Friday, August 9, 2013

Who Is Sean Donely?

Oh what a checkered past THIS Guy has!! Did you know he was involved with  Monica briefly and bankrupted the Quartermaines? Alan faked his own death and framed Sean for it.

When he first came on canvas, he was Robert's old boss from the WSB. Robert sent Luke to Sean for help when he was on the run. Sean turned out to be pretty nasty though and started to kidnap people close to Robert. He even thought he killed Robert, but of course, that wasn't the case. Sean and Robert teamed up to take down Dr. Wu (during the Asian Quarter story) and they became friends again. Robert and Anna made him Robin's godfather.

A bunch of other things happened, one of which was a terrorist plot that he was involved in breaking up with Anna, Robert and Tiffany. They went to Mount Rushmore on locale during this time. 

He hooked up with his old Love Tiffany (who was a reporter on the local TV station) and they had a great wedding at the Q mansion, where we find out Tiff's real name is Ellie Mae Crumbholtz!   Guess who Faison's first connection was? YEP..Sean! He actually helped Faison fake his own death when he was in the DVX. So, him showing up now with Faison behind a lot of this makes sense.

Sean was also close to Felicia and helped her with recovering the Aztec treasure.

Sean was briefly police commish ...and thought Robert and Anna died in a boat explosion. 

Luke and he take down Frank Smith. Luke accidentally shoots Sean and he has to go away to recuperate. Tiffany is pregnant at this time. They have a daughter named Anna.

Full WIKIA gives all the deets !!


  1. Yup! Sean, like Anna, had an 80's/90's track record that wasn't angelic by any stretch. It doesn't bother me if he is semi-connected with Jerry or Faison now UNLESS he knows that Robin is captive and he is helping hide that. I think, for him, that would be a definite deal breaker.

  2. I rewatched Sean and Tiff's wedding the other day just to remind myself about them -- too, too funny. Ron seems to be writing Holly more like her pre-Guza self, so I'm hoping he'll retain some of Sean's good qualities and not have him involved in the Robin business, which would anger me as well.

  3. I remember that scene in the picture as if it was yesterday.

    I hope he has nothing to do with Robin's kidnapping too. That would be going to far.

  4. The only way I could see him being part of/knowing about Robin is if his own family is being threatened, or if he's working on a way to rescue her! But since this appears to just be a short stint for the actor, I doubt he'll know anything about Robin.

  5. Love me some Sean Donely! But I thought Tiffany's real name was Elsie Mae.

  6. if you havent seen the wedding, do yourself a favor and go to youtube and watch it. it is, by far, one of the most classic scenes in all of GH history.

    i can really see Sean coming back in Sept/Oct. and joining Luke and Anna and Holly for a big rescue of Robin with all the 80s legends involved (including Robert).

    Af least I HOPE this all happens.

  7. I miss Sean and Tiffany.... he had a son, too...Conner, I think. He used to sing at the Outback, remember?
    I hope that you're right, David, and they ALL come back to rescue Robin. Sean did have a good relationship with her.

  8. I hate to sound cynical but I doubt we'll see too many of our old favourites running around in Sept, as great as that would be. Franintodd will probably be out of his coma by then and we'll need to have him taking up a very large percentage of screen time every day while they reinvent his character.

  9. I loved Conner, and all that singing at the outback! He was seans son....

  10. I loved Conner, and all that singing at the outback! He was seans son....

  11. Karen: Sean was no longer w the WSB when he came on, but a businessman. It was Mr. Wu, not Dr. Wu

  12. I am so glad to see Sean back. He was such an instrumental character in the '80's, and while he was a detestable villain, he also became a great good guy in the end. That was what made GH so great back then. Bad guys could be redeemed, through heroic acts of sacrifice. Sean took a bullet for Frisco during the Asian Quarter sl. He, Robert and Anna were a hell of a team, taking down all the major threats to Port Charles. So, if Sean has somewhat dubious reasons for working with Jerry Jax, I'll buy into it. It would be true to his character. Either that, or he is working undercover based on intel he received from the WSB, to find Robin. In the process, he was possibly poisoned like Luke. I can't wait to see all this unfold. I really hope this will lead to Robert coming out of his coma and saving his daughter.


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