Friday, June 3, 2022

NOT a Friday show for sure


Nina's going to the PC airport==international flights. Then she realizes she doesn't have her necklace on and has to go to the......

CEMETERY: Sonny finds Nina's necklace at Nelle's grave. He's concerned. They run into each other when she comes back for her necklace. Sonny won't give it to her because he doesn't want her to leave. She cries hard..WILEYYYYYYY. He gives her the necklace but asks her how Wiley will feel if she gives up on him. 

Dante and Cody talking about old times. Summer camp. They were troublemakers. Cody fins out Dante found his dad..he's happy for him. He is surprised he's mobster Corinthos. They talk some more. Sam invites him to dinner tomorrow night. Then he says he's got another gig in the Finger Lakes and then Sam's like I THINK I KNOW A JOB FOR YOU! Dante doesn't look pleased. She says the Qs have a bunch of horses and need a manager. Dante's like: nah, Cody doesn't want that. 

Joss and Cam at the pool. Cam picked up another shift because Mom is in Shadybrook. Adam (that's MB's kid that was nasty to Joss) walks in and has to talk to her. He apologizes for being a jerk before. He read her article in the Invader and realize how wrong it was. He leaves. Joss is happy their article changed some minds. 

Esme and Spencer. He tries to win her back. Fake apology. She says his dad convinced her to stay... (weird) Porn flashbacks...she accepts his apology and they re back together. 

Ava tells Nikolas she never should have drawn a line in the sand. She basically says that she wants him back badly. UGH. This is dumb. She should have KNOWN he and Es had zex...just the coat alone would have tipped her off. She says she'll give Spencer the money and let him live here. 

Then Nik/Ava and Es/Spencer are in the same room. Ava's happy they are broken up but Esme says: Oh not so fast! We are still together! 

Taggert sees Trina talking to Rory on the front porch. Then Rory goes in and Taggert is mean to him. Says he's breaking the rules by seeing Trina. Rory says he's not. Taggert isn't happy. 


Nina decides to stay 


  1. The GH two step... 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

    There's obviously something Dante isn't saying about this guy. He's not reeking of trust.

  2. Ava would have smelled sex on Nik. Are they dumbing her down to be like Nik?
    All Sonny does lately is whine about Nina and fight with Michael.
    Mediocre at best. All of it.
    kd and sonya always make it sound so much better!

    1. "Zazu says, Ava would have smelled sex on Nik. Are they dumbing her down"

      Yeah seems like they are dumbing her down! UGH!

      "kd and sonya always make it sound so much better!"

      Thank you. :) And yes kd does! :)

    2. Nicholas is the STUPIDEST character and I am mad that they are making Ava stupid...she woulda known that Nik and Esme had sex ---- gosh, if VIOLET woulda known----------my only prayer is that Ava DOES know and the writers are toying with us......
      officially fast-forwarding through ALL Nina scenes....whiny and whispering voice.
      -----we ever gonna find out HOW Phyllis knows Stella? (just sidebar)

    3. I was thinking the same thing, zazu but I didn't want to say it. lol They would have both reeked of it.

    4. Nic would have smelled of Esme's perfume. I'm sure she wears some

    5. "lindie says, Nic would have smelled of Esme's perfume. I'm sure she wears some"

      Oh yes! That too!!!!

    6. Yes and Ava would definitely have smelled that too.

    7. "lindie says, Nic would have smelled of Esme's perfume. I'm sure she wears some"

      Esme probably is the type that drenches herself in perfume so that everyone in the immediate area knows she is around.

    8. "Gary says Esme probably is the type that drenches herself in perfume so that everyone in the immediate area knows she is around."

      Hahahaha. I bet she does. It sounds just like her! :)

  3. Metrocourt pool:

    Jam: Oooo! Cam works there now?!!? YAY! I rather him work there than at Kelly's! He should work at the Metrocourt restaurant when summer is over!

    Joss and Adam: Ooooo Adam! :) Awww he apologizes! Very good young man! :) Adam wins the line of the day.

    Adam: Should we hug it out?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah no she don't want to! ROFL!

    Jam and Adam: I don't think Cam likes Adam! ROFL!

    Nina's in a car: Where are you going Nina? Are you going to Nixon Falls? I hope! I miss that ol place. :)

    Nelle's grave site:

    Sonny on the phone with Phyllis: Awwww Sonny is so worried about Nina! So sweet!

    Sonny on the phone with Brick: OH! Nina is going to Milan! You can go with her Sonny! :)

    Sona: Sonny is right Nina!!! Don't give up on Wiley!!! I mean once you find out that Willow is your daughter, then Willow is going to want you to be with Wiley! :) Especially if Willow is sick and needs your bone marrow or something and then finds out your her mommy! :)


    Nava: That's funny that they were gonna kiss but Nik recoils hahahahahahaha! What's the matta Nik? You don't want Ava to smell the sex on you? I can't believe she doesn't smell it already! Nik can't stop thinking about the porn sex! ROFL!

    Vampira and Spencer: Vampira can't stop thinking about the porn sex ROFL! Oh they are back together? Fake back together.

    Nava, Vampira and Spencer: Oh come on! Too much talking and not enough tea spillage! When will the truth come out?! When are the next sweeps? November? UGH!

    Vampira and Nik:

    Vampira: I thought they would never leave.

    OH! :)

    Nik's face: :0

    Nik: What happened between us can never happen again.

    Vampira's thoughts: That's what you think luva.

    I can't wait until she tells her daddy! Then her daddy will say the secret has to come out. :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Sante and Cody: Ohhh so Dante and Cody were both troublemakers when they were youngins eh? Interesting interesting. :) Hmmm does Lulu know Cody or ever heard of him? Sam hardly knows him, but yet offers him a job! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Purtis's home:

    Rory and Trina: Awwwwwwwwwwww! Cabrina are so adorable!!!!

    Rory, Trina, Portia, and Taggart: Taggart being a papa bear today hahahaha. Love it! :) Rory held his own very well. :)

    Trina and Portia: Portia grabs her phone. Who are you going to text Trina? Joss? :) Trina and Portia are squeeing! Hahahahahahaha! I love it! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to December 14th, 2009* Nik tells Liz he wuvs her! She is still cheating on Lucky!

  4. I think Cody is bad news and Dante was too and Dante covered for him once upon a time about something--------cause Dante ain't happy he's here.....
    hope OLIVIA knows something

  5. Marcus Colona on Twitter has asked everyone how they feel about Esme and Nik - so go answer! LOL!

    1. I did my bit but it's Marcus Coloma on Twitter... or you won't get the right site.

    2. Oh that's funny that he wants to know hahahahaha!

    3. He said he got the script when he arrived which I think is usually what happens. I hope everyone blasts the scene so that it goes no further. There's lots of feedback there and fans weren't impressed.

    4. Taking the whole yuck factor out of it - and there is a ton of yuck - having sex with your son's lover (or ex-lover) is a very Cassadine thing to do.


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