Friday, December 10, 2021


 Wu comes into the Metro to talk to Sonny. She brings up Jason being gone. He has no 'guard' per se. Carly gets her big mouth in there about Brad not getting out. Wu just kinda smiles and leaves. Carly wants to know what the deal is. Of course she does. They talk about replacing Jason. WHO could ever replace St. Jaysus?? OMG If Carly grieves ONE MORE SECOND ON MY they pledge eternal WUB and kiss. 

Michael tells Willow he's going to the parole hearing to hopefully stop Brad getting out. Willow wants him to try to let Brad go.. but he's like NOPE. 

Chase is going to take over Daddy Duty for Bailey so people don't suspect. So, Brook, Chase, Willow and Michael end up all awkward in the living room. OMG get this..Michael and Willow are mad at CHASE for making Willow feel guilty when they were "married" because he slept with Brook Lyn. Even tho..she was FAKE MARRIED TO HIM? God I hate these people. Anyway, Willow says she'll TRY to get past it. 

MAXIE changed her sweater.  Then wasn't on the whole show. 

Sasha and Brando. Sasha has some beauty flowers in her room. It's the EEG day today. They are nervous. LUCY and Nina visit!! Eat Gummy Bears!! 
Brando goes to the chapel. Prays. TJ is standing at the door. He wonders if Brando needs a friend. They joke a bit. yada yada. 

Anna visits Peter. He said Sonny put a target on his back. She's like "He just got in line". She tells Peter to give up all rights to Louise and confess to ALL crimes. Maybe just maybe she can do something for him. He refuses. "Louise and Maxie make me human"..oh brother. 

Nina and Britt talk about Nina using Dr. O in her Peter plan. Britt is mad at her because she didn't turn Peter in. Dr. O could have been killed and Jason is dead. Nina asks if she blames her. Britt says no, James wouldn't have wanted her to anyway (Nathan). 


Peter is served poison food

The EEG is back, the doctors look grave and sad

Peter was served poison by BRAD!!!!!!!! 


  1. Predictable but so sweet to see Hiney in distress. Not convinced that he will die. I still believe that they will never kill Hiney.(I say it every day in hopes I am wrong)
    Bailey/Louise lie must end soon. It is so darn stupid.

  2. Well I guess Brad is well and truly inducted into the "family" now. And if Peter is not dead after this they have well and truly jumped the shark with this story line.

  3. The Brad thing was good. And Wu says Britt is the BAD influence. Lol. Peter won't die. This is me crying 😢

    1. Probably Wu will use Peter in her mob activities. He won't die as long as he is dating LW.

  4. Wonder what is going on with baby Liam. Pretty boring for a Friday

  5. Poor Bailey Louise will be in kindergarten when it is revealed. Definitely can't bond with Maxie. Although no one is seen with kids on this show. Sams are with the Qs. Maxie with Felicia and Liz with Granny Audrey I guess

  6. Still can't believe they decided to kill a BABY off during the Christmas/Holiday season. Messss.

    1. If they do kill baby Liam that would be the most horrible thing.

    2. Gladys will blame Brook Lyn...........Brando becomes new enforcer cause he doesn't care...HATE this storyline

  7. I thought Maxie was wearing a different sweater yesterday!!! LOL!

  8. "MAXIE changed her sweater. Then wasn't on the whole show." LOL

    Die, Peter, die.

    I loved all the scenes with Ms. Wu and it was great seeing Lucy again. I still feel no real connection to Sasha and Brando, though.

    1. I love Lucy too. She needs her own storyline

  9. I have a very bad thought. I wonder if Selina is working with Peter. I just feel something is off about this. I feel like she is helping him escape

    1. I agree - she fakes that she killed him - he goes away - she gets Brad released and about February sweeps, Peee-tah returns when Maxie has her college age child back......LOL

    2. "Mufasa says, she gets Brad released and about February sweeps, Peee-tah returns when Maxie has her college age child back......LOL"

      College age child! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That will be in 2 months. :)


    Hope this doesn't mean we'll see less of him 😕

  11. I saw Lucy in the beginning credits and was so happy! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sonny and Ms Wu: YAY! MS WU! :) I love that her first name is Selina. Glad they are working together. :)

    Carson: Blah blah blah. Jason Jason Jason. Saint Jason.. To the rescue.

    Q mansion:

    Mildew and Brase: Oh Michael! SHUT THE HELL UP! You are so Mr. Judgy.. Stop it! It makes you look ugly.

    Mildew: Michael has changed. He is very papa bear mode when it comes to Wiley. I like that. I respect him for that.

    The hospital:

    Nina, Maxie, and Britch: Maxie no longer a pumpkin head. Hey we didn't get to see wine party last night. Crap! Were the Tribbles invited?

    Britch and Nina: Awww great scene. :) Family. :)

    Nina, Lucy, and Sasha: LUCY YAY! :) Glad Lucy and Nina were there to make Sasha laugh. :)

    TJ and Brando: Hey! New besties. Glad TJ is there for Brando. Glad they made peace. Great scene. TJ made him laugh I like that. :)

    Hiney's jail cell:

    Hiney and guard: Hiney wins the line of the day.

    Hiney: No! No visitors. Not unless there is a bullet proof glass between us.

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, but that was funny. :) He is afraid of Sonny! BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Anna and Hiney: Anna is trying to help you Hiney! Jackass. You keep saying that your daughter and Maxie are making you a better person. BULL! You are a lying liar that lies. You need to burn in hell over and over and over and over.. Too much? :)

    Food tray and Hiney: POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Headless guy: BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Did Sonny tell you to poison Hiney?!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 2000* Helena poisons Stefan!!! DELICIOUS SCENE! :) And appropriate to what is happening with Hiney.

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