Friday, January 22, 2016

Must I apologize >>???

Ok, so here's the deal: My internet/cable/phone were all down from 1:45 to about 3:30 today so I didn't watch GH. 

Now I COULD watch right now on my DVR but frankly? 

I don't want to. Why? Hmmmmmmm, not sure but I didn't see the show yesterday and I"m in no rush to catch up. 

I'm hoping this is a phase. 

PS:  Brooklyn was a good movie, pretty true to the book. It was very "British" in that it totally could be a BBC mini-series. I LOVED the guy that played Tony, the male lead. He's adorable. Not sure if I would go to the theater to see it, you can wait for DVD/streaming if you're not hugely in a hurry. 
I still liked Mad Max better ... :) 


  1. Hahaha Karen. :) No apology needed, and by the way, cute dog picture. :)

    The gym: Michael and Dante at the gym! HOT! :) Oh hi Sonny! :) With all of Sonny's experiences he CAN give out great advice! Love it! OH! SONNY IS GETTING OUT OF THE WHEELCHAIR! He is standing tall!!!!!! Damn too bad nobody is seeing this!!!!

    Standing tall, on the wings of my dream.
    Rise and fall, on the wings of my dream.

    The rain and thunder
    The wind and haze
    I'm bound for better days.
    It's my life and my dream,
    Nothing's going to stop me now.


    Maxie's home:

    Lulu and Laura:

    Laura: Lulu! Where have you been? You just left Rocco with me and never came back!

    Lulu: Boo hoo Boo boo. I did something bad.

    The look on Laura's face and she is hiding her face! ROFL! Poor Laura! Both of her kids are crazy!!!! Lulu and Nik!

    Lulu and Dante: Blah blah blah Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Well their marriage is over.

    Liz's home: I believe you Liz. I think Jake is doing all this!

    Liz and Laura:

    Liz: Sam Sam Sam. How could Sam think I would do this to my kids?!!? Sam Sam Sam.

    Laura: I'm so sorry Liz.

    *Jake in the background listening in and sketching while having a menacing look*

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Sam: It's Jason's birthday!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Let's celebrate his birthday! Let's get a cake and have a party!

    That chef with the huge hat! ROFL! That hat should win prop of the week! :) His birthday, it's the day he woke up years ago when he became Jason Morgan. I thought at first Carly wanted to celebrate the 3rd time he woke up and have a birthday but nope.

    Carly, Sam, and Jason:


    The look on Jason's face and the way he was pointing at her! ROFL!

    Jason: Uh? What? It is? I don't remember that. I don't want to celebrate my birthday.

    Carly: Yes you do! It will be great! We can celebrate your life!

    Jason: CARLY! NO!

    Carly: Okay fine. And stop saying you have changed! You have not!!!!

    Sam and Jason:

    Sam: Here cake for you.

    *rain starts*

    Huh? Rain? In the middle of winter in Port Chuckles?!!?!

    Jason: I remember!!! I remember the rain, and we were dancing, and the kissing. And the feelings involved.

    Sam: Sniff sniff. That is real!


    Wyndemere: Nik still has the maxie pad on his neck but it's smaller. GreenHaydRachel is afraid of love! Which I don't really blame her. It IS scary.

    Nik: Move in and stay forever.

    BAH! *Trying to resist falling in love with this couple* Stop it writers! Just stop it! I demand that you stop trying to get me to fall in love with them as a couple and I want her to confront Nik about shooting her!

    *Nik goes down on one knee and proposes*


  2. You didn't miss anything, show is moving at a snail's pace, especially anything to do with Jake-Liz-Jason-Sam-Danny ... Yyaawwnn ...
    It is getting harder and harder to watch the "Liz-shaming" scenes, especially at Sam's instigation. Liz made mistakes, big time, but so have many others. Sam has never been a saint ... Think back.
    For me the most boring part of GH was the month-long honeymoon Jasam took, that ended with that ridiculous Franco interruption. So I wish they'd get on with it already. Little Jake needs his own flashback to Cassadine Island.

    You missed Carly's ongoing reminders that Jason is her best friend.

    For me, best part the show was Ncholas and Hayden, followed by Laura and Lulu.

    Another high point this week as Scott Baldwin as the public defender for Johnny Z. :-))

    Sonya provided an excellent recap. If any of you are wondering, yes n the last scene on Friday afternoon, Jason had a memory ... There was no flashback.

    Be well and warm!

  3. That picture is sooooo cute. As you can see by my avatar, I have my own little westie.

    Back to the show...I couldn't believe Dante was telling Sonny, of all people, that what Lulu did was unforgivable. This to the man who shot him in the chest and who Dante perjured himself protecting and later forgave.

    I wish someone would remind Carly how Jason reacted to the Quartermaines when they pushed him too hard the first time he lost his memory. Someone needs to shut Carly up and get her to back off. Again I feel that nuJason doesn't even like Carly, at least the way Billy Miller's playing it.

    I'm kind of scratching my head about Hayden and Nikolas. Didn't he tell Spencer early in the episode that he didn't love her yet? But by the end of the show he loves her and he is proposing. Does she really love him too, I was hoping she was playing him for trying to have her killed and that they weren't going to that soap cliche of having her fall for him for real. Maybe when Tracy comes back we'll find out more.

  4. "Maria said...You missed Carly's ongoing reminders that Jason is her best friend."

    The never ending I love you Jason, you are saint Jason, you are my best friend mantra. :)

  5. HELP with a WTF writer moment that is eating away at me----
    Shawn Butler. Sitting in prison for shooting Hayden in the head. His FRIEND Curtis finds the proof that he is innocent. The story is now all about Hayden and Curtis and what she will do to Nikolas. What about Shawn??? Are we supposed to forget this piece? Seems like the writers did.

    As for writers... like me, it feels like they keep pressing fast forward on their own ideas. Storyline on Valerie being pregnant... nah it was candy.(I was good with that one). TJ gets racially profiled storyline....nah quick Sonny pay off. Michael HATES his parents....nah he never left. Johnny spends months creating a pretty believable storyline where Valerie would have to fight to prove she was not on the take etc... nah, we'll just skip that and have a stupid fire scene. Nicholas vs Jason... nope. The ridiculous Jerry Jax scenes?!?, Robin and Patrick quitting, marrying, moving in 1 day....
    YET they give us slow motion on Jason/Sam/Carly/Sonny... that's when I fast Forward.

    Thanks for listening. I read this daily. Post close to never. Appreciate always. Thank you!

  6. Patrix, I've had that WTF moment several times. What kind of a friend is that. Get Shawn out of jail!!!

    And WHY couldn't Jason remember some of the crap Sam pulled with Liz and her kids. I gagged at the dancing in the rain memory.

    Great recap, Sonya.

  7. "Di said...And WHY couldn't Jason remember some of the crap Sam pulled with Liz and her kids. I gagged at the dancing in the rain memory."

    I am glad they didn't show the flashback!

    "Great recap, Sonya."

    You're welcome. :)

  8. Why have characters commit crimes if they are going get away with them. Didn't Liz just keep Jason away from his kid. Didn't Liz just lie to Jason for months on end too. I think Liz and Sam are even.

  9. Cute doggie!! Patrix, I agree with your comments and the others. I am not feeling the Nik-Hayden love at all. Can't believe those dummies can't see that Jake is the perpetrator. Carly is so annoying. I hope Curtis tries to get Shawn out of jail. Looks like we may have a Luke visit next week!

  10. I just can't with the Jasam stuff. It's so boring. There is no emotion from Billy Miller.

  11. I just can't with the Jasam stuff. It's so boring. There is no emotion from Billy Miller.


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