Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Save Yourself


NOTE: just watch the Sonny/Liz/Mike scenes. You'll thank me later. 

Oh BOY!! WHOO!! SO.. Poor Willow yesterday. Although come on, being dumb enough to fall for that? She kinda deserves it a bit. LOL Wonder if Michael will see thru it? ahahaha.  

Mike's:  OMG Liz is there. I love when she's a nurse. They do that so well. Mike can't swallow. She ends up giving him a washcloth with water on it. :sobbing:  She tells Sonny to consider palliative care and a DNR. Mike wakes for a min.. Liz says goodbye and leaves. 

Charlie's:  Willow and Michael. There is NO emotion in this. Just horrible, clunky scenes. Sorry but they are. ugh. Just bad.  
Michael: Stupid
Willow: Stupid. 
Michael offers to put up Willow in The Metro for the night. 

Chase's:  Chase and Sasha talk about how much they love Michael and Willow. Again, just bad scenes.  Sasha thinks that yes, Willow and Michael will marry and they'll fall in love. 

Metro: Diane set up a meeting with Sam and Alexis. Alexis ends up telling Sam she had a drink ..and she tells Diane and Sam that she slept with Neil and lied to the board. 

Crimson:  Nina and Nelle. Nelle tells Nina she wants to buy a little house with a fence for she and Wiley. Nina says: OMG I've always wanted that too! :eyeroll:  They talk about wants, yada yada.
Nina leaves. Nelle goes in to do paperwork and MOVES the necklace box but doesn't LOOK at it LOL. GEESH

Michael confronts Sasha and Chase.. Sasha leaves. Michael shows so much more emotion with Chase LOL They need to marry.

Nelle overhears Willow tell Nina that Sasha and Chase had an affair.


TJ and MOLLY! and KRISSY! 


  1. The Sonny/Liz/Mike scenes were unbelievable!

  2. Everything is so perfect leading up to the end of Mike's story. So well done.
    Clearly not the same writers working on the Mike story as the foolish foursome story. Just maybe it's those same writers who have written some of the characters we always respected into the stupid zone. It is just horrible.

    1. I just thought that they were using different writers as well! LOL

      If they wanted Chase/Willow and Michael/Sasha split realistically,then they should of:
      1. Had Chase over-console Willow over,the REAL Wiley's Death. Chase keeps making it unintentionally worse(pointing out Wiley is not her child, offer to make their own child). Willow demands a break.
      2. Meanwhile, Michael's and Nelle's custody battle has already begun and become ugly. Sasha gets savagely chewed out as a witness and gets called by Team Nelle by her past actions. Sasha later blames herself and think she and Michael should split up, over Wiley's sake.
      3. And that leads us to a night of Michael and Willow having a commiserating night out. They drunkenly hook up and have a one night stand, where they both 'say' they regretted that, but secretly don't.
      4. Michael and Nelle forced to settle, while Chase apologizes to Willow, and she gives him a 2nd chance. Ditto for Sasha and Michael.
      5.A month later Willow realises she pregnant again...and somebody tries to kill Nelle (A drunk Lucas), and Nelle needs a blood donor...and Nina is a match!

  3. Flashbacks today!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Willow and Michael: Man they are both too stupid to live!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry Michael! I love you so much, but you are so stupid! You both wake up!!!

    Chillow home:

    Chase and Sasha: They are both too stupid to live!!! Stop crying!!! You did this! Now you have to face the consequences! No no no no I don't want to see how Chillow first met!!!! :(

    Chase: Michael is my closest friend.

    Not anymore!!!

    Sasha: I think they are going to get married. Before Wiley's 3rd birthday or sooner, Willow will be madly in love with Michael.

    No Sasha!!! Michael will be her rebound you idiot! Man I can't with these two!!! Stupid storyline! I hate it!!!!

    Chase, Michael, and Sasha: Oh look! Sasha is running away again. She can't handle this! TOUGH! Get back here and face Michael you idiot!

    Chase and Michael: I love Angry Michael! Punch him Michael! Punch him!!! :) Awww just a shove. :( Their friendship is over. :(

    "Karen says Michael shows so much more emotion with Chase LOL"

    Yeah he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    "They need to marry."

    Yeah they do!!!! :) And yes Chase cries pretty. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis, Sam, and Diane: I want Alexis's shirt!!! Looks like Diane is wearing a wig. Oh Sam shut up! Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: After I'm sure was an amazing night of sex with Neil.

    ROFL! Why are they both mad? Diane wanted Alexis to have sex with Neil!!! So did Sam! I'm so confused.


    Nelle and Nina: Awwww! They have so much in common!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! ROFL!

    Oh my! Nelle moves the box with the half heart necklace in it!

    Half heart necklace: She is going to see me!!! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    *Nelle moves the box and doesn't see the necklace*

    Half heart necklace: :(

    Mike's bedroom:

    Sonny and Mike: GAH! This made me cry! He wanted to feed him!!! :( 1 small bite! :(

    Sonny and Liz: DNR?!!?! :(

    Liz and Mike: :( Liz is a wonderful nurse! I didn't even think about getting a washcloth and wetting it!! :(

    1. Liz was absolutely wonderful, in her scenes with Mike. So caring and compassionate. And MG was terrific. He looked at her with the eyes of a child who recognizes someone caring who's there for him without demands, just tending to his needs. Such a moving scene.I cried.

    2. "Di says, Liz was absolutely wonderful, in her scenes with Mike. So caring and compassionate. And MG was terrific. He looked at her with the eyes of a child who recognizes someone caring who's there for him without demands, just tending to his needs. Such a moving scene.I cried."

      Yeah she was so caring and compassionate! Thank you writers for that wonderful scene!!

    3. Liz was fabulous as was everyone else in that scene. I cried too. I just love Becky! :)

    4. I forgot to say that Chase does cry pretty. No man on GH has done that since Drake Junior. He was an excellent crier!

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  5. Yup, Willow and Michael are really, really stupid. This entire Wiley story is beyond ludicrous. And I'm sorry, but that apology from Sam to Alexis? That was an apology? Mumbles is worthless to me. She and PLP need to hook up, and leave Port Chuck. Dead or alive. Don't care. Just GO!

    Max Gail needs an Emmy. Not just a daytime Emmy, but an Emmy. He is fantastic and regularly breaks my heart.

    1. Agreed. And I'm tired of parents on the show telling kids it's not your fault, or you did nothing wrong, when they obviously did. Sam's spiteful attack was the catalyst. Alexis should at least have said it didn't help. And Sam should have been allowed to apologize properly. She wasn't a 5 year old having a tantrum (which would at least have merited a time out); she's a grown a** woman and should know she was wrong.

  6. Loved Liz with Mike and Sonny! Becky is such a lovely and underrated actress. Max G does deserve an Emmy. I liked Alexis with Diane and Sam. Can’t stand the Wiley mess.

  7. Michael and Willow = SO DUMB. Come on - it's so totally obvious. And he's in charge of ELQ? (Yes - I know Ned is while Michael is on leave) - no wonder the company is / was ripe for a takeover......**Speaking of.....why don't the other ELQ shareholders know Brooklyn sold her stock yet??? Can that type of transaction be secret? **Don't even get me started on how Ned had access to shares that are tied up in probate. It seems as if the writers have decided to play WAY too many characters as stupid and with no common sense lately. Not sure why!!

  8. SIDE NOTE: The Sonny / Mike storyline is the best thing right now. Amazing acting. And adding Elizabeth in the mix was a great idea.



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