Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Baby

Yesterday's show: Hook Up with Darby in the sweaty coffee house.. and Morgan says NOPE.

Sonny's such a bitch. 

I saw the promos coming up.Sam FALLS again. LMAO 


Sonny tries to stand in front of Carly. Wonder if he'll walk in time to shoot Julian on his wedding day? UGH. He doesn't want Carly to know he can walk so he tells her it's his arms doing the work, not him. 
He tells Max he's gonna 'TAKE BACK DIS CITY"!! And no one will know.. 

Morgan wants Kiki back. Kiki's, nope. BUT! She will go out on a date with him. 

Sabby's in labor. Carlos wants a girl. She has the baby... Carlos looks at her... 

Robert and Anna skulking around. They figure out where Carlos and Sabrina are by ISP address. Then, they get arrested.

Jasontells Liz he remembers a SAM memory LOL..he wants to get hynotized. Later, Jason sees the pictures Jake drew. 

Franco talking to Sam was the best part today.  


  1. Sonny's warehouse:


    Carly: Sonny you can stand?

    And then Sonny's fake rant! ROFL! I forgot to mention that Morgan won the line of the day yesterday.

    Morgan: The aroma of coffee beans took us over and we just had sex on the floor.


    Liz's home: Where oh where is the babysitter for Jakey?! Oh he is drawing. Oh look! That's a drawing of Sam!!! :) Well there is no knife in her back and no blood anywhere so nothing to worry about. :) Or is there?

    The hospital: Oh great scene between Sam and BobTodd!! Awww Sam! You haven't forgiven him yet?! Too bad. BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    Sam and BobTodd:

    BobTodd: You know, I never hear from you anymore. You don't call you don't write.


    Metrocourt restaurant: Oh man! Dumb and dumber scene! Through the whole damn hour it's basically,

    Morgan: Take me back.

    Kiwi: No!

    Morgan: Take me back.

    Kiwi: No!

    Morgan: Take me back.

    Kiwi: No!

    Morgan: Take me back.

    Kiwi: No!

    Morgan: Take me back.

    Kiwi: Well, I am not ready to get back together, but I will go on ONE date with you. After that, I don't know.

    *rolls eyes*

    Halifax Nova Scotia:

    Clinic: Anna and Robert are close to finding Carrrrbrina! :) Anna's boyfriend Paul calls her... They are being all lovey dovey on the phone. ROFL!

    Cabin: Sabrina's thought bubble: Since I am in labor I will put my hair up, for no really good reason.

    Great scene between Carrrrbrina!!! He is so there for her! Awwww! :)

    Sabrina: It helps having you here. I may not approve of alot that you have done but you know, I never doubted your love for me. With our child is about to be born, I realized more than ever love is really all that matters.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) And then when they talked about what would be like to have a son or a daughter, I really enjoyed that, although I did start to worry that all that talk was because the writers are going to kill the baby off. Oh the baby is coming!!!!!

    Sabrina: Is it a boy or a girl?

    Come on Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! What is with that face!?!!?! Why are you not talking?!!?! What's wrong with the baby?!!?! WHAT'S WRONG?!!?!?!! The next time they show the cabin, Anna and Robert barge it, but no Caaaaaaaaaaarbina and no baby!!!! WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE BABY?!!?!?!! OH NO! :'(

  2. Sonya, I wanted to say yesterday that I thought the line of the day was Ava talking about sacrificing the chicken--c'mon, that was really funny!

  3. "AntJoan said...Sonya, I wanted to say yesterday that I thought the line of the day was Ava talking about sacrificing the chicken--c'mon, that was really funny!"

    Hahahaha yeah that was funny. She didn't take him seriously! What else was funny, was Julian thinking Sonny put a curse on him! ROFL!

  4. After 26 years, GH has become unwatchable. Through all the ups and down, for me, I just can't anymore.

  5. You ever thought about NOT watching GH. You are such a Debbie Downer. Complain. Complain. Complain. Quit watching. But if you do, then I guess you will have nothing to b**check about then.

  6. maryt

    Are you new here? Do you know you don't have to read my blog? Do you know there are a lot of things I LIKE about the show? Do you know I've watched for over 40 years and will keep watching through good and bad?

    See ya.

  7. Some people are so rude, why go onto a blog and then bitch because its A BLOG, where if one wants to like parts of the show they can and if they don't they can too. OMG, I too have watched GH for OVER 40 years lol and yes sometimes I would like to just throw something at the tv and other times I absolutely LOVE the show. Whatever.. that person maybe needs to find somewhere else to go Keep blogging KD, you are the best.

  8. Really liked yesterday's episode. I'm enjoying the crazy Jake stuff. KeMo and RoHo looked like they were have so much fun with their scenes. They almost looked adlibbed. It's great seeing Robert and Anna together. Also liked the Carrrlos and Sabrina scenes. Well done and very sad.

  9. I reallllllllllllly want Sonny to go away for awhile. Maybe some specialist in Switzerland or something. Is Sabrinna supposed to lose another baby???

    1. Yes Sonny needs rehab at bus island and a trip to the spa for a shave! Not liking not seeing my dimples !!

  10. Sabrina should have taken time to put up Carlos' hair instead of hers-he didn't say boy or girl because he couldn't SEE THE BABY through the hair in his face!��


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