Thursday, April 23, 2020

Feels Like a Friday!

WONDER WHY? Lol.. last day of new GH !! Here's hoping it doesn't annoy me like yesterday did !


TONS OF MIKE AND SONNY FLASHBACKS....... Sonny blames Cyrus for making Mike's condition worse and him not getting into the trial to help him. 


I think they redid Sonny's house?? Yes, on Twitter they told me Frank said "new digs for someone special"... interesting. Sonny says to Carly: I like the remodel. 

Jordan's office: Mac is looking for who took TJ. He goes to interview TJ at GH. Nothing new. 

The Metro: Lulu is interviewing Cyrus. Carly has a fit. Why you interviewing a drug lord in The Metro? She goes back home.  CYRUS FLASHBACKS 
Laura comes in. He wants to contribute to her reelection 

Alexis and Neil are at The Metro meeting. He lost his license again. She's waiting to hear.  NYC FLASHBACKS! 

Krissy is bartending at Charlie's. Sam is there.  Krissy got a raise. Brando walks in. He says his name to get his food. Sam and Krissy figure out they are all related. KRISTINA FLASHBACKS .....

TJ and Molly at the hospital. He's on crutches but working. She's on her way to Charlie's. MOLLY FLASHBACKS 

Charlie's later: Molly goes and sees Brando in the window. BOLLY FLASHBACKS 
He goes outside and sees Molly. She tells him he was talking to her sisters. 

Then, Jason appears on the docks out of nowhere and... there's a ton of JASAM FLASHBACKS AND I MEAN A TON !!  Jason wasn't even on the show even on the show in the beginning! ahahhahaa. 

HOLY MOLY the WHOLE SHOW was flashbacks and I mean ...painful. Seriously, I'd rather have shortened weeks than this. Wow. 


  1. Karen, you meant last day of new GH for this week, not forever, right?

  2. Nice new set but I can’t watch live-flashbacks are a waste of time. Glad Crissy is back and glad Mac is investigating. Jordan needs to resign.

  3. Flashbacks flashbacks flashbacks.

    Carson home: Uhhh. Where did the remodel come from? I didn't hear the workers working. They are magical!! The remodel is meh. I like the kitchen better. The Mike and Sonny flashbacks are killing me!!! Made me cry! :(

    Jordan's office:

    Mac and Jordan: Mac looks so distinguished!!!! :) Oh hi Curtis! :)

    The hospital:

    TJ and Molly: So domestic and partner are romantic words to Molly. I guess the word husband is an evil evil word eh Molly?

    TJ and Mac: Oh great scene!!! I like that TJ was remembering some things and Mac wrote it down! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Brando, Krissy, and Sam: Oh oh Brando got Krissy upset. You don't want to do that! She will whine so much! Although she didn't this time. WHOA!

    "Karen says, BOLLY FLASHBACKS"

    Hmmm that was my name for them at first, but then you said Brolly and I liked it! Are we calling them Bolly now? :) ROFL!

    Brando and Molly:

    Molly: Brando! What are you doing here?

    Uh getting food?

    Molly: You were talking to my sisters.

    Yeah so what? Boy Molly you are paranoid!

    The Metrocourt:

    Lulu and Cyrus: Lulu is interviewing Cyrus?!!?! Geez I guess she isn't afraid of him.

    Lulu, Cyrus, and Laura: Cyrus didn't know Lulu and Laura were mother and daughter! HAHAHAHA! Yeah right!!! :) I think he is just manipulating them! :)

    Alexis and Neil: What?!!?! He lost his job?!!?! I am so confused. Neil is a grizzly bear with that beard. Where is Julian so he can make a scene? :)

    The pier: Well look at that! Jamsam flashbacks. They CAN show the past episodes!! And with different music too!!! Well blow me down.

  4. Thankfully they had MG,MB & JPS this wk. Those 2 SLs were the only 2 good things about this whole 4 days IMHO! And Laura & Liz too actually! Cried like a baby!
    What are the writers smoking?! Or maybe I should start smoking something while I'm watching! Lol! Between the 4 Stooges and the flashbacks it was a WTHECK wk for me. I was thinking they should rename them dumb,dumber,dumbest & idiot! I'm thinking Nelle is going to be the one who sees right through this hot mess of a charade and it blows up in Chase & Sashas faces. Maybe not. Was excited when I saw the previews yesterday for today. Thought it would be more than a full day of flashbacks. Oh well, there's always next wk! 😉

  5. P.S.And there's always this blog and all of the wonderful people who come to post and share! Thank you Karen for your time & this blog.

    1. Yes, one of the few points of normalcy in my life right nowThanks karen, and fellow posters.

  6. The flashbacks are used way too often and run way too long. They kill each scene. Like Karen, I'd rather they air the shows they've got and then show some classic old episodes. Weddings, deaths, Nurses Balls, whatever. I'd love to see the whole run of the Jerry Jax Metro Court hostage story again. They could do themed weeks. Just stop interrupting every scene with flashbacks. We soap fans watch every day. We don't need to be reminded of things that happened last week.

  7. "Well Blow Me Down"? Ok Popeye! HAHAHAHAH! Thanks Sonya, haven't heard that phrase in decades! :)

    Neil does need a shave, he looked way to "rumply" to me. Mumbles little snide comment to Krissy about Brando was uncalled for. But Judgey-McJudgerson that she is, I guess it was to be expected.

    Way to many flashbacks on this episode, though Mac Daddy was great!

    1. Agreed. We need more MacDaddy.

    2. "Julie H says, "Well Blow Me Down"? Ok Popeye! HAHAHAHAH!"


      "Thanks Sonya, haven't heard that phrase in decades! :)"

      Oh my! Well you're welcome!!! :)

      "Di says, We need more MacDaddy."

      Yes we do!!!!!!

  8. I have something juicy. What if Brando is pissed and started dating Kristina. That would piss Molly off. Lol

  9. I think we could be headed toward a Molly/Brando/Kristina triangle. Might be fun, if written well.

  10. I didn’t watch today because it was all about Sonny, but it looks like Y&R ran out of shows already, and today they showed one from 1996. I don’t even watch the show but I did watch this one with a very young Michelle Stafford and Scott Reeves. If they can do that why not GH?

    1. GH can do old shows. They just won't. Someone suggested the Jerry Jax Metro Court episodes. That would be great

  11. So today's flashback Friday, is Sonny sentric.. November 12th 2018.. Man they are so stuck on 2018!!! I will copy and paste what I said back then.

    "WOW!!!! I loved the show!!! Fantastic job!!!!! :)

    Marino and 18 year old Sonny: He looked younger than 18. :) Love that they used Maurice Bernard's son! :) His son looks just like him! :) Um they should have used a younger actor to play Mike.

    Sonny and Olivia: Wow! They were married? I likey! :)

    Dante and Sonny: WOW! Sonny a cop and Dante a mobster.. Very interesting.. :)

    Dante and Jordan: Love that Dante set the Jeromes up. :)

    Sonny and Anna: Yikes you are right Sonny! She IS broken!!! I wondered why at first.

    Sonny and Alexis: Robin died. :'( Then Anna should step down from her job!!!

    Jason and Ava: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! They were a couple and they kissed!!!! ME LOVEY!!!! :)

    Dante and Sam: Yuck! Dante and Sam? No no no no no.... What should they be called? DAM? :)

    Dante: You can be replaced.

    OUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!! Damn he don't love you Sam!!!!

    Jason and Sam: Oh look! Eye sex. :)

    Sonny and Carly: Oh look! Eye sex. :) Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Contrary to popular belief coffee does not sober you up.

    YESSSSSSSSSS! FINALLY someone on the show says that!!! About time!!! :)"



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