Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I will be watching this with my son, who is going to see ALL the Oscar nominated movies. I've seen Mad Max and this one :) I think I may go see Anomolisa on Saturday. I hear it's brilliant! I will have to watch GH at a later date! 



  1. Brooklyn was wonderful, as was the book.

  2. I have seen many of the Oscar-nominated films, but not this one, kind of ironic, as I live in Brooklyn : ) . . .

  3. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly, Ava, and Kiwi on the side: Great scene with all three of them! Kiwi wins the line of the day!

    Kiwi: Hy mom, why do you not blow the little bit of good will that we built up between us by being a bitch to Carly..

    BAHAHAHAHA! :) Go Kiwi! :)

    The hospital:

    Sonny and Carly: Huh?! Dr. Okay from the housewives reality show? Sonny hates him hahahaha. I want Mr. Kranky back damn it! :( Oh hello Morgan. Wow your bangs are flat! The person who does your hair, does that person do Val's hair too?

    Sonny and Morgan: Wow great scene!!!! :) A couple of great actors! :)

    Liz's home: Hmmmm. Is the boogie man not real? Is Liz doing all that crap? Is she lying again? OR is Jake the one doing all that?! I don't blame Sam for not trusting Liz. Oh come on Jason!!! Be by Liz's side! I bet Jake is the one doing all this!


    GreenHaydenRachel and Curtis: Hey Curtis! Where the hell have you been?! Oh she has been avoiding him! She is falling in wuv with Nik!!!!

    Curtis and Jordan: YAY! A scene with them!!!!

    Curtis: I have every right to see my nephew.

    Yes yes. He is your nephew. We know that!!!!! What we don't know, is Thomas Sr your brother?!!?! Or is Jordan your sister?!?!! COME ON!!!! SPILL ALREADY!

    Wyndemere: Spencer is having a sleep over! I miss him! Spencer knows his father is in wuv with GreenHaydenRachel! Oh oh she don't want to hear that he is in wuv with her! Is she going to spill her guts about what she knows!?!?!! Will she ask, did you shoot me? :)

  4. I think maybe Jake did it too, Sonya although that would make him quite the little actor.

    Sam really went after Liz, accusing her of deliberately hurting her children just to get the result she wanted. I kept thinking that I would love these scenes to cause Jason to have another flashback - one where he remembers Sam deliberately putting Liz's kids in danger to get Jason.

    I liked the scenes with Sonny and Morgan too.

  5. Di, the Sam whitewash has gotten way out of hand for all these years and that is the primary reason why I am not a huge Sam fan. Character growth is one thing, but to gloss over something that was a huge moment in the Sam/Jason/Liz triangle is ridiculous (watching Jake get kidnapped and hiring goons to terrorize Liz and her children). Carly has historically done this to characters like Robin and Liz - attempt to either point out their character flaws or call them sanctimonious all while ignoring her own HUGE flaws. Now it appears that it is Sam's turn to do the same. Do the writers really think we're stupid and have forgotten about Sam's devious ways??? Sure, I can accept character growth, but to make excuses for such behavior or simply gloss over it is ridiculous. Unless they're ignoring the vet viewers and hoping that the newer viewers (are there any?) wouldn't notice the difference? lol...

  6. "Di said...I think maybe Jake did it too, Sonya although that would make him quite the little actor."

    Hahahaha yeah. :)

    "I kept thinking that I would love these scenes to cause Jason to have another flashback - one where he remembers Sam deliberately putting Liz's kids in danger to get Jason"

    OH! I would LOVE for Jason to have that flashback!

  7. I absolutely and totally hate the character of Sam!!What a self righteous little doody head she is.
    Yesterday's show was so nice to watch, and today I fast forwarded thru, and watched the whole show in less than a half hour.
    Off topic, I will be interested in how you liked Brooklyn, Karen. My daughter really liked it.
    I don't think I have seen any of the nominated films this year. I did see Joy. I would like to see Room, and am waiting for a day when I am just to darned happy so I can go and see it.

  8. I had to ffwd. Sonny and Morgan regurgitating the same conversation they've had before. The only good part today was that gorgeous Curtis.

  9. who is jason with today, sam or liz? i keep getting confused.

  10. I believe that Dr. Collins has foreshadowed the storyline. It will appear that Jake has done this, but Liz will be found to be having that other breakdown that Dr. Collins was referencing.

  11. They have written Liz way out of character, so much that I can't stand her. Sam has and will always be a wild child. She wasn't raised like Liz to know right from wrong... I love both actresses, but Sam has my vote right now.


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