Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Never-Ending Story

Well, today I am out. I did try to add up all the stories going on with GH lately and it's massive. Much like the character list I did last year, it's just too much. No matter how you shuffle them or spin them, one gets lost in another. Let's see if we can list everything: 

Nik/Hayden...who is Hayden?
Hayden working with Tracy-ELQ takeover
Hayden's bullet...and Curtis
And the bullet and SHAWN who's still in jail?
Lante mess (which includes Dillon and Val)
Will Sonny walk?
Morgan's bipolar
Avery custody
Ava and Paul..
Ava and Kiki
Kiki and Morgan
Michael and Sabrina
Nina and Franco
Gun Running and Bad-DA Paul
Sabrina and Carlos on the run
Anna and Robert looking for above
Curtis/Jordan and TJ 
Krissy and Professor 
Julexis Wedding
Boobular Gate
On Going Leo stuff
New Mayor
New Psychiatrist --Jordan connection 
New Psychiatrist--Robert/Anna connection
Johnny Z and Lulu (on again today)
Franco's art therapy with Jake
Liason-JaSam stuff
Who's doing the stuff in Liz' house? 
Motherly Advice By Laura (which I put in here only to show sadness in this)

Dropped Stories:
Nina's backstory
Nate's father
Dr. O; anything

Of course, the majority of this being the St. Jaysus Saga .  Which like I've said, is sucking the life out of GH. Yes, a lot of those stories are fillers and secondary stuff but with all that going on, it's maddening! I suppose we can count the Rachel-Hayden thing as a 'mystery' that's forefront right now. 
I keep wondering what they are doing for sweeps and I guess it will be Who's Rachel and the Jake/House hates Sam story? 

Anyway-- I still miss Mac, and they brought him on for a few days and he's gone. Why wasn't he with Robert/Anna and Dr.Maddox? Why hasn't Jason had anymore scenes with Monica? WHY WHY WHY WHY so many things.  I did see an interview with Varni saying Brad and Lucas story will be going forward. Um, when? Why do you wait so long? So we lose interest?
Same thing with ELQ. It's laughable... they never ever show ELQ, why should I care at all what happens to it?? 

So, these 2 days shall help me with all this!! I will put a place-holder up again tomorrow. I am also taking a Twitter break. So if you follow me there, I'll be quiet for a bit! 

Have a great day. It's 40 something there--balmy! 

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  1. I don't mind having so much story going on because most of it is connected but it's not balanced. Like you stated the St. Jasus Saga is overwhelming everything. It would be nice if GH just took a couple weeks off from all things Jason and let the show have some breathing room.


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