay so that's good. :)

    Q mansion:

    Willow, Brooky, and Chase:

    Brooky: I'm standing right here.

    She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. Oh and Willow, why do you look upset? Are you jelly??!!?!?!? What is going on with you?

    Mildew, Drew, Chase and Brooky: Michael and his long bangs are happy to see Drew, but are upset about Jason.

    Drew, Brooky and Chase:

    Chase: Whoa whoa whoa excuse me I'm a cop.

    ROFL! Chase wins the line of the day.

    The hospital:

    Nina and Hiney: KILL HIM NINA! KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nina, Hiney, and Cujo: Oh nice slap Cujo! Now stab him.

    Cujo and Nina: Cujo wants blood! She wants Nina's blood!!! She wants to rip Nina's throat!!!!

    Cujo and Sonny: YIKES! CUJO! CALM DOWN!!!!

    Britch and Carly: Wow! Britch calmed Carly enough that Cujo is gone. How did you do that Britch?

    Michael and Carly: Michael, Michael's bangs, and Carly are hugging.. Michael and his bangs are there for Carly. I hope the Tribbles can calm Carly down too.

    Sonny and Nina: Oh boy the truth HAS to come out and it needs to come out now!!! Oh oh Willow! Willow are your ears smoking? :)


    Nava and Victor: OHHHHHHHHHH! So Victor killed RayRay's mother. What did you do to RayRay Victor? Where is she?

    1. Oops forgot about the fake cleaning lady.. WOW WOW WOW! What does Cyrus want the fake cleaning lady to do? Kill them? Smoke them like drugs? WHAT?! :)

    2. Sonya, I'm wondering if the tribbles ran away from home because Carly became Cujo too many times. Maybe they were afraid for their lives.

    3. “Gary says Sonya, I'm wondering if the tribbles ran away from home because Carly became Cujo too many times. Maybe they were afraid for their lives.“

      ROFL! Well they are safe at Sam’s now!

  6. Just a thought. I wonder of Kristina Wagner is back because there IS a vaccine mandate. Just curious about the timing

    1. I have always liked Felicia

    2. Me too. I was such a Felicia & Frisco fan back in the day!

    3. I was a huge F and F fan too. Loved them so much

  7. I am glad Laura and Martin are back, and I thought the scene between Britt and Sonny was well-written and well-acted. But...

    My favorite part of today's show was eeing Carly losing it. Mean, I know, but this character is way overdue to be taken down a few pegs. I like it when things don't go Carly's way.

  8. "Kevin says, I like it when things don't go Carly's way."

    Haha yeah.. It's good that she doesn't always get her way! Then she turns into Cujo and then look out! ROFL!

  9. true.


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