Wednesday, July 12, 2023



Anna goes into the hotel room that the shooter used. Someone comes in. She punches them and it's Marty LOL . It's his old room. He wonders why she is there. They talk and then he wants her to help him figure out what's happening with Lucy. She says that women don't like it when the men they love say they'll never marry again. 

Tracy, Brook and Chase are at The Pool. BORING Tracey leaves. Chase and Brook talk. Anyway, it ends up that Brook comes clean to Chase about Tracey helping him to get his badge back. Tracey says all she did was get the board in the room. So, Chase has to leave but he kisses Brook first. He's not mad

Sasha is deep in a manic rush shopping with Maxie. Acting like a druggy ...she also picked out some clothes for Willow. She tells Maxie her doctor gave her some 'happy pills'. She keeps taking more. She's acting like a fool. 

Gladys, the psychiatrist and Wu are at The Savoy Bar.  Gladys won big. Wu is mad because Cody wasn't supposed to let her win.  With everything that happened to Curtis last night, this just makes it worse. She thinks Cody is trying to get fired. 

Felicia and Lucy are outside of Jackson's office in Pine Valley. Lucy tells him she needs legal advice about her husband who has another "family" in PA. Felicia is eyeballing the files. She gets into them. But it was too easy she thinks. There's a safe in there but she can't open it. Lucy comes out and Jackson invites her to dinner at 8. On today's show, we saw Felicia going through the files and NOTHING of Lucy talking to him in his office. 

Willow's home. Sitting on the couch. *sigh*. They can't have sex yet. No one cares. Sasha comes in, acting a fool EVEN MORE. If Willow can't tell then OMG. 


Tracey tells Brook she can't quit Deception because she stole those files. 

Anna says Marty's exwife #3 is rich and pays him alimony 50K a month and if he marries Lucy it will stop.

Chase arrests Sasha because she walked out with merch from the department store she was in (An expensive blouse for Willow)

Selina finds marked cards that Cody used to throw the game. 


  1. ---FUNNY that Felicia shoulda asked ANNA about Marty's ex - save them a trip!!!! I STILL have high hopes it's gonna be someone we know and it's gonna be good!
    -----Sasha thing is hard to watch plus she's been on drugs Cody must figure out that the shrink with Gladys IS her shrink.....but I don't think Sophia is on the much longer cause she posted in May that she gave birth?
    ------kinda smart of Cody to be bad hoping Selina would fire him
    ------something looks different/off with Kristen Storms - anyone else?
    ------love Anna and Marty together - so I guess Finola isn't going on vacation.....I DID think it odd that Valentin in RUSSIA heard about the shooting........called Marty......and yet Joss called Michael and still no press
    -------it gripes me that Tracy and Brook Lynn are at the pool alone ------hours after a shooting..........and nothing is roped off still?
    -----I'll say it - I'm tired of Tracy......
    ------I want Jackson on there more often - but it was weird thinking the files would be in a normal filing cabinet?

    1. "Mufasa says, I want Jackson on there more often"

      Me too!!!!

      "but it was weird thinking the files would be in a normal filing cabinet?"

      It wasn't weird to me, but now that you mention it, files aren't in filing cabinets anymore are they? Well, the file WAS empty. :)

  2. I thought Sasha told Maxie she was meditating. I don't think she said the doc gave her new meds. I could be wrong

  3. Is Maxie that stupid?
    At least BLQ told some truth. Always refreshing, and so rare.
    I love Tracy but sometimes they just try too hard to make her who she is and don't know when to stop.
    That shooting seemed off the cuff. Just thrown in.

  4. Pine Valley offices:

    Jack, Lucy, Felicia, and receptionist: JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was crying when I saw him. I was a blubbering idiot! :) Jack looks great!!!! Oh he has a goatee!!! :)

    Felicia alone: Love the music that was playing while she was looking around. :)

    Lucy and Felicia: Lucy has a "date" with Jack? I guess he and Erica are not together. :(

    Port Chuckles:

    Metrocourt hotel room:

    Anna and Marty: Anna wins the line of the day.

    Anna: Is that what she told you? She didn't mean it.

    ROFL! Oh wow! So Marty isn't really scared of getting married again!!! He just doesn't want the gravy train to stop! :) Marty Marty Marty! :)

    The metrocourt pool:

    Brase and Tracy: I'm glad Brooky told the truth. And I had a feeling when Chase stopped walking that he would turn around to kiss Brooky. :) I'm glad he isn't mad! :)

    Brooky and Tracy: OH! Tracy is full of blackmail today! Hahahahaha.

    Department store:

    Maxie and Sasha: Man! Sasha is wayyyyyyyyyyy manic. I rather have her have a nervous breakdown than be manic. This is weird.

    The Savoy:

    Monty Q and Gladys: Can they have a fling? :) I can call them GladyQ! ROFL!

    Ms. Wu, Cowboy Cody, and Li: Oooooo Cowboy Cody you are in trouble!!!! You made Ms. Wu really mad, and Li is going to beat the crap out of you.

    Mildew home:

    Mildew: They can't have sex? Well geez Willow you don't have to feel bad about it. You two can have other forms of sex! ;)

    Willow and Sasha: Yikes! This is such a strange scene. Come on writers do better!!!

    Mildew and Sasha: *Facepalm*

    Mildew, Sasha, and Chase: When Chase showed up, I'm thinking CHILLOW! :D RA RO! Sasha you are in danger girl! Oops I mean trouble. :)

    Sidenote: Sasha you are in danger girl, is a ghost reference hahaha!

  5. I hate this for Sasha. A benzodiazepine would have the opposite effect - no matter what it's combined with.

    1. OMG! I said that out loud when I watched that scene! This was ridiculous!

    2. I agree with you both. Enough making her a victim

  6. That's interesting that Marty is the one to get Alimony

  7. I can think of two women in Pine Valley who can afford $50K a month in alimony - Brooke English and Erica Kane. I'm betting on it being Erica.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "Gary says, I can think of two women in Pine Valley who can afford $50K a month in alimony - Brooke English and Erica Kane. I'm betting on it being Erica."

      Oooooooo! :) I bet it's Brooke!!! :) Oh but wait a minute. She is with Adam. Unless he died (David Canary did die) and then she met Marty and fell in love with him then married him. Hmmmmm.

    3. I am thinking anyone but Erica is a loss, but it would be good to see any of their faces

    4. Julia Barr or Susan Lucci would be the attention grabbers...However...I noticed this morning on Live with Kelly and Mark that Jill Larson appeared out of the blue at the end of the show with Andy Cohen. She looked FANTASTIC. That raised an eyebrow.

    5. "Diana Taylor says .However...I noticed this morning on Live with Kelly and Mark that Jill Larson appeared out of the blue at the end of the show with Andy Cohen. She looked FANTASTIC. That raised an eyebrow."

      Jill Larson as Marty's ex wife? Ewwwwwwww! No no no! :)

  8. I am so over the drugging of Sasha. I ff thru her scenes yesterday. The sl is ridiculous. She was getting her life together and that jerk gave her pills and she took them, she didn't need them! Maxie was a dimwit and couldn't see what was obviously wrong with her. I hope someone catches on and quick!


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