Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Another Year Down

CATV 3 20151230 1320(49)
NEW YEARS!! You have NO IDEA who I am!!

Three day week! Here's hoping I can write this quickly and you can get back to the New Year's celebration (mine is lasting until Monday Morning when I have to get back to work!!) 

My British guests had a good time and it even snowed a bit when they left. Looks like our 60 degree weather in winder might be over? 

I'm too stuffed to eat anything so I'll just have Chai. 

OH BOY OH BOY..this week was a St. Jaysus love fest. Geesssh!! Everyone was telling him how great he was!!

CATV 3 20151228 1311(23)

He's Spin's personal hero...

CATV 3 20151229 1307(9)

And Robin's reason she's alive. There was some BS history reworking here with the whole "you left me for Sonny and the "life" when it really was due to Carly and Robin telling the truth about Michael to AJ. But..who's counting right? What's history matter on a soap? Drives me nuts. They DO have a damn Wiki on it-ALL of it. Read it sometime! 

CATV 3 20151228 1357(22)

Sam and Paddy said goodbye. Ironic that both their loves came back from the dead ala the Cassadines, but hey, just another day in Port Charles!! 

CATV 3 20151228 1347(26)

It was Michael's turn to have on the "Silas-Jason-Dante" FACE Monday. He didn't move much while Sabrina talked about Family and Love. Michael was busy filling out a grocery list in his head I think.

CATV 3 20151229 1310(17)

The Turnip Brains are back in each other's orbits making us all dumber by the hour. Spoilers suggest we only get more. Can't wait (eyeroll). 

CATV 3 20151229 1311(50)

Johnny and Lulu continue to hold up in the HS because he's "on the run"-- which is a riot. I mean, just give him immunity or something.  Or say they lost evidence. Everyone else in town has gotten out of their stuff. Johnny working in the shadows is so strange.  It also means he can interact with 3 people: Lulu, Val and that photographer guy. 

CATV 3 20151229 1318(16)

Hayden's blabber mouth got me so tuned out I'm not even sure what Nikolas told Dante. She was on my LAST NERVE. We are going to find out who she "really" is pretty soon. Tracy will tell her. Hmmmmm. Probably have to brush up on my "City" knowledge.  OR she's a Q. OR she's Greenlee from Pine Valley.

CATV 3 20151229 1345(5)

Sorry I go on and on about Curtis but I really like him. He's been stealing scenes left and right. Plus... come on. Hubba Hubba. His little antagonistic banter with Jordan is perfect too. More please. 

CATV 3 20151229 1353(6)

Um, Valerie and her BANGS broke up with Dante...kinda the same time he was telling her to get lost. So now, Dante will probably find out that she's being set up, it will lead to Lulu and Johnny and....
I so wish they'd gone the route of say, Rocco being deaf or having a life long PDD issue. Two working class parents trying to deal with that could have been very rich and raw. Not every couple has affairs. There's more drama than dropping your pants. (so says the WUB QUEEN! lol).

CATV 3 20151230 1303(1)

Friday was all Party Party!  Nina spots Hot Curtis a MILE away LOL. Todd comes up and uses Jedi-Mind control on him and puts the breaks on our photo shoot. Damn it.  Later Franco and he talk. Seems Curtis was on the Baltimore PD and knew all about Robert Franco. 

CATV 3 20151230 1318(33)

"Some of those ESPN announcers are SO CUTE".. dear lord. So funny with the PLAYOFFS mention 900x.

CATV 3 20151230 1340(49)

YEP...two people I could do without. Bye. Maybe they can go buy a condo in...Beecher's Corners or something. 

CATV 3 20151230 1342(26)

On the FLIP Side, I am so glad she's back!! I think maybe she slept with a professor? That's what my prediction is. PLEASE keep her around. 

CATV 3 20151230 1332(10)

For the JaSam Fans...

CATV 3 20151230 1333(32)

For the CarSon fans. 

CATV 3 20151230 1358(24)

For the Scrubs Fans.. 'Will you Marry Me"?? And next week should be good with these two. Even though we are sending them off-- at least it should be happy. 

CATV 3 20151230 1322(8)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Franco (Todd) giving Nina the necklace. Did you see RoHo's eyes in that scene? He is perfection. Not many actors can get to me like he can. When he plays "Love" it's like I'm 12 again LOL (and that's what soaps are for, people!!)
They are such a great couple!!! SO SOAPY!!!!!!!

CATV 3 20151230 1301(4)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Oh, wow, great Disguise, huh?? 

CATV 3 20151230 1358(7)

FACE OF THE WEEK: It Moved! Which was also the most schmaltzy thing of the week!! LOL Sonny could not be paralyzed for much 

SO...Happy New Year! GH still remains cast heavy and yes, they are all (for the most part) good. The stories have to start flowing together more though and someone has to pay attention to history.  I am really liking Curtis' character and he's got Jordan as a tie to town and he was a cop. You know he's all sexy-rogue now and off doing "justice" type stuff.  I also love Nico and think that will turn out well. Here's hoping Hayden branches out a bit and they keep Krissy on. I'd also like to see some people leave town and the Paul crap to be cleaned up. He would have been a great character addition but again, they painted him into a mob corner (not to mention shooter of Sonny).  Felicia should be around for the Scrubs wedding.  I'm tentatively hopeful here.  I said tentatively.  There's still way too much mobular bullshit that's not even remotely  exciting.  Get Laura a story.  Since Lucas is the only Doc around get Dr. O more involved with cases. Get Brad in there and finish that off.
So many ideas, so little time!! 

Ok, I'm done!  See ya during the week. It's going to be a long one. I haven't worked in awhile!! 


  1. Sure agree about Johnny. He should stay. He's hot with Lulu and has a bit of chemistry with Maxie. . But GH didn't need any new characters, as nice as Curtis is.

  2. Wonderful today... I agree with all of it.... Especially what you said about Roger Howarth. He has been a favorite of mine since way back in the Marty gang-rape story on OLTL... He is just such a great actor in my opinion, no matter what is thrown at him... Certainly would have liked to see him be someone else besides Franco though. That decision was sooo dumb. I realize they wanted him back in the fold after the lawsuit but why not make him a new charactor... I'd love to see him as a Q...

  3. Sigh.. I miss Julie or rather the "Lulu" she created. And I miss the hot, passionate, complex Lante she had created with Dominic. Three years later and I just can't with ER's Lulu - so shallow, so "one-note", so boring. Every story she is in seems to regress to her level of "mean girl".

    I am willing to give Val and Dillon a chance, as their stories have circled around the boringness of Lante..

    Franco and Nina - I wonder if they weren't played by Roger and Michelle if anyone would even care? .. Same with Hayden. I guess I'm burnt out on big names coming to the canvas playing characters I just "can't" with. I'll root for a green actor / actress.. But if RH was playing a Q.. I would be much more interested.

    I love Curtis.. I hope he is integrated into some meaty story soon. I'm over Jason/Liz/Sam.

  4. CapeMcMoose said...Franco and Nina - I wonder if they weren't played by Roger and Michelle if anyone would even care? I guess I'm burnt out on big names coming to the canvas

    Me too.And the fact that all the Franco fans keep referring to him as Todd just reaffirms my belief. I get that they wanted Todd Manning on GH but once he was renamed and still kept playing the same character, they lost me.

    I like Curtis too. He's a newbie who isn't messing with the history of the show.

    Thanks for my Sunday fix, kd.

  5. I literally hated everything about this week with the exception of Scrubs and Curtis. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to make the switch to Y&R

  6. This is so sad, worth a read....

  7. Just keep bad mouthing GH. I really believe you want TPTB to cancel it. No show is perfect and it is a soap. It is not real. There are some things that need to be reworked but damn, quit it. If you don't like what is going it, quit watching it.

  8. Gina-thank you for you post guiding us to Kimberly's blog. It is a mustt read, so sad. I had no idea, never read anything regarding her pregnancy. What a brave young woman..... Time will help.

  9. Thanks for that link, Gina. It was sad, and yet hopeful. She's an amazing young woman.

  10. I was going to link it in the blog and had a tough time deciding if I should...but I think she wants it out there to help others so I will.

    Maryt...hopefully, you read my blog enough to know I'm crazy in love with the show but I'm not going to sugar coat it if I think things suck at times. I won't quit watching. LOL NOPE

  11. "OH BOY OH BOY..this week was a St. Jaysus love fest. Geesssh!! Everyone was telling him how great he was!!He's Spin's personal hero..."

    ROFL! Awwww the things Spin said to Jason, doesn't bother me. He gets a pass. They were BFF's! And I love their scenes! :)

    "And Robin's reason she's alive."

    ROFL! Well, he was there for her when she needed a friend the most. :) He didn't save her life! :)

    "The Turnip Brains are back in each other's orbits making us all dumber by the hour. Spoilers suggest we only get more. Can't wait (eyeroll)."

    Oh no! No more!!!! UGH!

    "Um, Valerie and her BANGS broke up with Dante."

    ROFL! Those bangs! I tell ya! :)

  12. "Di said...the fact that all the Franco fans keep referring to him as Todd just reaffirms my belief"

    I don't call him Todd! I call him BobTodd!!!! ROFL!

  13. Hey Karen, that was great, posting your hope for the new year. Maybe you should put them in a separate post where everyone can comment and CONTRIBUTE their thoughts and predictions! ha ha ha.

    was listening to sports talk radio at work at 3am last night and there was a long, 15 minute rant over the fact that a soap opera was used as a shameless plug for college football. they really tore into GH for the NYE episode and how uncomfortable the actors were talking about sports and college football when it was so out of place. and how soap operas are not publicity machines for cross promotion. What next? Michael and Morgan smashing chairs over each other to promote WWE on espn? Will emma start taking gymnastics lessons because the gymnastic championships are on espn?

    It was a great rant, I am trying to find it online somewhere. they nailed it.


  14. "Um, Valerie and her BANGS broke up with Dante."

    Those bangs do enter a room 10 minutes before she does. I can almost like Val and I even think that a lot of what she said to Lulu about accepting her responsibility for the destruction of her marriage was valid, but then she gets so "ernest." She reminds me of the old SNL character "the Actor"

    Johnny is so wasted. He brightens up the screen whenever he's on and they've written him a shite story. Lulu's behavior is ridiculous.

    I love Curtis He can be worked into an existing story - Hey make him part of the mob, Sonny's new enforcer because St Jaysus don't want the job.
    Just keep him and Jordan together they are hot hot hot.

    BobTodd is also wasted. Recreating him as Franco just makes it impossible for other characters to interact with him unless of course they also are criminals or maybe have mental health issues. At least Nina is getting a breakout storyline

    Karen- thanks for posting your thoughts and predictions! Wonderful ideas

    Thanks for the wonderful blog, it's a joy and makes my viewing much more pleasurable.
    Happy New Year to all

  15. DAVID, I so hope you find it!! GH was no doubt forced into it. They also promoted "Monsters" the movie way back when. Every kid on the show had a Sully doll and they talked about the movie non-stop.

    While it's stupid and I hate it, if they get to stay on air? Hell, Morgan can wear a WWE shirt, I don't care!!

  16. lol Actually kd, WWE wrestler is about the only occupation I can actually picture Morgan in. PMSL

    They also need to get Johnny pardoned or have his evidence go missing so that he can come back and run that club. He's a delight on the screen.

  17. Great SS! Would love to see Johnny stay but this incarnation of Lulu doesn't have the magic he had with JMB. Why not get rid of the wooden Nathan and pair him up with Maxie? I still don't get the RH love. Maybe if he wasn't Franco... Curtis is a great addition. Don't care about the unlikable Morgan or the uninteresting Kiki. Valerie's bangs - haha!


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