Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sonny Riseth

OMG.. So I came home and watched... Sonny and Epiphany. AHAHHA> The Music? You have to play glorious organ music when he stands? The only thing that saved that scene was her hugging him.

Then..she asks how it happened.He says "I had a dream, I had to same someone...and I realized that's who I am...That's who I gots tah be... dats who da people want me to be"!! 
are WE the people? GIGGLE 

Oh my goodness..and get this: wow. WHY would you let Brandon Barash go??? WHY!! He's worth Dillon and Nathan hands down. He was awesome today. You had him come back and then paint him into the corner?  BB was magnificent today!! 

Yeah, don't forgive Julian Sonny because let's keep this mob shit going. Yeah, thanks. 

Lucas remembered his wedding was on hold. 

Ok! That's all I got! see ya! 


  1. Sonya asked about favorite storylines, I say that almost anything that features vets is a good storyline (NOT, however, the Fluke story, that certainly was an exception to my rule).

  2. BB was great today. I thought the scene with Lulu was really touching. I agree, Johnny is worth ten Dillons and Nathans. He is dynamic and has chemistry with just about everyone. To me Nathan is like a big block of wood who will probably stay on forever, and we lose Patrick and they write Johnny into a corner when they could leave the door open for him to return. I still don't know why he went from framing Valerie to kidnapping her, it makes no sense.

    Depending upon who is on that day, some days I'm really enjoying the show and other days are FF worthy. Even with some good scenes though there are still too many scenes with just two people talking. There has been some progress but there could be more.

  3. The line of the day goes to the newspaper!!!! War chest! Mayor sours over mother's milk! BAHAHAHAHA!

    The hospital:

    Sonny and Piffy: Awwww great scene with them!!! Great hug!!!! SONNY CAN STAND!!! So basically,

    Piffy: You stubborn son of a bitch!

    Sonny: I AM SPARTACUS!!!

    Lucas and Julian: They shake hands?!! Come on you two! You are father and son! No hug? Oh wedding talk! Wow Lucas brings up Brad's marriage. Huh?! The storyline wasn't dropped? I'm confuzzled. Oh NOW they hug! :) Oh oh Spartacus is watching them and basically stalking!

    Sonny and Julian: Awwwww. Julian wants the bromance back!!! Sonny refuses. :(

    Sonny: Church or no church, Married or not, I'm going to take you down for killing Duke.

    DOH! Sonny's new love Duke was gunned down!!! Now he wants revenge!

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Olivia and the reporter: Wow! A WOMAN reporter harasses Olivia for breastfeeding?!!?! And this woman has a 5 year old kid!!! WHAT THE HELL?!

    Olivia and Dante: While they are talking about Lulu and divorce, there is a fire in the fireplace!!!

    Fire: Hehehe. I'm behaving.. I promise.

    Dante and Bangs Mcgee: Hey!!! Val's bangs are not in her face anymore! YAY! Oh half of her bangs are in her face now. Rats *grabs a pair of scissors.*

    Bangs Mcgee: I can't believe in the middle of your crazy broken relationship. It's too toxic.

    Toxic?! Hmmmm.

    With a taste of your lips
    I’m on a ride
    You're toxic I'm slipping under
    With a taste of a poison paradise
    I’m addicted to you
    Don’t you know that you’re toxic
    And I love what you do
    Don’t you know that you’re toxic
    Don't you know that you're toxic

    But seriously, Bangs Mcgee is very smart! Yes stay away from Dante! Find yourself another man! Too bad Johnny had to have this storyline, otherwise he and Bangs McGee could be a couple!

    Police station:

    Johnny and Lulu: Johnny is still grinning hahaha. He starts barking at the cop! ROFL! Awwww he went from grinning to crying! :'( I want to just hug Johnny! :( This sucks! I hope he comes back!!!! I'm glad Lulu can finally realize that Olivia is right and that her and Dante had problems wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy before Bangs McGee entered the picture.

    Dillon and Lulu: So basically,

    Lulu: Oh Dillon! Boo hoo! Boo hoo!

    Dillon: Awww poor Lulu.

    Lulu: Boo hoo. Boo hoo!


    Maxie and Dillon: Love how they are talking about Nina's ideas!!! Especially the breastfeeding idea. :)

    Maxie and Nathan:

    Maxie: I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

    Nathan: Me too. I'd be lost without you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :( Oh this would have been a perfect opportunity to propose to her Nathan!!! Blown opportunity! Damn!

  4. "AntJoan said...Sonya asked about favorite storylines, I say that almost anything that features vets is a good storyline (NOT, however, the Fluke story, that certainly was an exception to my rule)."

    The Fluke storyline sucked lemons! Especially the old dead body!!! *throws hands in the air*

  5. Can ANYONE explain why Johnny went from framing Valerie to kidnapping her? Even if the kidnapping wasn't part of the original plan, WHAT was he trying to accomplish? Also, his meanness toward her, I thought, was not in character, I agree with others here, he was GREAT today, I hope he can stay on the show!

  6. GH Promo Week of 01.26.2016


    Oh no! Sam!!! JAKE WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!?!?! :0

  7. I agree that Brandon was great and I hope he returns. And speaking of good actors, where in the world is Rick H.? Didn't they learn their lesson by losing Jason T.? I don't mind the actor who plays Dillon since we don't see him that much. Loved seeing Epiphany with Sonny. Sonya, you outdid yourself today (or rather yesterday), LOL!

  8. The Sonny stuff was completely over the top. Can GH quit trying to make him the hero? It's sort of insulting everyone's intelligence at this point.

  9. "LindaV says Sonya, you outdid yourself today (or rather yesterday), LOL!"

    Hahaha thanks. :)

    "SaveOurSuds said...The Sonny stuff was completely over the top. Can GH quit trying to make him the hero? It's sort of insulting everyone's intelligence at this point."

    But but but he is SPARTACUS!!!!!

  10. I felt like smacking Sonny in his teeth out of that wheelchair when Julian was trying to make peace with him. They have both done really bad things since they are after all, criminals. But Julian is actually likeable.

  11. All I could think of during JZ and LuLu's conversations was how much I missed Julie as LuLu, those two had chemistry. Not this NewLu, Maxie is the only ones that has chemistry with her.

    I hope Brandon comes back, I love him.

  12. I'm definately not one of Sonny's WE the people. I am so tired of his sing song voice and rolling eyes. I'll trade Nathan, dilon, Kiki and Morgan for one Brandon and one Michael E gladly


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