Monday, August 12, 2013

"Me and my WIFE"...

Dr. O is talking to Britt about Patrick. First she cuddles a photo of Faison and talks about taking out Anna.  Aw, Britt is kinda sad that Faison doesn't treat her well. 
Dr. O is talking about killing Sabrina! oooooo!!  Yeah!
Then she dons a blond wig and goes into The Floating Rib.

Dante and Lulu in birthing class... and Patrick is with Britt.

Sean is poisoned too--like I told ya. Whoops, Poor Luke. Everyone seems to have it! ah, Balkin connection!!  Sean was involved in the ransom thing with the PC poisoning. Tiffany is now in London looking for another cure for him since what he has just 'slows' the disease.  Luke's going to find Jerry, Sean gives him the rest of the medicine.
I think JR may have had a stroke? He was pretty frail. SO happy he could be on the show!!

Duke and Anna were on, drinking beer. Getting ready for FleaMac's Pre-Wedding Party (which will become wedding party) They were talking about not being able to find out anything on Obrect while Spinelli is sitting right next to them, finding EVERYTHING on her. lol. ( He found her real name on Britt's birth certificate). 

Kiki finds out from Michael her Dad is Silas She and MORGAN already got HITCHED!! 
DOH!  She's like "Did you know".. He doesn't really answer, but come on, figure it out Kiki. Geesh.

Ava and Silas were so good---Maura West can just act with her eyes!! 
Silas "You didn't  tell me about Kiki because you hated me so much"??

Ava: "No, because I loved you that much"....
and they KISS!! Silas storms off.


  1. I thought, too, that JR might have had a stroke. Then figured that would have been in the press somewhere before he came back to the show. Maybe he is just playing Sean like that because Sean is sick?


    does anyone know how sharon wyatt is doing? i saw the 2011 inside edition interview with her, but have looked online and havent really found anything since then.

  2. Sharon has had jaw cancer, and I'm not sure in what stage of recovery she's in now.
    People at the GHFCW have said that John was very frail at that event.

  3. Earlier this year Sharon Wyatt fell and broke her hip. There is a twitter handle for Sharon Wyatt. Here it is Re Sharon Wyatt @Sharon Wyatt411 and there is a Facebook page for her.

  4. Mokiki thing is crazy. What sane 19 year old boy wants to marry a girl who in love with his brother! only on a soap I guess

  5. Sharon lost her jaw bone due to taking Fosomax, or similar drug, and had to have it replaced, she had "jaw death" from the drug.

  6. AntJoan is correct. Wyatt lost her jawbone and I doubt very seriously you will ever see her again on the screen as Tiff. Really sad because she was one of the first GH characters I remember when I starting watching during the Ice Princess storyline...I dunno why, but I liked her character and always enjoyed her on the show.
    If you missed it, go back and watch the episodes of Night Shift 2 where Scorpio is having hallucinations...She and JR return as Sean and Tiff during that "dream" and it was great. That's probably the last we'll see of her in the role though.

  7. Q home: Ava kept McSilas from his daughter, because she loved him! ROFL! Come on Ava! What is the REAL reason!!! :) The lioness cleaned his tonsils, and McSilas cleaned hers!! ROFL! Man they got some hot chemistry! And then the way he grabbed her face HOT HOT HOT! :)

    Courthouse: Awww Mikey is too late! Starski and Morgan are MR. and Mrs Corinthose! And now that they are married, there is a force field over them, so Mikey and StarKI can't kiss or make love or hug! :) Right Morgan? Right StarKI? Right Mikey?!!?! And now StarKI knows her papa isn't Franco! It's McSilas! Come on Morgan you are not even answering her question! Just say yes dear I did know who your papa really is!

    Sean Donely's home: FANTASTIC SCENE!!!! Oh boy!!! Love how Sean kept saying WE WE WE!!!!! :) That scene wins the scene of the day! Actually it's a tie! The other scene of the day is with Dr O talking to the picture! :) That Poison! I tell you, should have it's own contract! :) Does the poison have a family of his own? Little poison babies walking around? :)

    The hospital: Patrick and that big pillow! ROFL! Awwww more birthing classes! Awesome sauce. :) Oh! Is Britch going to spill the beans to Patrick?! :)

    Felix and Sabrina's home: Dr O scene was PERFECT!!! :) Dr. O wins the line of the day! She called Anna a sow and Robin a piglet ROFL! Oh here comes Britch and her basketball baby. :) Come on Dr mama O! Slap your daughter again! :)

    The floating rib: Felix, Spinny, and Sabrina scene! Awesome!!! And here is Dr. O in a blonde wig hahahaha! LOVE IT! She has propofol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOVE THIS!

  8. Thanks AntJoan.. I knew it was something with her jaw. ;(

  9. I was really disgusted at Mikey going after Kiki with not regard whatsoever for the fact that she is his brother's girlfriend/wife. I know Morgan was deceitful, but Mikey has turned into a total, disrespectful jerk. Sean did look really frail but what a thrill to see him.

  10. LSV422 said...I was really disgusted at Mikey going after Kiki with not regard whatsoever for the fact that she is his brother's girlfriend/wife.
    Yeah it's basically, Forget my brother! Be with me! Pick me!!!!! What the hell?!


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