Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Feet in the Pool


Joss Cam...Joss tells Cam about Spencer. She wonders why he's not surprised. He tells her he knew about his plan all along. Ut OH...She's PISSEDDDDDD. "I'm your GIRLFRIEND, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN"!! Cam tells her the whole plan right down to the fake biological mother. 

Rory takes Trina to the pool to relax (in their court clothes LOL). They talk about Spencer's testimony and Rory's. Also about their kiss. Oh she thinks Rory is sending signals to 'just be friends' because she may go to jail. Weird dialog there. They talk about their feelings and Rory admits her likes her. They kiss. barf.

Nina seats Sasha at the Metro. Sasha is going to meet her junkie girl friend...why would she go there? HUH weird. Like go to some dive bar or at least Charlie's. OMG it's the make up artist and Smaltzy set HER UP to give drugs to Sasha!! EEE!! Oh wait, no..she has a tape recorder to get her to admit she hit Harmony while on drugs. Smaltzy says that Sasha is good news and 'click bait'. The make up lady gets right into the accident with Harmony LOL. Um, way to fast. Sasha gets spooked and leaves. 

Brando is crying to Sonny. Sonny tells Brando to give Sasha space. Brando wants Sonny to put a tail on Sasha to make sure she's ok. Sonny's like  You don't wanna do that. Brando agrees and leaves to look for Sasha himself. 

Jordan tells Spencer he's probably going to jail. He calls Nikolas. Tells his Dad he's in jail. Nik tells Ava about Spencer's testimony. He's also kinda suggesting Ava has to stay at Wyndemere because Esme's dead...or maybe dead. She says she can do it alone. Nikolas leaves. 

Nik goes to the PCPD with Martin, Spencer's attorney. He argues with Jordan about not having him stay in jail 

Nikolas finds out from Spencer what his plan for Esme was. Spencer wants Nikolas to talk to Esme because they've "gotten so close" LOL 

OH! Ava goes to see Sonny for help!! She wants Sonny to make sure Esme isn't found guilty. He says to make Esme confess. Ava says he Can't DO THAT!! "what did you do ava..."? HEH. She says just help her and he says yes. 

Spencer spends the night in jail

Sasha catches Smaltz and Sienna in the car together, she knows they set her up


  1. ----MUST watch Ava and Sonny!!! His whisper is everything ------however to say NOW that he will exonerate Trina is stupid - why didn't he long ago? I actually he is going to ask Dex to find out if Ava killed Esme - nothing about the trial -----------he knows something is off.
    ---- sorry but this Jordan is not doing it for me either - her monotone voice and just 'blah' look about everything
    -----Liked that Sasha realized it was a trap
    -----Ava sitting drinking and eating olives when a few hours earlier Esme died - that was everything--------the Jerome in it came out!!!! still think Nik is gonna make her move back in...
    -------Joss is a mini-Carly and I like it cause that is normal-----daughter behaves like her mom........but saying 'I'm your girlfriend - you aren't supposed to keep secrets' when she had JUST told Cam SHE kept it a secret about SPENCE! Stupid....

  2. Wyndemere:

    Nava: Ava is dressed in black to go to a funeral. Vampira's lonely shoe is still crying. Where is that letter? Did it have legs and walk away? The letter couldn't be dead! Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Oh Esme took off alright! She went straight over the parapet!



    Jam: Oh oh Cam in the dog house!!!! Cujo Jr on the loose!! Okay okay good. Cam isn't in the dog house anymore. :) Whew. :)

    Sienna and Poptart Smalls: Ooooo. Working together.. Soapy twist! :) Hmmm Sienna looks like Calista Flockhart.. Hey Calista Flockhart aka Sienna and Poptart Smalls should have a fling. :)

    The metrocourt lounge:

    Sasha and Nina: Geez Nina do you not work at Crimson anymore? Where is Olivia?

    Sasha and Sienna: Calista Flockhart got too desperate there. Should have been subtle.

    Metrocourt Pool:

    Cabrina: Oh Trina!!! You are blind! You can't see he was giving you signals that he is interested in you?! Ooooo another kissy kiss. :) Mmmmmm. :)

    Sonny's office:

    Sonny, Brando, and Badger Bob: BADGER BOB YAY! :) Brando I can understand that he is worried about Sasha, but I don't think it's a good idea to get a bodyguard/spy guy to watch her. Sasha will be LIVID! Then she will whine and be defensive. UGH! Badger Bob agrees that it's a bad idea.

    Ava and Sonny: Oh so Ava is going to visit Sonny first before she goes to the funeral.

    Sonny: What did you do Ava?

    ROFL! He knows her so well! :) TELL HIM AVA! Tell him that Vampira flew over the parapet! :)

    The car garage:

    Sienna and Poptart Smalls: Oh just have a fling already! :) Oh oh hi Sasha.. RUN YOU TWO RUN!

    Police station:

    Spencer and Jordan: Oh come on Jordan! You don't remember that you were at the cemetery when Spencer was there? THINK! THINK!

    Nik, Jordan, and Marty: MARTY! YAY! :)

    Nik and Spencer: Now Spencer tells Nik about the Vampira plan! ROFL!

    Sidenote: Okay where the hell is Mildew? Did they go home? She probably hasn't told him yet that she joined the NFL and became a football player, and that she has Leukemia and that she had that procedure! She can walk really well without any pain.

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    2. Ava was just everything yesterday! And did you see those red heels she had on? Matched her lipstick and earrings. She looked fab! Loved her with Sonny, Nik and especially having cocktails. I just adore her. :)

      So is Nik going to tell Spencer about Esme taking a header or that he slept with her? Either one is a good story, lol!

      I was very happy that Sasha busted Smalls and Purple Hair but this will probably have her hunting for drugs again instead of staying clean. I hope I'm wrong, but she's pretty fragile and defensive.

  3. sonya said: " Vampira's lonely shoe is still crying."
    *** Every time they showed it I yelled, "Get rid of that damn shoe!" lol

    And I'm glad Sasha caught on to Sienna, and caught on to her and Smaltz. That may be the push she needs to stay clean.

    1. "Di says, Every time they showed it I yelled, "Get rid of that damn shoe!" lol

      ROFL! They got rid of everything except the shoe!!! Hahahahahaha! That poor thing!

      "And I'm glad Sasha caught on to Sienna, and caught on to her and Smaltz."

      Yeah me too!!!

      "That may be the push she needs to stay clean."

      I hope so!

  4. I'm in shock!!!! I feel so bad for the days of our lives fans! This could happen to any soap! I hope it doesn't happen to GH!

    1. Oh no. If they do this to GH I won't be able to watch.

    2. "lindie says, Oh no. If they do this to GH I won't be able to watch.

      Yeah me neither! I don't have peacock!

    3. Saw this on FB. Really bad. ABC just did it with DWTS. I hope it's not just a matter of time for GH. I just don't get it.

    4. Probably because soaps cost more to make than another talk show.

    5. Sonya, if they do it for GH, it wouldn't go to Peacock since they are NBC based. It would most likely go to Hulu which is owned by ABC/Disney.

    6. "Lori says, Sonya, if they do it for GH, it wouldn't go to Peacock since they are NBC based. It would most likely go to Hulu which is owned by ABC/Disney."

      OH! Well, I don't have Hulu either.

  5. Here in Canada I can't access Peacock, so I'm really hoping that the local network, CityTV, will still be able to carry Days.

    1. Try going to the City tv website and ask them. Either post or send a message.

    2. Actually City tv doesn't carry it. Days of our Lives airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET/PT on Global in Canada. In most time zones, the episode airs on Global in simulcast with NBC. Canadian viewers can also watch DAYS online for free at, the Global Go app and on demand.

      Hopefully that won't change.


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