Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday Surgery : Into the Ether

Oh, hi... join the party... we're all having acid flashbacks!

Should I even bother with a blog? If you saw the show this week, you won't want a repeat. If you didn't see the show...well, consider yourself lucky.  Frank is ruining what's left of it with flashbacks and horrible editing that leaves everyone befuttled. I totally understand the need to stretch out the shows that are remaining BUT not to the point where people won't watch!! Seriously-- I think they even put scenes in that were supposed to be out just to keep talking about the same thing over and over!! GH should be building on some huge reveal or showdown. Then if things lag for awhile at least we want to see what's happening when it comes back, right?? 

So! What did we learn this week?


Chase loves Willow and Willow Looooooves Chase. 


Michael loves Sasha and Sasha Looooooves Michael.


Everyone thinks that Nelle is too mean to be a mother. Mean, Mean Nelle! We must stop her! But how?? 


Maybe we shall marry! It might be scary, but so is NELLE! 
I don't know, let's talk about it for a month...



Sonny, Cyrus is a bad man. 


Like, really bad. 


Hey, No one is BADDER THAN ME!!!!!! and I'll PROVE IT! 





I KNOW! Let's watch 15 minutes of PETER FLASHBACKS!!!!! 


Oh that witch! I know how to fix this, I WILL NOT watch any more flashbacks!! 

All we need is a poisonous snake!! We'd rather play with this than see anymore of that mess! 

Dad....Dad?? Is that you?? Can't you come in for cake ??
Oh, no cake for me. Too many carbs, you know that. 

But Dad..
Danny, sugar is the devil. 


After many many weeks, years, months  of talking.. Willow MIGHT marry Michael. 
Charlotte is the only character  I live for on this show
Robert is breaking into Maxie and Peter's apartment
Peter called someone to 'distract' Robert
After many days of talking, Jason and Sonny know Cyrus is a bad, bad guy
Aiden is alive and well 
Sam is either wearing inappropriate sex gear or grandma shirts
The poor guys in the video storage room are busy finding old clips
Ava had a snake in her purse and it didn't even bite anyone
Finn really, really loves Violet 
Sonny really, really hates Nikolas 
Lulu's not happy Maxie is working with Valentin but she'll get over it
Nelle's mean, Cyrus is mean
Hayden and Finn had hella chemistry


Protect this gem at. all. costs. 

OK! So!! Like I said.. this whole shutdown is really affecting the show and I don't think editing things this way is going to help. The one saving grace is the Nurses Ball should be one of the first things filmed when people are back. Maybe. Who knows anymore. 

I'm still pissed that snake didn't bite Peter in the face. 


  1. Thanks Karen. Your blog was SO funny. Now only if the show was a little FUNny

  2. Right now cutie Violet is the best to watch and evil little Charlotte Cassidine.

    1. Same.. and I also hope Robert just SLAYS Peter lol

    2. I want to see Robert Scorpio kick some butt (Heinrich's butt) like only Robert Scorpio can!!!!!!!

  3. Good job with not too much to work with. Since most of us are fast forwarding the endless crappy flashbacks, there doesn’t seem to be a point in prolonging the episodes. Especially so with Peter flashbacks. I agree Charlotte and Violet(and Robert) are my only interests at present.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "I agree Charlotte and Violet(and Robert) are my only interests at present."

      I agree! And the Didgeridoo that Robert gave little V! :)

    3. Love, love Robert Scorpio. Want to see even more of him!!!!!!

  4. Oh, Karen, you are a little crabby toward the show today!! I guess I have a minority opinion but I am thrilled and grateful they came up with the idea of flashbacks to stretch out the show! I will watch every minute! I do NOT watch the rerun shows, never did, but I am glad for them so they can continue through May. After working all day, I always am happy to go to Port Charles, I will be crushed when it's off the air, hope it can come back soon!

    1. I feel exactly the same way as you, AntJoan. I am not crazy about the flashbacks and find them boring, and don't watch any of the Friday reruns, but am glad that they are stretching it out so that I don't have to miss my GH hour every day. Fun Sunday Surgery though... love the pic of Char and Aiden with the toy snake.

    2. "AntJoan says, I do NOT watch the rerun shows, never did."

      What if they shock us, and show one from the 80's? You still won't watch?:)

    3. Sorry, no, won't watch. I am interested in the stories moving forward, don't need to see stuff from back in the day . . .

  5. Thanks so much for the laugh today, Karen.

    This line had me in stitches. "I'm still pissed that snake didn't bite Peter in the face."

    I was also have hoping that Valentin would show up because Charlotte was there and he'd get bitten.

    I wish the editors...from home...could edit out complete Nurse's Ball episodes without the breaks and show us them. Can you image how the ratings would soar?

  6. "Chase loves Willow and Willow Looooooves Chase."

    "Michael loves Sasha and Sasha Looooooves Michael."

    That made me laugh! Thank you.

  7. Hahahaha Karen this was hysterical! :)

    "Oh, hi... join the party... we're all having acid flashbacks!"


    "Chase loves Willow and Willow Looooooves Chase.

    Michael loves Sasha and Sasha Looooooves Michael."

    And Sasha wants Michael to marry Willow! She really wants him to marry Willow so badly! She is really pushy. Like she wants to break up with him, and this is her way to do it.

    "After many days of talking, Jason and Sonny know Cyrus is a bad, bad guy"

    And the Tribbles want to help kill Cyrus, but Sonny won't let him!!!

    "Protect this gem at. all. costs."

    YES WE DO!!!

    "Sam is either wearing inappropriate sex gear or grandma shirts"


  8. Loved today's blog, and the comment about Sam's apparel had me laughing out loud! But I'm with AntJoan, I'll watch even with crappy flashbacks. 👍

    I would seriously like to see some nurse's ball episodes, Lucy in her underwear was always hilarious!

    1. Yes, the first Nurse's ball with Lucy in her underwear!!!!!!!!!

  9. I do feel sorry for the people who are having to go through footage looking for flashbacks and the editing process! I have never a conspiracist but I now think it is odd Peter is still there and Anna is made stupid and Franco - yet Dr O has to go? Maybe Laura Wright has more clout than I thought.
    I gh8nk Nelle will not be Nina’s diaghter BUT for years we will think she is. Pisses me off. Chloe left the show and yet she’s back.

    1. Chloe left the show and now is back MORE than ever

    2. Because she has a convenient residence. pfft

  10. Great SS...especially the Wubshell Week. SO much better than the week that was.
    Someone on the Wubs FB page suggested Michael should marry Nelle. Why on earth wouldn't these writers think of that. How soapy and how crazy could that get?
    Flashbacks might be good but not the ones they have chosen so far. The Hiney episode was nauseating. As is the character.
    Thanks for this blog and all the comments. I hope you all have a great Sunday!



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