Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Sweet Caroline


Cry Me A River 

So much to unpack...yet, so many flashbacks to relive! Things are still all over for people in different parts of the country. Some have GH regularly, some have press conferences and  others have schedules all over the place.  

What are you living on? Take out curbside or homemade treats ?? It's Easter for some-- and a pretty strange one at that. We will be Zooming with our relatives in England and my parents.  Have a PEEP or two! 


The biggest most fun surprise (for me) happened when Sam went to see Molly to tell her about TJ. Molly's all upset...finds out he's kidnapped and Sam leaves. Out walks Brando in a towel! I was howling!! Yes, we saw them flirt a bit at the garage but it was so out of character for Molly, it just bowled me over. Molly says it was all a mistake...goes to see TJ in the hospital and of course they make up. He asks her to be in a domestic partnership (instead of getting married) and she thinks that's swell. Hmmmm, many of you think Molly will wind up pregnant. I'm saying that's way to cliche. IS a soap.. so... probably. 


Welp. This week was Nelle-Centric to be sure. The fight for Wiley, the operation, the flashbacks, the Carly confrontation--all of it. Not sure where to start on all this but I will direct you to my previous blog about the Caroline history as it was presented when the character debuted and evolved. 
While I can argue all day the validity of changing up the history... I think I'm just going to recap the story that happened this week. We can bitch and moan about 'rewrites' but we have what we have.  

Through (new) flashbacks we learn that Carly was living with Virginia in a condo that looks an awful lot like other GH places. Some say Sean's--some say Sonny's old place. I'm thinking some modular version of Crimson with Jason's penthouse thrown in. Either way, it's no trailer like the original story went. 


Nina plays Caroline's mother Virginia. Bad black wig that is surprisingly weird since the OG Virginia was blonde. Is that to say THIS ISN'T NINA, IT'S NOT HER NOPE!! Not sure but-- okay. Joss plays Carly. Obviously good choice but we all know what Caroline looked like in the 90's and.. it was with short hair. Not sure if I would have gone with a wig or not.  This Carly also had on too many clothes. She was notorious for the body suits and tank tops.  

Side by side: CW as Virginia in 2020 and Lois Nettleton  as Virginia in 1996.  Did you know Luke went to visit her to find a donor for his Lulu? Well, he did.  He asks Virginia where Caroline went and she has no idea. Meanwhile Carly is in town and Bobbie doesn't know she's really Caroline. 
photo thx to @Jade78910


On to Frank.  First of all, JPS in a bowling shirt and having a beer made my day. Not sure who I was expecting to be Frank but it wasn't him!! Little Nelle is back there and if you look closely--she's got on the necklace. YES...THAT necklace.  Come to find out Nelle is pissed that Carly didn't stay with Frank to take care of her. God only knows what she suffered with a guy that adopted her and didn't want kids (as he told Caroline) but I bet we find out soon. How he got her from Donna Mills (Nina's mother) is also a mystery at this point. 
Pic thx to @hromgirl


The past few days weren't a total miss. The with messing with history is another whole thing but as far as explaining Nelle's fascination with Carly, it did an okay job. Surprised me in the necklace department a bit. I did think Nelle could be her daughter but I was never sure. They've also played up Willow as well. Maybe Willow is her sister and Harmony and Frank got the girls from Donna and divorced? No one knows yet. Anyway, Chloe did an amazing job acting.  The flashbacks were fun.
Don't even come for me with the age time lines because I already know they don't work out. Soaps mess with ages all the time. 


The second part of the week focused on Wiley, Willow, Sasha and Chase. Who could well be Ned, Chloe, Jax and Alexis. If you don't know that story, they all married the other person in a swap back in the day. You know the rest. They fell for the opposite partner. Now, Michael is going to wed Willow and.. we know where that will lead. 


I'm going to say that people seemed to hate this week. Hated the Carly-recon job... hated the flashbacks and were just plain hating on GH. Between the comments in this blog, my GH page and on Twitter, it certainly wasn't a love fest. Nope. 
Photo thx to @pemekame

We had flashback after flashback because they are trying to stretch out the show to last for more weeks. 



TJ is dumped in front of GH still alive but beaten
Molly sleeps with new guy Brando before finding out TJ was kidnapped
TJ and Molly agree to a "domestic partnership"  Nelle is suing Bobbie, Monica and GH for the whole forgery thing
Willow is mad-sad about Wiley
Nelle tells Carly they are just alike and she would like redemption too
Caroline Benson left Florida to find fame and fortune and her bioparents
Frank Benson adopted Janelle at a young age 
Janelle Benson has the other half of Nina's necklace, hence she may be her daughter

That's a wrap! I think Sasha and Chase will stage some sort of "affair" to pave the way for Michael and Willow to marry. A ruse to get the whole town talking. Nelle will have a few tricks up her sleeve as well. Not sure about the TJ/Molly fall out yet but we shall see! 


  1. Karen, thanks so much for the SS. I LOVE GH, no matter what they do, so grateful they are still here.

    I am so lucky in that I have been able to get Whole Foods deliveries. It is hard to get a slot, you have to keep trying, trying, trying, eventually I have been able to get through. I am keeping to my clean eating and exercise, and hope to inspire others to do the same. I also have been meditating daily. This is a great time to work on self-care.

  2. Loved your SS but hated the show last week. I just don’t enjoy watching Nelle - the character or the actress. I really hope they kill her off at some point. Same goes for Jordan but maybe a recast who can act. And couldn’t they actually show some golden past episodes on Fridays instead of fairly recent ones that weren’t that dynamic to begin with? Happy Easter and a good Passover to all who celebrate. I couldn’t even get matzoh this year but I did manage to get my favorite candy.

  3. Thanks for the SS, Karen. I'm happy you're keeping this lifeline open.

    I'm personally thinking they did some fast rewriting for these last few episodes and maybe used just the people who weren't flying home. (And we all know they said that Nell lives close by and can be called any time.) Hopefully they'll straighten the mess out when they get together again. At least the writers should be able to conference online and we'll hopefully have scripts available when actors come back again. Maybe they'll pull a Bobby Ewing and we'll see Nell haluceating all this as she lays dying in an alley somewhere. lol

    I'm hibernating on my own here but all is well. I talk to family every day.

    Happy easter to all who celebrate and stay safe.

  4. P.S. Sorry. I can spell hallucinating, I was just typing too fast.

  5. Happy Easter to all of you!
    Yes Nina is old enough to have a child Nelle's age, but not if you go by their flashback. If a young Nina walked into the room with young Caroline and Frank and an 8 year old Nelle walked in. Impossible age thing. I know soaps mess with age often but all this to show that darn necklace that we are all tired of. It irks me.
    I am thankful for this blog and all the comments. GH is pretty messy right now but so is life. Guess they got that down!
    If you want a laugh check out Parry Chen's FB page. He is very clever. He has a not a spoiler spoiler that is funny and possible.
    If you can get out of your house safely to enjoy the it. Spring is here despite our human restrictions.

    1. lol Parry and his special pockets had me laughing out loud.

    2. "Di says lol Parry and his special pockets had me laughing out loud."

      HAHAHAHAHA! That made me crack up!!!

  6. Love the Sunday Surgery as usual. Love GH all the time no matter what they do to it. Some shows are boring, some are stupid, but over all, I am just grateful to have it still on the air and not canceled like my other favorite OLTL.... Thanks Karen, and happy holiday to whoever celebrates and good day to those who don't.

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  8. Best Sunday Surgery Ever!

    And hey... your Friday blog wasnt half bad either!


    "The biggest most fun surprise (for me) happened when Sam went to see Molly to tell her about TJ. Molly's all upset...finds out he's kidnapped and Sam leaves. Out walks Brando in a towel! I was howling!!"

    YES! It was fun and what a great surprise!! :)

    "Yes, we saw them flirt a bit at the garage but it was so out of character for Molly,"

    She is growing up and changing.. That happens to all of us. :)

    "Nina plays Caroline's mother Virginia. Bad black wig that is surprisingly weird since the OG Virginia was blonde."

    Yeah I don't get it. Why did they use a black wig? Didn't they watch past episodes to know that Virginia was blonde?

  10. Another part of the time liNE that makes no sense is that Carly is 20 years older than Nelle. CaroliNE didn't look 20 years older in the flashbacks

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  12. Better late than never. Thanks for the Surgery and the blog everyday. I always look forward to whatever everyone has to say. GH got on my nerves this week, but I'm always happy to watch, good or bad. I'm like LSV422 and don't care for Nelle or the actress. Same for Carly most of the time, so this week was a little rough for me, lol! I so wanted Willow to be Nina's daughter. This twin thing that's been mentioned (Nelle/Willow) might work. I sure would be giggling if Willow found out evil-Nelle was her sister. HAHAHAH! Can you imagine?

    Stay safe!

  13. If worse comes to worse and Disney wants to save money, I at least hope they move GH to an ABC-adjacent network like Freeform and maybe do batches of new episodes -- have something like 10 episodes in the spring, then the same in summer, fall and winter.

  14. If we hate Nelle, than the actress is doing her job. I hate Carly more than Nelle, if she and Sam can be magically be parents of the year (eyeroll) than Nelle has hope. Also Love Ava, her vulnerability is so soapy. She is definitely my favorite. Tired of seeing Sasha, beautiful but boring.

    1. Ava is my favorite character, and Maura West is always fun to watch. Sasha and Willow are boring and need to go.



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