Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Guess Who?

Anna and Jordan are snowing Paul by saying they are closing the investigation. Later, after he leaves, she tells Jordan that Paul is the mole. 

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Nina interrupts Maxie and Nathan. They gab about Crimson.

Stupid Val fills out an application at the Metro... Olivia is not happy with that. 

Dante and Michael are at the sweaty gym. Dante's being sad about Lulu makes Michael want to go see Sabrina.  Sabrina is talking to Carlos who says come with me-- or I will turn myself in an Anna will kill me. 
Paul meets Carlos on the docks gives him money. Sabrina hears it.
Carlos begs her to leave.  Jordan and Anna go and try to bring her in. 

Michael turns up at Sabby's..Felix tells him she's gone.  He goes to find her. He has a letter from her she says goodbye.

Sabby leaves with Carlos. With no luggage. 

Maxie is telling Nathan about Johnny. But Nathan tells her he was working on finding him. 


  1. you know Karen, one of these days I am going to sign onto your blog and you are going to say "run home and watch this show. It's a must see episode."

    one of these days...

  2. The Metrocourt restaurant: Come on Maxie! Nina has some great ideas!!!! It made me laugh that everyone at the restaurant was reading green Crimson! ROFL! HEY the numbers are great!!!!! Nina is so excited! So am I! YAY!

    Bangs McGee and Olivia: Wow Bangs! You think you are better than anybody else? I bet once you have a kid someday, that you will be a mother lion! Just like Olivia, and just like any other mother! I can't believe Bangs said she owned up to her mistakes. Really?! I don't think so! It took a few months for the truth of her having sex with Dante to come out!!!! She didn't volunteer the info!!!

    The gym: Oh Dante whining about his marriage again. This time Michael has to listen!

    Police station: I am glad Anna finally told Jordan the truth about Paul! :)

    Bangs Macgee and Dante: Awwww Dante. You disappointed that Bangs wants you to stay away from her?

    Dante and Nathan: Dante looks really sad over the end of his marriage and the end of his relationship with Bangs.

    The park:

    Lulu and masked man: Oh no! Someone grabbed Lulu! Lulu is being kidnapped!!!!!! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh it's just Johnny messing around. ROFL! Lulu wins the line of the day!

    Lulu: So you showed up with a ski mask to what? Surprise me?

    BAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA! Oh Johnny you are such a cornball. :) Can we keep him? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?!

    Bangs Macgee and Johnny:

    Bangs Macgee: Craig!

    Wow! Can't believe she noticed him, since her bangs are all over her face! Great scene with them! :)

    Sabrina and Felix's home: Caaaaaaaaaaarlos calls Sabrina! YAY! Love the scene on the phone with them! Come with me or I will turn myself in and Anna will kill me! Great line! :) Anna probably WILL try to kill him again! Oh hi Michael. Wait his conversation with his father didn't sway him to talk to Sabrina, but talking to Dante, gave him clarity? WHAT?! Love how Felix was BFF lion! :) Protecting his girl! :)

    The pier:

    Paul and Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos: Love the scene! Love also that Sabrina was eavesdropping! :)

    Sabrina and Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos: Great scene! Come on Sabrina! Go with him! If you don't, I will! :)That would be a perfect way for the actress to go on maternity leave! :)

    Sabrina: I'm going with you.

    YAY! :)

    The park part 2:

    Michael: Awwww poor Michael and the dear John letter. :(

  3. Dante has turned into such a bore and even more so with Michael. Not feeling the love between Michael and Sabrina, either. Maxie looked beautiful yesterday - dark roots and all. Did anyone notice Nathan has been gone for awhile or care. Just happy to see Anna!!



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