Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Serenity Now


Well, this week was a week that proved just how bloated GH is with cast, stories and also-rans. I could sit and complain for an hour but I'll just do a nice old fashioned snarkly blog. If you want details, skip to the Week in a Wubshell. 

**SERENITY was the name of Dominique's house/grounds where Cody grew up. 

So happy to hear about your Nixon Falls angst and Nina, dad. Yeah, it's been awhile hasn't it ? But look I'm running Charlie's! I plan on being here once every 4 months so please, make sure you stop by every now and then to tell me about your life. 

Um, hi...yeah, I'm getting Spinelli's toes done..who is this? Austin?? Austin Who? Oh yeah. Ok. See ya soon. 

Oh, hello Portia and Curtis. Who? It's me...Austin...Austin from Pawtucket. I have to go see a man. Not sure why I'm here but hey, carry on. 

Unless that BLT has a file in it, I don't want it. Cam made it and who knows what's inside! 

I'm here to blackmail you!! I know you hide your assets from your 3 ex-wives! Bette, Goldie and Diane Keaton! Get the goods on Valentin or else...

But..but..Miss Anna I do declah do have me ovah a barrel now, don't you? I have the vapahs! 

OMG wait, so everyone thought you were Katherine Bell's kid but your DOMINIQUE's SON!!? Doesn't that probably make you Mac's Son too? Do I need to go to Soap Wiki and get the entire history of Serenity down? Yes, yes I do. 

MEANWHILE (Entire GH timeline):  DUMPKOFF!! No one cares who's your fadahs are!! No one!! 

OMG! We are kissing.. kissing.. Giggle. OMG! What..are we a couple now? Really? Like really a couple? 

OMG! We are not kissing...again!! Not kissing...can't kisss!! We are not a couple !! Not yet... I mean, you know, I like you but.. OMG.. giggle. 

I'm really scared, I didn't think I'd have to go after civilians!! 

Don't you watch ANY mob movies? Your hair is looking fabulous by the way

Thanks, I went to your barber. 

Oh I love Dante ... I love Dante....I...wait...hold up.. is that.. CARLY AND DREW?!!!! 

STOP The presses ! Get that man a shot! Wake him up! DO it! Let's get this rolling!! 

I see Kelly, and Sharon... and there's little Stevie.. (If you're a certain age, you know) Romper ROOM!! 


Nina and Sonny decided to make themselves Happen

Brook and Chase still don't know how to make themselves Happen

Cody is the son of Dominique; ex love of Scotty's, sister of Katherine Bell 

Cody is still stalking Britt

Spinelli pretends to like Britt because Cody told him so 

Spencer is in jail and decided not to snitch and so he's going to Pentonville

Anna blackmails Martin into helping her with Valentin; he wants to flee 

Ava isn't moving back into Wyndemere

Everyone is looking for Esme, well... kinda 

Portia wants to wake Oz up early

Joss thinks Dex's chest is hunky 

Sam and Dante love each other but you know, Lulu

The jury might be in, it might not be 

Kristina came back for some scenes with Sonny Monday

Jordan decides to help Portia wake Oz up by pulling the alarm in the elevator. 

As you can all see, I'm really not into the show at the moment. The best thing to do when that happens is to step away for a bit. I found myself not wanting to watch and dreading live tweeting. Ergo, it's break time.  I'm frustrated by the lack of cohesive story and just plain tired of so many characters popping in and out. I just seem to be invested in one thing and it's over for weeks. This isn't just a new development either. You know I'm GH's biggest cheerleader when it's rolling. I'm also very honest when I think it's sinking. 

Addressing a few other things: Cody was a character brought on because by his own admission, the actor texted Frank for a part. We've been waiting to see SO many character's stories and this dominates the summer? Why?? WHY.  I could go on but you know my feelings about the other "newish" male characters on the show. No bueno. Austin, Drew... Rory, Dex;  just filler in my view.  This summer could have been so much more about the characters we care about and have waited to see in the forefront (Elizabeth, VAnna, Davis Girls, Wu Clan). I was reminded just how frustrated I am when Kristina was "coming back" and was on for a few scenes Monday then not seen again. Even though there were MULTIPLE other scenes in Charlie's all week, she just was gone. AGAIN. Sort of how Molly operates. *sigh* . 

 I do hope you are enjoying the show, however because we all know we have different tastes. I want the show to be thriving and I feel like I'm not helping by being Negative Nelle (get it?) the entire time. 

SO! Rejoice that you'll get some time off from my mouth. I'm hoping I feel like watching sometime soon. Have a fabulous Sunday! 



  1. Great Sunday Surgery and I pretty much share your feelings about the current state of "GH."

    Random thoughts...

    I was so happy to see Kristina and I know they mentioned she is now the manager of Charlie's (yes!), but did Phyllis go back to Nixon Falls or something?

    If we had a better crop of writers, there might actually be a fun storyline with Britt/Spinelli and Maxie/Austin all secretly pining to change partners. But it ain't happening with the current crew.

    I love that you mentioned Dex's hair! He does have great hair and nice eyes. Out of all the boring male characters introduced over the past year, I would pick him to keep. Let Michael get jealous as Sonny takes Dex under his wing. I could also see Kristina warming up to him.

    Does Cody own a change of clothes? If not, maybe Dante could loan him some money.

    Bottom line: I need more Ava, Elizabeth and Anna and (far, far) less of Brando, Sasha, Cody, Rory and Jordan.

    1. I think whoever's bringing these men in definitely has a type. Maybe they don't even listen to the silly words and just watch. I also would like to see Kristina warming up to Dex. And some mature women writing for our mature women. And definitely more of Ava, Elizabet and anna. (with their brains in tact.)

      Thanks for the SS kd. Love the snark and the sarcasm. You and Sonya definitely know how to express your displeasure without just unloading a truckload of sh**. Unfortunately that's been happening in the comments a lot lately, repeating itself over and over again so I'm going to take a break too. Hope we all have reason to shine soon.

  2. OMG. I laughed so hard at your blog. Romper Room. No idea why but I loved that show. Thought she was talking only to me. Lol. Tad Martin's exes. Betty, Louise and Diane Keaton. Too hilarious.

  3. Thank you, thank you! Another great SS following one of the lowest weeks for GH.
    Anna blackmailing Martin is ludicrous. Where is the strong independent WSB agent?
    This waking up Oz sub plot is predictable. And yes, they are acting like Trina was accused of murder.
    Do other soaps let stories fade out, change in the middle and rewrite histories to fit the times?
    I think it's every 6 months for Kristina. How can these actors work like this?
    Plus I think the commercial times are increasing.
    We all have different opinions but we all agree that we want GH to entertain us. Right now it's just frustrating.

  4. I understand Karen but I AM disappointed cause your tweets are the best thing about GH - I even changed a dermatology appointment from 1:00 to 10:40!! Your writing and humor will be missed....

    ---------I just can't believe Sasha's storyline is front and center and no Liz.---..a wonder if it's a contract thing?
    nd never see Austin-----------which again either RH doesn't care or they have promised him something....
    -------and Cody - BAM - he is everywhere and yet no Phyllis, Ned, Leo
    --------the point is that storylines drag on and then NO ONE cares what is happening.....
    ------after Trina is found not guilty I guess we will go to divorce papers and who her real daddy is...
    ------and Cam and Joss and now Dex------school started here this week so summer storylines are WAY too late!!
    -----it really bothered me the way Anna blackmailed Martin - WHY I do not know....
    -------I would throw a party if Sam Dante, Sasha, Willow, Michael, Brando, Cody, and Dex left today....
    Karen don't forget us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I truly believe that Trina will be found guilty. If she is innocent, then the SL ends abruptly. This way they can drag out the drama, have her in jail, and try to wake up Oz, find Esme, etc.

    2. She will be found guilty. That is how soaps go. She'll be guilty for awhile before they uncover something

    3. I think she will be found not guilty cause Portia is gonna get caught and she will have done all of this for nothing and be suspended------course they drag stuff out but I think they are about to move on to Esme gone/Spence and Rory/and baby daddy...

    4. My guess is that Portia will wake Oz who will tell her it was Esme just as the police enter the room. Trina will be exonerated and Portia will be arrested. And probably lose her career. But I'm probably wrong. We'll find out in a few weeks. Just kidding. Or not.

  5. You say what most of us feel. I find myself tuning it out to read Twitter because I just can't get invested in stories/characters that are barely on. And the overkill of the others, especially this new guy Cody is nauseating. I enjoy watching Spanish soaps with my mother in law I can't even speak Spanish well enough to understand all the dialogue. LOL

  6. One more thing. Friday's show included several flashbacks of scenes that just recently happened. Talk about fillers.

  7. Replies
    1. Yup, Cody is the new Peter August

    2. Cody needs to go.

      On what planet would Portia and Curtis wake Oz? Doesn't Portia think that Trina would be upset if she lost her medical license and went to jail?

  8. Well said Wubsie! GH needs to get back on track. Frank the puppet master must go. I've been saying it for years!

  9. I completely understand. When I can be on my ipad playing a game with GH in the background and not be interested you know it is bad. We need more cohesive storys. Where is the big umbrella story.


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