Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Boobular Horrification

20160122 0427(23)
WUBS reason for watching lately. 

I missed Thursday and Friday's show. I watched Thursday but Friday's isn't on the DVR as my cable went out. Internet and Phone too. UGH and I hate watching online.

So, part of me is like--hummmm.. do I want to watch ?? Not really. That says something right there. I'm just being honest.
YES I love 'the show' but right now? meh. 

Pull up a chair and have a Chai. I ate too much yesterday to have real breakfast! 

20160122 0453(8)

The biggest reason I don't want to watch the show? THIS. The most Never-ending suck the life out of GH to happen in our lifetimes. How long has this triangle gone on? Feels like 30 years. Not only that, now it's even more boring because Jason isn't "Jason"-- he's someone in the void that we don't even know yet. Wish they'd focus on that part. Reconnect him with the Q's. Has he even seen Monica since he knows he's Jason? Only one scene. It's just painful at this point. I so wish he had stayed dead!! Billy Miller could have come on as anyone else. 

20160119 0838(31)

My ONLY hope is that Jake goes totally psycho in a very creepy way. Now, interesting that Kevin brought up Liz' previous breakdown. Is she doing things in a fugue state? Hmmmmm. Probably too complex. I think it's Jake,  and Sam thinks it's Liz.  So, Sam will focus on her and Liz will be all pissy. Which makes this yet ANOTHER Sam/Liz war. SMDH.  Then they'll find out ala Franco's art sessions that Jake is troubled and doing stuff on purpose. 

 I hope they end this by Liz dangling both Cam and Jake off the parapet and letting go of Jake. (If you saw the Good Son, raise that hand)

20160122 0449(40)

Boring Front #2: Hayden/Nikolas.  I don't even care who "Rachel" is.  Nope. Whatever. The only part of this I like is Tracy and Curtis. Maybe I can get Tracy and Curtis scenes. Then, I'd be happy. Oh, Nikolas asked Hayden to marry him.  He's all of a sudden head over heels for her and she knows he had her shot. *sigh*

20160122 0419(14)

Week five of Kiki and Ava conversations in the Metro restaurant. WTF? And Carly begs Ava to let the have Avery for the weekend. She says Hell No. Until Kiki talks about Silas and how Ava kept him from her.  Now, Ava will think about it. Zzzzzzz

20160122 0431(5)

Why don't they play Sonny as a real mob-dad and want one of his kids in the mob? Did he really think no one would want to?  I think that the advice stuff is good but they need to change up the game.  The description of the medication effects was enlightening. "I'm getting through everyday and I'm not living"... Morgan is going to do Coffee Work. Legit moving of the coffee bags. 

20160119 0728(3)

Lulu and Dante. It's gone from Lulu being mad at Dante for having a raging affair to her crying and wanting him back. Because? Well, Val almost burned up. Johnny saved her ass by telling the cops he made her do it. BUT! Dante knows. Valerie knows too because she and Lulu were stuck in the car together overnight and she figured it out. 

20160123 0853(52)

 Laura also bitches at Lulu because she just left her with Rocco and ran out. Poor, poor Lulu.  First it was Dante mad at Lulu, then Lulu mad at Dante...then Lulu wanted back in but she saw Dante in the squad car with Valerie...Then Lulu got mad again. Now Dante is mad at Lulu.
See, what I mean!!!!?? GOOD GRAVY!! 

20160119 0726(39)

Let me catch you up on the Krissy saga. She is failing but then tried to get her grades up by sleeping with the professor. He turned her down and turned her in. She told Sam all this-- and is going to "wait out the semester". The teacher, Parker  texted her. Then, it was dropped for the rest of the week. SO? Um... if you want me to care FOLLOW UP  in a timely manner. Thanks.

20160121 0526(21)

NOW MY FAVORITE PART OF THE SHOW... and Yes, I do have a few. It's ANNA, ROBERT AND NOW Dr. Maddox being all WSBing!! Squee!! He's a Forensic Psychiatrist for the WSB, FBI, you name it. Such a great tie-in.  (if he would have been a Ward, I'd be over the Moon but can't have it all!) He did figure out where Carlos and Sabrina were in a nano-second but don't care. Great stuff. They could have a show that focuses on the hospital's mental patients and crimes with these three. Oh, and Curtis and Jordan. Yes, please. 

20160122 0450(6)

Speaking of! YES! More Curtis and Jordan scenes. He's TJ's uncle too. I can't wait to hear their backstory. You know the sexual-tension is all up in that!!! WOOT! 

20160121 0621(42)

Boob Gate. The first story the new Mayor gets is Olivia bringing Leo to her meeting  and trying to feed him in the restaurant. I personally liked the dialog and the change of pace. Showed off Shari, Nancy and Lisa.  Not sure it's a major plot-thing  

20160121 0621(38)

I liked how Alexis ran to Olivia's defense even tho they have that underlying tension of Julian going. They are family in a way. You stick up for each other.  Lomax dropped everything when faced with her poll consequences but Alexis wants to bring a civil suit. 

20160123 0928(9)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Wheelchair undercarriage with which Sonny tries to hoist himself up.  

20160123 0928(54)

Yeah, THIS happened. 

20160121 0944(22)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  OMG the PERFECT evil -seed face!! WHAT is he drawing? Franco told Kevin they remind him of his drawings as a kid. heh. 

20160121 0621(9)

RUNNER UP:  Horrification* by Boob.  Which is what I decided to name the blog this week! Snappy, yes? 

You note there is no scene of the week. Why? I honestly couldn't pick one out. I mean, I could have been lazy and chosen Anna/Robert but frankly nothing stood out for me this week. It was all pretty average. 

And..that's that! I hope you are not in Jonas Blizzard, but if you are, take it from someone that lives with 2 feet of snow from Jan-March....have some scotch and sit by the fire. Put maple syrup on snow. It's so good! 

* Horrification is not a word, I realize that--I made it up :) Oh, Boobular too.  Because well, WUBS! 


  1. The 1/19 episode of GH was watchable. The remainder of the week was watched with liberal use of the fast forward option. There is WAY too much air time given to mob related, and/or, Corinthos family b.s.

    As for "Jonas", like you, I live in endless snow as the norm. Hearing that deaths have occurred is shocking, and sad. Locally, 3' of snow can fall over night. I'm still expected to get to work.;)

  2. GM, Karen, thanks for the great SS!! I was visited by Jonas, and am now stuck inside, day 2. Hubby and one of our tenants are outside shoveling, I am inside doing laundry and reading your blog!

    For once, we got the big one, and upstate NY did not! I grew up in Buffalo, as you likely know by now, so I should be used to lots of snow, but I got my fill in Buffalo, and never welcome it!

    I saw TJ in the promos, so is he back, does anyone know? Contrary to apparent popular belief on this blog, I think Jake is a good actor, and is a PERFECT spooky kid, just look at his face in the picture you posted! I hope that he really is Jake, though, and not some Helena-bot.

    The Liz/Sam/Jason triangle, IMO, rivals the Fluke story for longest and most torturous storyline, please make it stop!! So many other stories and vets would make the fans happy, WHY MUST THEY TORTURE US?

  3. HE's "Back" for an appearance, not sure how long. This is GH afterall. I did update spoilers if you want to look.

  4. AntJoan
    NYC got more snow from Jonas than Buffalo has gotten all winter. By the way, Buffalo is not in upstate NY ; it's in western NY. After we lived through two consecutive winters from hell we deserved a respite. At least NYC actually has snow removal equipment unlike DC.

  5. The fan wars have sucked the life out of this Jason Reveal. I am literally to the point where I almost hate Sam/ Liz/ Jason. It is just so ugly.

    I am loving Curtis. And Andre such Chemistry with Anna and Robert.

    And Lante UGH. IMO now is the time to recast Lulu. ER's version is just so played out, so "off" from the version Julie played and that "Lulu" Dante fell in love with. Friday was awful - she was on the verge of hysterics and has made her a whiny shrew. They really need to find an actress that has real chemistry with Dom and can bring back the "earthiness" that was Lulu.

  6. I find if you only watch once a week you can keep up very well - which is saying a lot. They've ruined Lante with such a lame story line. No way the real Dante would have cheated on Lulu with Val - no way- and yes they have written LuLu into a corner. Hate the Nik is falling for Hayden- again not a believable storyline at all.
    Why can't they do something real with Laura?
    Never thought I'd say this but more Franco/Nina please!
    The Sam/Liz/Jason triangle needs to end. Although I did LOL at Robo Jake's drawing.
    Rebecca and Kelly both need to put on a few lbs. Dang they are thin.

    Hanging in there by a thread.

  7. Spent Fri-Sunday sick and half listened to GH before falling to sleep. Finally watched today and meh, didn't miss much. I did however notice 2 things,non GH related, has anyone ever noticed how much Emme looks like Calista Flockhart? Also how much Jake looks like Brian Gaskill? He played Rafe on PC. Anyways back to GH, I have to say I'm so sick of Carly hovering over Jason, like totally sick of it. The whole Nik/Hayden thing, booooring. Sick of a reboot of jasam being shoved down our throts. Pretty sick of 90% of the show. I did like the whole breastfeeding storyline.



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