Friday, July 14, 2023

10 things that should happen by end of year

With the writers strike happening and things in sort of disarray, here are 10 things we hope happen between now and the end of the year: These are just spit-balling some ideas! 

NOTE: I'm not sure I'll be in today (Friday July 14th) so please use the comment section below for your comments. Also comment on what you'd like to see!! 

 Bobbie will be in a car crash and on life support. Carly will anguish about turning off the life saving equipment. It is discovered that Bobbie is an organ donor and like BJ's heart donation, will donate her organs to those who are on lists. (Expect flashbacks throughout) While this is happening in the hospital ER.....

Lucy and Martin can be getting married in the chapel. Lucy can be frantic, wondering where Bobbie was as Bobbie promised to be at her wedding and she didn't want to get married without her. They can go back-and-forth between Lucy and Bobbie scenes. Lucy and Martin can walk through the hospital after the ceremony and run into Carly and those gathered around and realize what has happened.

LC will retire. With her blessing, Monica will pass away. It will be discovered that earlier this year her cancer metastasized to stage 4. She left town to get hospice care and didn't want to burden her family, telling them she was taking vacations and going to seminars. She leaves the house to Tracy which turns out to be bittersweet. 

Spencer gets his own place which is unfortunately, right across the hall from Dex. (Shades of Sonny/Jason back in the day).  He decides that Esme can raise Ace on her own. He will keep an eye on him from afar.  Trina moves in with Spencer, Joss moves in with Dex. 

 Gladys is murdered ... (it's the psychiatrist) but Selena Wu is the one arrested. 

After Gregory dies, Finn is posted in some remote country because he's working on some infectious disease control. Leaves town with Violet. 

Austin is really an Alkazar and is taking over Sonny's territory. He wakes up Nikolas and uses it to control Ava. Ava eventually realizes he's really the bad guy and reports all to Sonny. Together, they take down Mason/Austin. The two are sent to Pentonville. Cyrus tries to get them into his Bible Study Group. 

Sam and Dante plan their small yet fun wedding. You guessed it: Lulu wakes up. Dante will stay with Sam however and Lulu will live with  Maxie in her new giant house. 

Maxie and Spinelli get back together. Spin runs social media for Deception. Office hijinks occur.  

Alexis somehow gets reinstated as a lawyer and she, Diane and Martin decide to open a firm together. Scott Baldwin is their constant nemesis. 


  1. I like most of your ideas. Here are mine:

    Bring the real Esme back. No love triangle with Spencer but maybe Cam as we have all guessed before. She gets her memory back after seeing her mother or the classic knock on the noggin. As a result bring Heather back too while we're at it.

    Dex/Kristina/Joss triangle. Kristina gets ivf but has sex with Dex. Yes it has been done before but good angst and we know Eden would bring it.

    Trina and Spencer travel Europe together while she takes a gap semester off and he films his show.

    Finn falls off the wagon and does some out of character crap(but finally interesting things). Little violet is affected maybe injured but survives.

    Make Carly likeable. They shove her down our throats so much write a story we can get behind. Show the human side of her some how. Breast cancer story, perhaps. Laura has the acting chops that's for sure.

    No carson reunion. We all know Nina and Sonny will be done but let them be alone for a while. I would be up for an Ava Sonny pairing in the future. I have no ideas for Nina as they have made too many fans hate her.

    Have Willow connect with a new male patient and somehow make her interesting.

    Replace Ingo with another Jax. I loved him as Jax but I think it's clear that ship has sailed.

    Bring Billy Miller back as Drew. He can distract Liz from the off the wagon Finn or reconnect with Sam.

    For the love of the big man give Sasha a happy story. We know she can act but give her something other than grief . Show us how women can pick themselves up without pills.

    Even though most don't care for Cody, have it be revealed that he's Mac's son. It will give some air time to one of our favs.

    Improve Anna's character. Vanna is a huge hit with the audience but with all the vacay's and other tapings of shows we are stuck with a character we hardly recognize. Recast Charlotte and make her bratty again.

    1. i mentioned recasting Jax in one of our prediction filllers. Trevor Donavan. Look him up. He's your man.

  2. Oooooo great ideas!!!! But why does Scotty have to be a nemesis? Why can't he just join them? :) Little V and Finchy don't have to leave.

    "She leaves the house to Tracy which turns out to be bittersweet."

    And then people can say, It's Tracy's house! Monica left the house for her and Alan gave Monica the house! ROFL!

    "Cyrus tries to get them into his Bible Study Group."


    "Maxie and Spinelli get back together."

    Awwwww YES!!!!!!!!! :)

    "Spin runs social media for Deception. Office hijinks occur."

    Hmmmm well if office hijinks occur then okay. It's fine with me. :)

  3. I really love these ideas! I often think that the views could write better stories than the current writers.

  4. RE: today's show. I grew up a middle sister and I think they are all terrible to Kristina, including Alexis. Plus she is an adult. Someone should remind her mother

  5. ---is it weird that I think Gladys is a much horrible person than Heather???????? BEYOND redemption
    -----really liked Sam and Mac's conversation
    -----nu-Molly in my humble opinion is getting worse in her acting...
    -----LOVE Anna Sonny and Dante talking!!!! I still wonder if the Pikeman deal is gonna be intertwined with Anna........and the WSB - I know spoilers say Olivia Jerome is still coming back?
    -------Trina was on my nerves at first but then when she couldn't go in, that seemed realistic to me ---------------but Stella is sick again?????

  6. Missed the part about Stella. What did they say?

    1. she almost fainted at the end and Marsall caught her and said go see a doctor - is it your heart?

  7. Why is Sam wearing a straight jacker?

  8. There were some funny one liners today.


    Alexis and Sonny:

    Sonny: Are you going to have cue cards for me and feed me the lines through ear buds?

    ROFL! Alexis just tell Sonny what Krissy wants to do! Don't be a scardy cat!! :)

    Sasha's home:

    Sasha, Cowboy Cody, and Gladys: Sasha is sweaty! Like she was before. Gladys you really want Cowboy Cody to leave because you don't want her to notice how Sasha is acting!! Oh hi Nina! Why did Maxie leave Nina a cryptic message? How odd.

    Gladys and Nina: WHAT?! Gladys wants to tell the court about the stealing? Oh Gladys you really want to get rid of Sasha!!

    Sasha and Cowboy Cody: Awwww they ARE friends. :)

    The pier:

    Sam and Mac Daddy: Mac Daddy you are acting like a good father to Cowboy Cody! :) I want him to find out the truth!!!! Mac Daddy had to tell Sam that he is watching Ms. Wu and that he wants to protect Cowboy Cody awwwww. :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna, Dante and one of Sonny's men: OH! Dante caught one of Sonny's men outside!! That guy is just protecting Anna!

    Anna and Dante: The WSB want to assassinate Anna?! What?! No no no. They would never do that! That's dumb.

    Anna, Dante, and Sonny: Dante wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: Next person I put on you, you know what, will be invisible and silent.

    Dante: You should send a ninja.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And then the look on Sonny's face! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    The hospital:

    Curtis's room: Awwww he isn't shirtless. :(

    Trina and Curtis: Awww poor Trina is so overwhelmed and scared! :(

    Trina, Stella, Mr. Hat man, and Portia: Awww Trina you did not act like a scared little girl. It's alright!!! Awwww I want to hug Trina. :( Where the hell is Spencer?

    Stella and Mr. Hat man: Oh my! Stella getting dizzy? What's going on?!!?

    Krissy, TJ, and Molly: Poor TJ! I just want to hug him! :(

    Krissy and Molly: Oh what is this? First when Molly was with TJ talking about Krissy she was so upset with her, and then she understood, and now she is back to being upset with her? Shut up Molly! She isn't going to have a baby with TJ or have a baby FOR TJ! *Facepalm*

    *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 20th 2012* Spinny tells off Maxie! That was so glorious to see. :)

    1. Oops forgot 1 thing.

      Purtis: Will things change between them when Curtis wakes up? For the good? Will Curtis get paralyzed? Yesterday when Portia was talking to Nina, Portia's earring got stuck in her hair and when Portia was talking to Curtis, her earring was free from the hair. :)

  9. I think it is just difficult to have both a new Kristina and Molly. I think the new Kristina is a good casting. What is going on with Austin and Ava? Why is that story line so dragged out? I love all of the ideas for the future. I am an older fan, and I always like seeing Lucy, Felicia, and Mac.

    1. I agree. The storyline with the Davis girls would have so much more impact with the original actors.

  10. You are hired as the new writing team!!!

  11. These are some great storyline suggestions, certainly better by leaps and bounds than what we're seeing on our screens right now.

    I would love to see a Kristina/Joss rivalry begin that divides their family.

    BTW, I read online that Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery from "AMC") is only guest starring for three episodes. His last appearances, at least for now, are schedule for July 17 & 18. They had better reveal who he's working for before he leaves.

  12. Those are some really good suggestions. If only.
    I would just like to see better editing and time placement.
    Ava and Dr. whatever have zex...and poof, they are gone. Maybe they met up with Neddie somewhere. His amnesia story has potential but not if he isn't ever on.
    Sorry but Kristina does not know when to shut up.

    1. "Zazu says, Sorry but Kristina does not know when to shut up."

      But Molly is accusing her of wanting TJ and being selfish! What do you expect Krissy to do? Not say anything? If someone was accusing me I wouldn't be quiet. :) I doubt you would be too. ROFL! :)

    2. Probably, but maybe she should have stopped before going all surrogate over them. That's what I meant.

    3. "zazu says, Probably, but maybe she should have stopped before going all surrogate over them. That's what I meant."

      But Krissy wasn't the one who brought it up. Molly is the one who brought it up and yelled at her. Krissy didn't know what the heck Molly was talking about.

  13. I just got done watching a movie called the surrogate! :) With Cameron Matthison. 2013! Wow what a great movie! Never heard of it and never seen it. I recommend it. :)


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