Monday, January 18, 2016

Fire Fire Pants on Fire!

Alexis, Sonny and Krissy out to lunch. They are telling her how wonderful she is with school and she's cringing.  She tells Sam that she's suspended from school. She tried to get a good grade by Zexting up her professor! Ka-CHING!!  He didn't take her up on it, tho, he turned her in! :) 
When she goes to leave. "Parker" (the professor) texts her to call him asap. 

Sonny's not happy that Alexis is marrying "that rat-bastard" Julian. They think something is up with Kristina. 


Liz tries to get Sam to believe that she and Jake are sleeping together-- and then Jake walks up behind Sam. HAHAAA. whoops.  LATER, Jake tells Liz and Jason that SAM broke that picture or wishes she did. . And he was talking like he was medicated. geesh.

Lulu saves Val. She gives her CPR IN THE burning cabin...she doesn't drag her out. Valerie wakes up and they run.  Lulu left her keys and phone in the burning cabin in her coat. DOH!

Bobbie is at the PCPD defending Valerie about the Johnny Z photos. 


  1. Oh, Karen, thanks, I am still working, and didn't know if GH was on today due to the holiday (which I don't get, obviously). I am so glad to hear it is on today, something to look forward to!

  2. I couldn't believe that Lulu didn't just drag Valerie out, chair and all. Come on! It was nice to see Bobbie - she looks really good. Wish she were on more often.

  3. The cabin: Bangs McGee didn't see the candle on the table!!!! Oh no! FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!


    This whole scene was comedy central!!! It reminded me of the movie airplane with all the yelling and screaming!!!! BAHAHAHAHA!


    Then she slaps her over and over again! ROFL! Yes Lulu slap the smoke out from her lungs! That will help!!!! And CPR in the middle of the fire?!!?! ROFL! Just drag her out of the cabin!!!! Oops she forgot her keys, her phone and her coat! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All is going to be burned in the fire! Come on Lulu you are a Spencer you can hotwire the car! It doesn't matter if your car is a new model!!! Come on now!!! Awww snuggling in the back seat of the car! Time to kiss? :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sonny, Alexis, and Kristina: YAY! A scene with them! Love it!!! :) Hmmm Alexis tells Sonny he should go to college? Hey! Great idea!!!! :) I so want to see that! They are talking about Johnny! Sonny wins the line of the day!

    Sonny: Well it seemed rude to me though.


    Sam and Kristina: Huh?! Kristina didn't have sex with her professor but she just offered sex but got suspended? Zzzzzzzzzzz. Boring! I hope she is lying and there is more to the story!!

    Kristina's text message:

    Parker: Please call. ASAP

    Oh yeah! She is SO lying! She slept with her professor!!!! :) What is Parker's full name? Parker Lewis? Parker Lewis can't lose? ROFL!

    Metrocourt hotel room: Oh boy! Jake is a menace!!! Tomorrow he is going to therapy? It can't come soon enough!!! So Cam and Aidan are with Gram!?!?! She is back from vacation?!!

    Jake: Sam isn't who you think she is!! She broke the picture! Oh wait well maybe she didn't. But I bet she did!!! I have a tummy ache.

    OH WOW!

    Police station: So basically,

    Jordan and Dante: Val knew Johnny?!!? She is guilty! No wait she isn't! Yes she is!! Wait something is going on here! She is being set up? No she is guilty!

    Bobbie: She is innocent!!!

    Glad to see Bobbie. :)

  4. OMG

    Val is in a cabin, tied to a chair and a fire starts...

    Will she make it out alive?


  5. on a side note, Jackie does look really good. I also noticed that in a recent episode that Leslie looked good too. I don't know anything about plastic surgery, but it seems like both have had their surgeries look more natural over time.

  6. "david said...OMG Val is in a cabin, tied to a chair and a fire starts...Will she make it out alive? I am ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT!"

    ROFL! It was basically this scene!


  7. I am already more interested in Parker, Kristina's deviant professor, than I am in 50% of the existing GH characters.

    I second everyone who thought JZ looked lovely. She has that 80s-style soap overacting, which I actually like on a soap. Be dramatic lady! Own it.

  8. Lulu was such a dummy to leave her stuff in the cabin, but even worse she doesn't just drag Val out first. I mean I'm no Val fan but still...Sonny going to college,hehe....imagine that, a mob boss aka "coffee importer" in college. Hmmmm....

  9. Yes, Lulu doing CPR in the burning cabin will beyond stupid but why was she doing CPR to start with? She felt for a pulse and then said "oh she's alive", one would assume because she had a pulse. If someone has a pulse you do NOT do CPR. Mouth to mouth resuscitation perhaps if they are not breathing but you do not do CPR on someone with a pulse!! And this is suppose to be a hospital based show? They need to get a writer with medical background or at least a medical advisor.

    Watching yesterday's show I realized something about Sonny. I usually despise him but I now think that is just when he is with Carly, Jason, etc in mob storylines. When he is with Alexis, Kristina, etc. being friend/dad he is actually an enjoyable character. Having him enroll in PCU could have been a genius move. Show him in school with his grown children. Perhaps give him a learning disability. Nope, instead he will be back ordering hits and breaking barware in no time.

  10. I agree that Jackie Z looked great yesterday - better than she has in 10 years. Always glad to see her. Liz is such a bitch pretending Jason was staying with them in the suite. Robert & Anna today!!

  11. Saw the Jasam promo. Please let this be a sign that they're moving on with this fan war story line. UGH! Get Lizzy away from the ish too.

    I wonder if Krissy's professor is a chick.


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