Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Mayor recast, Sherry BELL A LOMAX is on. She's aged well, no botox crud. She and Paul talk while Robert and Anna talk at another table. 

JZ is brought in on his way to Niagara Falls... he gets Scotty as his public defender. Scott's not happy.  Johnny says he threatened Lulu to help him. Oh GOD WHY!!!!!? ugh! 

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Val pegs Lulu with "I know you were in on this"...They argue, end up slugging each other. Dante breaks it up. Tells Lulu not to talk. 

Ava and Olivia bond over a baby yoga class. Later, Olivia meets with the mayor for a business luncheon and Olivia tries to breastfeed Leo right there. LMAO They get in a huge argument. Security for the mayor comes. 

My cable went out at 2:45. UGH sorry

It's back! 

Robert tries to talk Anna into going after Paul with her womanly wiles.  AND DR Maddox is a mole guy/profiler that works for the WSB and FBI and stuff. That's why he was so interested a the police station. 


  1. Some of the things that weren't interesting before are starting to get interesting. Krissy's secret, Dr. Maddox working with the superspies, Olivia, etc. I need the Lante mess to end. I mean the actors have to know this story line isn't good. It can't just be the viewers.

  2. Olivia's baby has definitely aged quickly.

  3. Have not watched yet today, but wanted to say that I am very disappointed about how they have changed Olivia's personality, she is now clueless and obnoxious, she wasn't this way before.

  4. I agree AntJoan, BUT I think she has every right to breastfeed in public.

  5. I agree that women have the right to breastfeed in public, Michelle. I don't agree with them trying to do their job with a baby on their hip though, or call a business meeting and expect to take the baby in and then breastfeed him. I agree that the mayor went overboard with the "call the police" scenario, but she had the right to expect the person who called a meeting with her to give her her full attention and not be attending to a child. I would never have been allowed to do my job while carrying my baby around, and neither would most of you, I'm sure. The idea for the scene was good, but the way it was carried out belied the seriousness of the issue and turned it into a comedy. IMHO

    As soon as Robert started describing the man he wanted Anna to meet I thought of Dr. Maddox. He had already peaked my attention the way he was observing the scene at the police station. He was very intense and I was more focused on him at times than the group with Johnny. I think it could turn out to be interesting too.

    On a side note I gagged a little when Robert suggested Anna flirt with Paul.

  6. Aside--at my company, new mothers and fathers are allowed to bring their infant to work until age 5-6 months, when the baby starts to crawl. You're given a private office, so the baby can have quiet time or you can nurse in private, even if that means your manager has to give up their office with a door. You bring the baby to meetings and everything, although there's never a shortage of people willing to babysit for an hour or two! Here, it's been proven to increase employee loyalty and retention; also new parents take shorter maternity/paternity leave, meaning the company doesn't have to pay to train a temp replacement. Win win for everyone! (Yes, Canadian friends, you have it better with your 1-yr gov't leave!!)

    All that said, ITA in Olivia's position having a meeting with the Mayor and breastfeeding is a bit uncalled for!

  7. Michelle, when I spoke about Olivia's personality change, I wasn't even speaking about the breastfeeding, as I hadn't seen today's show yet.

    I still haven't finished, but want to make the following comments: I think I liked the other Mayor Lomax much better than this one; I LOVE Anna's suit (of course, she looks smashing in everything); Olivia's baby no longer is African-American; and YAY Scottie is on!! LOVE HIM!!

  8. Anyone else nootice lulu's face and hands all sooty but her hair is shiny and clean. DETAILS GH.
    Very happy to see Scotty

  9. Outside the cabin: GIRL FIGHT! YEAH! :) The best part of the scene,

    Dante: SHUT UP LULU!


    Police station: Johnny gets pulled into the police station, and Johnny was just smiling away! ROFL! Nobody told him to stop smiling!!! Hahahaha! SCOTTY! YAY! Great scene with Scotty and Johnny! So basically,

    Scotty: No no no!

    Johnny: I don't want him!

    Scotty: No way I am gong to be his lawyer!

    Johnny: No way in hell he is going to be my lawyer!

    Jordan: You have no choice!!!! You have to work together!!!!

    Scotty&Johnny: Fine!

    Scotty wins the line of the day!

    Scotty: Don't say nothing you criminal.


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Olivia and Ava: Baby yoga?! I never heard of that before. Hmmm is baby AJ and Uncle Leo gonna date someday? :)We can call them Leovery. :)

    Olivia and Mayor Lomax: OH! Breastfeeding storyline! LOVE IT! :)

    Uncle Leo: I'm hungry mommy! Give me that boob!

    Anna and Robert: When they were talking about a house, I thought she was looking for a house for Robert! No it's the scrubs new house! Awesome!!! Love the scene with Robert, Anna, and Paul! Hahahahaha. Robert you are something else. :)

    Paul's hotel room: Paul was SO not interested in Ava! And then she turned him on by that naked portrait! Hahahahahaha.

    Chandler Mansion: Anna and Robert back to Anna's house! And that IS the Chandler house from AMC!




    Anyway Paul has the hots for Anna? Well he isn't interested in Ava unless he is horny, so he could be interested in Anna. WOAH Robert's guy is Dr. Maddox?!!?!

    "Karen says AND DR Maddox is a mole guy/profiler that works for the WSB and FBI and stuff."

    HE IS!!?!?!?!!? :0 What an interesting twist!!!!! He is trustworthy afterall! I still don't want him with Jordan. Where the hell is Curtis?! These new writer are into twists!! Awesome. :)

    Sidenote: Yesterday in the cabin: I forgot to mention the words on the door at the cabin!!! It said rescue cabin! Do a lot of people get stuck at the cabin? ROFL!

  10. Actually enjoyed yesterdays episode. Surprised that Dr. Maddox is working with Robert, but I'm glad, we need more good guys less mobular. Loved the Lulu and Valerie scenes, Valerie is coming off very holier than thou. Bitch. She started it with Dante, as soon as she saw him she wanted him. However Lulu and Dante need to be shaken up but this storyline is a little stupid and makes Lulu look like shes in high school. It would have been so much better if they had wrecked her becoming a Police officer and not have it end this way. She now looks like she is perfect and is going to make a great Commissioner next year lol. And come on, Olivia? yes I agree that breast feeding is a natural thing, and yes its great if one can take their child to work, but she did look rediculous trying to sign a deal with the Mayor or anyone for that matter. That just seemed a bit silly. And Shari Balifonti looks great :) But we all know where this storyline will go and then Felicia will become Mayor as she was supposed to be.

  11. Don't think Avery and Leo will be dating....Ava's daughter and Julian's son are cousins.


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