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So.. I neglected to say on Sunday Surgery but GH will be interrupted this week on Tues/Thursday due to hearings. ERGO the 15,000 episode will air WED instead of tomorrow. (It was already moved because of the hearings last week). LORDY!! SO complex LOL 

Laura and Marty are at the Metro Court patio having dinner. Flea and Mac come up but don't join them. They say they will when Kevin comes later. They go to another table. Martin tells Laura that it wasn't Cyrus that ordered their deaths. Laura says she knows it was Victor. Then she tells Marty that she thinks he also had a hand in killing Luke. She also says she's talking to people in DC about getting Victor deported LOL 

Felicia tells Mac she gave Ryan a "dressing down" and he's pissed. She says she had to do it because he cant' hurt anyone anymore. (UT OH)...

Felicia and Mac sit with Laura and Kevin-- and Felicia lets it drop she saw Esme with Ryan. KEvin gets pissed. He's going to go check to find out how Esme got around his orders not to go to see his brother. 

Victor is going into Kelly's and ask Spencer why the hell he's working when he got his money back. Spencer says he was helping Cam out. He says that he's staying at Wyndemere with Esme. Victor is surprised. THEN Spencer says he's going to find Esme's biological parents for her!! "She'll be so grateful, she'll do anything"!! OOOOO!! Spencer agrees to help find Esme's bio parents. 

Anna knows that Valentin was trying to pump her for info on Jennifer Smith and that sea captain guy. They talk more about him being absent and he says he's very serious about her and his plate has been full lately. They kiss. She gets her popcorn. 

Trina is on the phone with Joss. She's unlocking the door saying how much fun the night was and giggle. Then she opens the door and Taggs, Portia and Curits are waiting for her! GULP! Oh it's just about her Title 9 decision. They were worried about her but she's all cheerful. They wonder why. She says she and Joss thought of another avenue to look into about Esme. She tells them all about the bar. Taggert freaks out LOL . Portia is going to order pizza. Curtis is left to talk to Trina alone. He says she did exactly what he would have done. Oh, little daughter/daddy bonding time??? 

Kevin tells Esme he got her fired from working at the prison place. 

Alexis calls Laura and says something terrible is happening tomorrow and she can't stop it. THIS WILL be the Laura-centric show and I think it airs on WED due to the hearings. 

Esme goes to see...Kevin at his office! She got into PCPU Psyche program and has to do a case study and she's doing it on RYAN! Kevin is like @@~~~!! "It's too dangerous"!! She asks about attachment disorders and if Ryan has ever had an attachment to another, like his twin. Kevin says no, he's a psychopath and took  over his life and killed people. She asks if it's genetic. She says she has attachment problems, no friends yada yada. Kevin says that Ryan is way more horrible and no, she's not a sociopath. WATCH THIS CONVERSATION because it's hard to explain but I think it will be important for the future. 


  1. Better show today. Especially when Trina asks Curtis for his opinion. He says he'd do the same thing she did. Trina looks him up and down and says " well you're a big tall man and I'm not." LOL Perfect.
    Another plus at the end when Kevin meets up with Esme and tells her she has been barred from Spring Ridge and Ryan for lying to him.
    But what happened to the camping trip? And who was Austin talking to. We may never know. Or by the time they get back to that story there could be snow on the ground.

    1. "Or by the time they get back to that story there could be snow on the ground."

      Hahahahaha. They could if the weather machine is still working! :) They did have a heat wave! :)

  2. No one is watching these hearings OR they can watch on NEWS SHOWS - why doesn't ABC realize that???? Sigh.
    I just can't figure out WHY Alexis knows about Laura's problem???? Editor of Invader? Bizarre.....
    I think Frank and the writers think they are 'cute' by the tease of Austin meeting someone, but it's not ------------cause we never see Austin anyway and no continuing of a story....
    FOR SURE Karen - that conversation IS big but I don't know why....

  3. I really enjoyed today's episode too. The conversation at Trina's house was really good. The expressions and replies from Taggart and Trina had me laughing out loud. Oh we really need more scenes like that.

    All the other scenes were great too. All hinted at more to come. And i really didn't miss anyone who wasn't on today.

    And after watching the scene at the drive in I think Sonya may need to cool down before she posts today. Sooo sexy.

    1. "Di says, And after watching the scene at the drive in I think Sonya may need to cool down before she posts today. Sooo sexy."

      Hahaha oh hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :D

  4. Great show today!!! So many funny one liners! :)

    Metrocourt Lounge:

    Flea and Mac:

    Mac: At these prices, yes.

    ROFL! Mac would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. Awwww Mac is so worried about Flea talking to Ryan! :)

    Felicia: From now on there is nothing that Ryan Chamberlene can do to me.

    Oh oh! Famous last words!

    Laura and Marty: It's good to know that her lunacy has it's limits.


    Laura: You are a lawyer, you probably have a lots of people who want you dead.


    Marty: You're just saying that to make me feel better.


    Laura, Marty, Flea, Mac, and Doc: Yes you are right Doc! It was cathartic for Felicia!! :) I love how Mac is so worried. Oops I guess the night cap is over!

    Laura on the phone with Alexis: Hmm Alexis at the end of the show?! That's unusual. If a character is not on at all on the show that day, they are not at the end.

    Alexis: Something catastrophic is going to happen tomorrow.

    WHAT IS IT?!?!! :(

    The hospital:

    Doc and Vampira: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    Victor and Spencer: Ooooo! Finding Vampira's bio vampire parents! :) Tasty! No pun intended..

    Spencer and Vampira: She has no clue! *Evil smile*

    Vampira and Doc: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You go Doc!!! :) Karma? Consequences? :) She should have said, BUT RYAN IS MY FATHER! :)

    Purtis's home:

    Purtis, Trina, and Taggart: Great scene! Great family! Love them! :)

    Taggart: I'm disappointed!


    Curtis and Trina: Trina wins the line of the day!

    Curtis: Trina what you did, would have been exactly what I would have done in your position.

    Awwwwwwww. :)

    Trina: You are a very tall man, and I'm... Not.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And then she turns her head and gives a look! Hahahahahaha!

    Drive-in date:

    Vanna: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! They kissed. :) Aww Anna are you afraid you two don't have anything in common?! Popcorn! YUM!!! :) Are the Tribbles in the back seat? They can enjoy some popcorn too! ROFL!

  5. Anna KNOWS Valentin is up to no good.

  6. If Laura is being recalled as mayor-------is it that assistant who works for Victor that we never see????????? Or about Spencer stuffing the ballot box (or whatever he did)????????

  7. About once every two weeks, "GH" has a good episode. That was the case with Monday's ep. Will they sustain the momentum and writing this time? I wish, but I am skeptical.

  8. Well, since there is no GH today, I'll copy and paste what I said on June 21st of this day in 2016! :)

    "Police station/interrogation room: Wow Julian!!! JUST WOW!!!! I agree with Sonny! YOU ARE A COWARD!!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Liz and Piffy with a sprinkle of Carly: Great scene with Liz and Piffy! Carly sprinkled in was good. Ewwwwww bugs for GuGu!

    HamsterFinn's hotel room: Damn I love RayFinn SO much!!!! :) Love their scenes! They got chemistry!!!! RayRay wins the line of the day!

    RayRay: Clearly the manners of earth humans are new to you, but on this planet when you tell someone you are about to die.


    HamsterFinn: While I was traveling I contacted a rare disease.

    Oh is that all?!!?! GH can cure you!!! :)

    HamsterFinn: I just want to point out, that Roxy never mocks me.

    RayRay: Not out loud..

    ROFL! And the look on his face hahahahahaha! DAMN I LOVE THEM TOGETHER! :)

    Gugu: It's true daddy. I do mock you quietly.. I am a teenager and all.

    Oh yes!!!! Go get him some food. :) Love that!! Oh oh Liz is here with GuGu's dinner! :)

    *GuGu sniffs"

    GuGu: Mmmm daddy! I smell food!!!!!

    The kidnapped room: Meh this storyline has fizzled out very quickly and got boring because of the recast Nik. I can't wait until Tyler Christopher comes back!!! And Fake Nik DOES look like Sean Kanan.. The only bright spot in this storyline, is Harry Potter! :) We need to keep him! That is it and that is all! :) Oh don't worry fake Nik! I bet that is just a teeny tiny scratch on your hand! ROFL! And Oh 1 teeny tiny question.... What in Sam hell is a weeping Niad? Or however the hell you spell Niad!! Does it cry?! Oh it's fake.. Well you gotta get the REAL one! :) Off to find it!!! Let's have Ava, Harry Potter, and the REAL Nik come together as a team to find it! :)

    Freedman clinic: Great scene between Morgan and Sonny! Poor Morgan is scared to leave the clinic.. :( Don't be scared Morgan! It will be okay!!!! Just take one step at a time!

    Maddox's office: Sonny, Carly, Morgan, and Michael.. Great scene. :) Carly is so proud of her son! Awwww. :)

    BobTodd's home: Awwww poor Kiwi is sick!!! Guess you will have to cancel the date.. Although since he is there he can take care of you!!!! :)

    Kiwi: You have been an awesome friend and I really like you.

    Awwwwww. :)

    Dillon: And you just want to stay friends.


    Kiwi: No. I didn't want to blow it.

    Awwwww! :) Whew. :)

    Dillon: Don't worry you can't.

    Awwwwwww! :)

    No don't kiss her Dillon! You are gonna get a cold! Meh he doesn't care! ROFL! Great scene!!!!!! Gee one minute they were heavily making out and then the next scene he is on the phone with Monica. The way they were kissing, I thought they were gonna have sex.. What just happened? How did we get from point A (making out) to point B (Dillon on the phone with Monica)?

    Kiwi: I am so sorry about that coughing fit that I had when we were kissing.

    Oh. So it was off camera.. We didn't get to see it, oh goodie. Oh no!!!! MORGAN!!! No you dummy! Leave her alone!!!!!!!!"

  9. sonya said: "Well, since there is no GH today, I'll copy and paste what I said on June 21st of this day in 2016! :)"
    *** Lordy, Lordy. I have trouble sometimes remembering what I said yesterday. lol.

    1. "Di says, Lordy, Lordy. I have trouble sometimes remembering what I said yesterday. lol."

      ROFL! You smart ass! :) No I went back to copy and paste! :)

    2. "Di says, 😄 😄"


  10. I still think it's her assistant ---the previews Laura says, "How long have you been waiting to do this?" (something like that) ----- can't be Victor - too obvious - BUT I think he has paid her assistant to do it....

  11. Rumor has it that our President is speaking today at 2 pm. Does that mean no GH again? Sigh.....we'll never get to see the anniversary episode.

    1. Rumor is true but will ABC air it live? Hopefully not but probably.

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