Wednesday, June 22, 2022

FINALLY!! It's the 15K Show!!


OH It's here!! With all the interruptions and such I thought we'd never make it!! I'm just happy the show is on. I think it's a stand-alone one, meaning not a lot if anything happens that moves the story forward. SHOULD JUST BE FUN! 

YOU HAVE TO WATCH TODAY'S SHOW!! IT'S WAY TOO HARD to Tweet it all! TONS of characters in it today! 

Ok, So this is Laura-Centric. She arrives at GH and goes in. There's some sort of bad thing that happened with the Invader and she's has to 'face the music".  Sonny is at the hospital with a bad back from boxing and Violet is there with poison oak. 

Laura goes into a room with "Supporters" led by Scotty, Mac, Robert, Sam, Carly, Alexis

and we aren't sure why yet. Kevin mentioned "titles and votes" .. maybe her mayorship?YES someone is starting a petition in Port Charles to get Laura out of her mayorship. Want a recall. Scotty takes photos of the petition and BOBBIE IS ON THERE!! 
Laura goes into Bobbie's office and asks her why she's waited so long for revenge LOL OMG. 
LAURA AND BOBBIE! Great flashback of them 40 years ago. Anyway, it wasn't Bobbie who did it. She thought she was signing a petition to save the whales. 

She goes to all the Cassadines next. They are at the Metro Pool getting ready to play softball LOL Victor swears it's not him. 

Carly and Sam ask Ned and the Qs if it's them... it's not Ned. 

Sonny and Curtis ask Ms Wu and it's not her. They followed the money and it's CYRUS!! Laura goes to visit him in jail. He's been transferred back to Pentonville from federal prison. He talks about God and repentance. Laura goes round and round with him. Finally says she's forgives him which stops him in his tracks. He can't believe it. Drops phone. She leaves. 

Nail Salon: Bobbie, Lucy, Dr O, Felicia and Anna. Laura walks in. Bobbie warns Liesl that Lucy might take Scotty back. Then Scotty comes in and gets on ONE KNEE IN FRONT of Liesl!! She says she won't marry him, they have everything they need. They kiss.

Maxie and Laura visit Liz at Shadybrook. Maxie goes because Lulu can't be there. She brings make up samples from Deception LOL. They talk about the boys and how Port Charles steps up to help their own when they need it. 

The end is everyone in Charlie's and Laura narrates her rebuttal to the letter in the paper. It's great. WATCH IT!! 


  1. One of the best stand alone episodes in the show's history. Genie is resplendent in everything she does. The true heart and soul of this show with ties that go back deep into the show's early history. Flashbacks with Scotty and Bobbi. How can those scenes be 45 years ago?!! The simple scene with Laura and Cyrus - so powerful. That alone was Emmy worthy. So much more mileage to get out of that relationship. I hope we see more of Jeff Kober. Who didn't tear up at the beginning and the end to hear those familiar chords of the old GH theme with Laura's voice and presence. This might have been the show's swan song, it felt almost like a final episode. I'm OK that not every single character was featured. It's OK. Most of the ones that mattered were on.

    1. I agree with everything you said. I even had the same thought while watching it, about how it almost seemed like a finale.

  2. I am in the minority - sorry-----I loved the show BUT it made no sense ----- shoulda been a dream......Bobbie said she signed save the whales, but never brought it up again....all those women wouldn't have been at the salon at one time - I LIKE them but it was just odd and Dr. O saying no to Scotty wasn't (for me) in her personality....
    BUT the main complaint (wrong word) was having Cyrus SUDDENLY at Pentonville and Jordan didn't know it YESTERDAY when she talked with Martin-----I LOVED Jeff and Genie's scenes, but he wouldn't have been moved......I guess he is going to be on more, which is great...odd that Mrs. Wu signed the petition and gave money too...
    Genie's quote to Liz about family and later you will take care of family - was fantastic...
    I had no problem with missing people (Joss, Trina, Valentin I DID miss)----missed Monica----lots of traveling in the cars back and forth yet time stood still....
    I just wish more clips had been shown - and a dream-----just my opinion----bet we never hear anymore about the recall.....

  3. Genie Francis looks fantastic! She has played Laura so beautifully through the years.
    It was nice to see so many characters even though they're the ones who have been on lots lately, except for Cyrus.
    They gave Laura amazing teleportation abilities appearing in almost every scene no matter how untimely. I know...they had to squeeze it all in. But it just carries on their habit of over editing. IMO
    Carly in everything of course.
    The end was sweet. Lots of BB caps.

    1. "Zazu says Lots of BB caps."

      What are BB caps?

    2. zazu said:"Carly in everything of course."
      *** This was a celebration of Genie and her years on the show. Why would they leave out an actress who's been on with her for the past 17 years and who is a friend.

    3. "zazu says, Baseball..."

      OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I was thinking BB guns haha! :)

    4. Jeez Di...sorry. You are right, but she is in everything lately.

  4. So many funny one liners today! :) FLASHBACKS YAY! :) Too bad there weren't a lot of flashbacks. Should have been more than 1 day. :( I thought at first this was Laura's dream!

    The hospital parking garage: NICE CAR LAURA! :) `

    The hospital:

    Sonny, Finchy and little V: Sonny stop doing rough boxing! Poor little V with her poison oak. :(

    Finchy: We would only have half a jar of pickles in the fridge.

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Private room: I love how the camera only showed Robert, Mac, and Scotty at first. :) What?! Friends of Port Charles? That's what these people call themselves? They are no friends!! Mac has to go?! NO MAC DOES NOT HAVE TO GO COME ON! Laura and Scotty flashbacks! THEY WERE BABIES! :)

    Bobbie's office room:

    Laura and Bobbie: I wouldn't have a problem if Bobbie were the friend of Port Chuckles. :) OOOOOO FLASHBACKS! :) They were babies!!!! :)

    Kelly's: Dr. O signs the petition? Awwww! :(

    Dr. O: Just now I saw someone feeding pigeons outside. They are nothing more than rats with wings.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay Dr. O I forgive you. :) She would have won the line of the day, but nope someone else won it.

    Q mansion: Nope Carly! Ned is not friends of Port Chuckles! :) Mama standing up for dad! Awwwwwwww! :)

    Metrocourt pool: Softball! LET'S GO! :) And No Victor is innocent and isn't the friend of Port Chuckles!

    Nail salon: When Scotty went down on one knee, I was like HUH?! Hahaha. He DID propose YAY! Awwww come on Dr. O! Marry him!!!! :( It was a great proposal! The look on Lucy's face when he proposed hahahahaha.


    Laura, Liz, and Maxie: Liz didn't look very excited to see Maxie or for the makeup ROFL!

    Pentonville: CYRUS YAY! :)

    Laura and Cyrus: Cyrus wins the line of the day.

    Cyrus: When is the last time you went to church??

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Laura, Cyrus is right. He is not perfect and change takes time. Nobody is perfect. But wait Cyrus isn't the head of the friends of Port Chuckles. Sure it was his idea, but he isn't the head. Who is the head?!!?! They didn't say!! Maybe the Tribbles are the head! :)

    Laura: I forgive you.

    GAH! Cyrus was all emotional! :( Great scene!

    Sonny's office:

    Ms. Wu, Sonny, and Curtis: Love Ms. Wu's dress!!! Sexy! :) I'm glad she helped Sonny and Curtis! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: I LOVE ALL THE HATS!!!! :) Why does Carly have an ELQ hat? BAHAHAHAHAHA! Come on Chase and Brooky KISS!!!! :)

    1. I was so happy to see Cyrus! Just a great episode, and the only thing I wished for was Marty!

  5. Obviously they couldn't have everyone but Marty? He should have been there.

  6. Loved it! Genie is definitely the heart and soul of GH.

    1. Agreed, she can play an entire range of emotions in one scene let alone episode. She needs to be featured as prominently as Sonny or Carly. And she's just as naturally beautiful as she was when she first graced our screens in 1977.

    2. Completely agree Dianna Taylor about Genie. She should be the most prominent and top billing actress. She so deserves it

    3. "Hell yes" to Paul and Diana's comments. Laura is integral to the show, and Genie is a great actress. She can be the bridge between different groups of characters and storylines.

    4. I couldn't agree more Paul, and Diana! Genie is just superb! I really enjoyed this episode with the flashbacks, it being all about Genie, and all the characters that were on. I couldn't believe everyone I was seeing in one show. Thanks GH! :)

  7. Interesting ep. Loved it being Genie centric to a certain degree. Carly did not have to be in the beginning at all. Neither did Sonny at the hospital. Completely unnecessary. We should have seen Monica there. Nice flashbacks, there should have been more. Liz's kids should've been right there with Laura, big miss not having them on this ep seeing as Liz couldn't really be a part. Glad they threw in the few minutes between Laura/Liz. Very nice scene. It was a very hard, messy edited episode flipping us back and forth, too rushed, but so nice seeing Genie get the accolades she so well deserves.

    1. "MatchboxGinny says, Carly did not have to be in the beginning at all."

      Hmmm. Well to be fair, Carly IS family. So she should be there.. Don't hit me! *Hides under the bed*

      "Neither did Sonny at the hospital."

      *Pops out from under the bed quickly* Yeah I agree with that. No reason to show Sonny yesterday!

  8. The Laura/Cyrus scenes were EVERYTHING.

  9. I loved this episode. First, it finally gave Genie Francis her proper due on "GH." I feel like there were periods where she was vastly underappreciated. I am glad to see that has changed.

    Secondly, holy cow, when was the last time we saw this many characters in a single episode? I thought we were back in the '80s or '90s, for a minute. Port Charles really felt like a town again.

    Lastly, my only minor criticism, is I would have traded out Carly for Monica. And maybe had a surprise cameo by either Lesley or Lucky.

  10. Hearing at 3:00 EDT. Today's show has been pre-empted.

  11. There is no GH today, so I'll just copy the June 22nd 2016 episode, show you the link, and then do my throwback Thursday.


    Nina's daydream: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! El Toro! Ole!!!!! ROFL!

    Nina and Maxie:

    Maxie: Nina! Nina! Snap out of it!

    ROFLMAOPMP! Nina sprawled on the desk on her back and Maxie telling her to snap out of it, cracked me up!!!!! THAT wins scene of the day RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So basically,

    Maxie: Oh I love Nathan so much!! We are going to get married soon! I am so happy! I will never be alone again!

    Nina: I will NEVER be with someone again. I will be an old maid! I will never be happy! I should never have broken up with Franco!

    Oh Nina stop it! :( You want a baybay and BobTodd doesn't want a baybay with you!!!!

    Nina: Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex.. Franco and mine's sex was fantastic!

    And the look on Maxie's face! Hahahahaha! What is that buzzing?! OH MY! A SEX TOY!!! BAHAHHAHAHAHA! Well there ya go Nina! You don't NEED any man now!!! Now that you got your BFF toy!!!!!! :)

    Liz's new home: Whoa! Is that the brownstone?!!?!!! So wait what happened with Liz yesterday? She went to see HamFinny with GuGu's dinner, and she saw RayRay! Then what? Did Liz confront him? Did they get into an argument over RayRay? Did she warn him against RayRay?! Did GuGu get her Dinner? Well anyway nice kitchen at her new home!

    Jake and BobTodd: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Such a sweet scene!!!! Toast time!!! :)

    Liz and BobTodd: Awwww great scene!!!! Liz wins the line of the day!

    Liz: For all your faults, I never thought of you as a self pitting whiner.

    ROFL! You tell him Liz!!!!! OH MY!!! A FRIZ KISS! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! For the Friz fans,

    The Friz kiss!

    Ava's hotel room: Paint and Wall.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. OH Harry Potter! :) Oh no! What now? Is Harry Potter going to see Paint and Wall and kidnap them?!!?! No!!! The kidnapping storyline with Ava and Fake Nik will be 100% boring! Oh he didn't kidnap them whew. Oh oh! Paint and Wall knows where they are though! CRAP CRAP CRAP!

    The kidnapped room:

    Ava: I'm not lying!

    *Fake Nik pushes Ava under the running bus*

    Fake Nik: Yes! Yes she is!

    Ohhh I see. He is only doing that so they could escape. :) Poor Nava all tied up! Literally! Hahahahaha! You know, Yesterday when Fake Nik's hand was slashed, and Ava was really close to him, and as he was standing up, I thought he was going to kiss her, and as he was standing up, I saw and felt a flicker of chemistry there. Today, not so much. Man I want Tyler to come back soon!!!

    BobTodd's home: Dumb and dumber! UGH!

    Morgan: I want to try again with you.


    Morgan Jr: I want to try again with you too!

    Morgan: You are the light at the end of my tunnel.


    Morgan: If it's too late I understand.

    It better be too late!!!! Go away Dummy!!!! Oh hi Dillon!!! Yeah Morgan goodbye!!! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!!!!


    Dillon: I think you should sort out your feelings.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Come on Kiwi don't be stupid! You don't need to sort through anything!!! NO DILLON DON'T GO! :(

    The hospital:

    Dumb and Dumber: BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why did you want to find him!?!?!!"

    *Jump into my time machine to go to April 22, 2010* Helena calls Liz a slut hahaha. Helena don't forget to call Nik a slut too! :)

  12. Hearing at 3...GH at 2? Why the h*** did they pre-empt our show?

    1. They said on twitter in case of breaking news GH will be a repeat... *Shrug*

    2. PBS had the hearings listed to start after GH.That was up all day on the guide. Obviously it was possible to find out when it started today but it was too much effort for someonebecause this show is just not important to them.

    3. Because on some ABC networks it airs at 2:00 and some air it at 3:00. Not that it is or isn't important. But the hearings are.


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