Friday, January 8, 2016

Marry ME?

Who's Hayden? Welp, we aren't gonna find out now. She had a was in the papers...and it connects to Nikolas.  I think she's Rebecca Shaw..Emily's twin sister, remember her? She's known in town-- she scammed everyone too. It would totally fit. 
Rebecca Shaw Backstory: HERE 
I don't know if this is TRUE... I'm bored as hell and speculating. It seems to go along with what Tracy said.
Oh, and at the end, Hayden asked Nikolas to marry her. Not sure if it's due to ELQ stocks or her testifying about the balcony thing. Didn't pay attention. 

Laura...boring. Why she hasn't dragged Jake to therapy yet is beyond me. Jason comes to Liz', finds the door open and a picture smashed. 

Jason and Nik..double boring. Whatever. Jason won't give up his shares to have Nik drop the charges. Nik's gonna press charges. 

Lulu/Johnny... Dylan... blah blah..  OH! Maxie walks in and sees him now. 

Stupid Val might flunk out of The PoPo Academy. 


  1. Metrocourt restaurant/Tracy and GreenHayden: Yesterday when Tracy said I know who you really are, I'm thinking hmmmmm she is a Q? :) Love these scenes yesterday and today! I am curious of who GreenHayden really is! :) Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: Thank you no I am not crazy.


    Liz's home: Oh whew the noise was nothing more than Laura and Jake! I can relax now. :) When Liz and Laura were talking, and Jake was listening in, and Liz said something to him, the little actor looked like he was trying not to laugh. :) Oh oh! Something is wrong!!! Where is Jake?!!?! And why was the picture photo on the ground and broken!?!?!


    Dante and Dillon: Um what the hell Dante?!!?!!!?! DAMN!

    Dillon and Maxie: Wow Maxie you are very wise! :) Oops Dillon sneaks out hahaha!

    Police station: Oh oh Bangs McGee is whining again. Although she is being smart in wanting to stay away from Dante.

    Haunted Star: Johnny looks like a beatnik! :) A sexy beatnik! :) Great scene with him and Lulu! No Dillon! Johnny is not here! No way! Oh oh busted by Maxie!!! YAY! Finally a scene with the married couple! Now all we need is their daughter in a scene with them!

  2. Oops forgot the Jason and Nik scene!

    Jason and Nik: Tyler Christopher sounds awful! The poor guy! And his nose is running!!! Someone give him a tissue! Billy Miller was getting so close to him! If he is not careful, he could get a cold too!!! Oh Jason brought up Emily!!

  3. Yah, I see everyone enjoyed the show as much as I did.

    NO comments LOl

  4. "kdmask said...Yah, I see everyone enjoyed the show as much as I did.NO comments LOl"

    ROFL! Johnny looked SEXY! :)

  5. I don't think Rebecca Shaw will be better story played by Greenlee...blah
    I agree Sonya, Johnny did look Sexy :)

  6. "nance24 said... I don't think Rebecca Shaw will be better story played by Greenlee...blah"

    Yeah probably not, but I just hope she isn't Emily! UGH!

    "I agree Sonya, Johnny did look Sexy :)"



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