Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alberta's GIANT GH Fan Club Weekend!!

Oh wow..I am so HAPPY!! Wub friend Terry took our Alberta to the Fan Club weekend. She flew all the way from Canada! I had NO idea she was attending the big "GH Past" event, with so many of my OLD fave vets!!   Here's a small sample--more to come. 
Feast your eyes...


  1. Great pictures.

    Doesn't Emma Samms look fantastic!

  2. Jake Meier? Is he there because Jake may be returning on the show?

    So good to see Emma.

    What a nice moment on today's show to see Luke. I'm so glad he taped ahead. That worked well last year so why not?

  3. I know I've asked before but, ill ask did Alberta get her name? I've been reading the blog for awhile and I've always wondered Alberta's history. Does anyone know?

  4. Soaplover, a lot of the old stars were there for the "GH Past" Event.

  5. I got Alberta in Maine one year-- I collect lobsters and I loved her. I name everything (Cars, Christmas trees, lol) When I bought her "Alberta" just came to me!! I decided to have her walk in the LA Aids walk with the SCRUBS team one year to raise money. Kimberly and Jason and Sonya Eddy were there. She raised like $300! Then, I took her to meet NLG in NYC. I don't like to ask for photos, Never have but getting one with Alberta was fun/easy!! And the rest, is history. Fans have asked me to send her to them to take with them to different events. So she goes all over. This person that took her is in CA way over in Sakachewan

  6. Thanks Karen :) I'm actually from Alberta, Canada :)

  7. Oh, Karen, I am in GH fan heaven!!


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