Friday, June 24, 2022

Daytime Emmy Congratulations

                                        THIS IS THE GENERAL HOSPITAL WINS 

                            Kelly Thiebaud wins best supporting actress for GH! 

                          Jeff Kober wins for Supporting Performance (Special Guest) 


                                  Nick Chavez won for best younger actor!! I'm so happy!!! 

                    and............. GENERAL HOSPITAL WON BEST DAYTIME SHOW!! 


  1. What a great night! I was in shock watching it at first, because I haven't watched the daytime Emmy's in years! Always love the memorandum. Was surprised that it was shown early and not at the end. Great seeing Susan Lucci!!! My heart broke for her because of her husband's death. :( CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GH WINS, AND FOR ALL THE WINNERS! :) It was strange though that they didn't show all the video perfomances. Beyond Salem looks fantastic!

  2. I like Susan Lucci. She must be lost without her husband. They were married like 50 years. IDK. Very long time.

  3. I just read on a Youtube comment that they think Victor is blackmailing Valentin with Charlotte in some way to get Valentin to do his bidding. I'm not sure that is it, but who knows with Victor. I still think Valentin is trying to protect Anna and Charlotte and trying to "work" Victor from the inside.

    1. Frankly I think we will find out that Victor is NOT Valentin's father.

  4. Great wins for GH! I still think it's odd that GH only has one 'lead actor'.
    It was funny to me that the show was hosted by the two hosts of "Entertainment Tonight". And they won. Daytime Emmys.
    Loved what Laura Wright was wearing...except for her accessory....Hiney! LOL


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