Monday, August 5, 2013

"It's My Only Shot"

Holly and Luke are just hanging out in the bank like they OWN'd think they'd try to get in and out. LOL  Wouldn't Luke be a danger to others with radioactive exposure???

I thought Alice was going to catch Connie and it was Monica!! Tracy and Connie,geesh-- I like Connie with Tracy. 

KEVIN IS so good. Have him on more. 

Sam going to Derek for a story and bone marrow stuff. AHAHA. Obvious much? I so wanted Silas to tell Kiki the real truth! Ava freaks out about Silas doing DNA 
BONDING Time with KIKI and Franco-- who's not really her Dada, so there ya go.

Lucy is scarfing down that pie lol.  



  1. What was the ending? I might actually watch today :o

  2. I didn't put it in the blog..but Sean Donelly's photo showed up as the person that picked up the money!

  3. Yay! Yep will definitely be watching tonight

  4. Gotta watch to keep the show on the air ;)

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  6. OK I squeed when I saw Sean Donnelly. I had to go back and watch his wedding to Tiffany. One of the funniest moments in GH history.

  7. Sean's wedding to Tiff is my #1 fav. GH memory. I read somewhere that Sean will be on 3 days on August. Karen, have you heard anything?

  8. Kind of a fun twist with Donnelly involved. Like Anna he has sometimes operated with his own agenda that isnt always ethically right. Thing is, I can't beleive that he would go all out evil so if he is working with Jerry and knows Robin is alive then I would cry foul for sure as he is one of her godparents and a trusted family friend. Should be interesting!

  9. Oh, yey, Sean! First thing I thought of was that hilarious wedding! it's on that tape of Greatest GH Weddings. Loved Tiffany.
    Karen, I read somewhere Sharon had serious health problems so we likely will not be seeing Tiff. True?

    I know they wanted us to see Sean in the last moment of the show, but still, it took too long for Luke to explain to Holly. Like the bank hadn't called top security by then!

    Still it was all very satisfying. Just get Laura in there and soon. Laura and Holly were friends last we saw them. Of course by then Robert and Holly were happily married. Remember the marvelous colorful wardrobe Holly had as she was arriving in Mexico at Donnely's ranch to chase down Robert and Luke?

    Lots of good stuff to watch today! The show is definitely picking up. Enjoyed Lucy and Scott at Kellys and how good it is to see Kevin at work...

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  11. The hospital:

    FranJasTod: Daugh ter

    Me: Nope. Try again! :)

    McSilas waiting for the DNA test results! Oh but why did you have to tell Ava about it!!! *facepalm* Wow Alexis got out of her hypnoses very quickly! Doc Kevin didn't even have to get her out of it!

    Kelly's: Lucy and Scotty win the scene of the day!!! She kept eating his pie! ROFL! Yes Lucy! The universe is trying to tell you, that you two should get back together! :) Oh look Doc walks in, and isn't happy seeing Scotty feed you pie! ROFL!

    Crimson: Oh Sam! Meet your papa and auntie Ava! :) Aww Sam don't be yelling at your papa!!! Yes Sam he has children! He has two! Lucas and YOU! :) He knows about Lucas but doesn't know about you. :) I wonder if Julian Jerome had plastic surgery.

    Q home: Monica wins the line of the day!

    Monica: Note. Stay away from my room.

    ROFL! Aww you mean you don't want Connie to kill your pillow too? :) Tracy and Connie got the birth certificate! Someone tell the truth already!!!! :)

    Switzerland: Holly having to bring up their son Ethan! UGH! Stop with the damn lies Holly! Robert is Ethan's! Oh now let's see where the money went! And since people are talking about the mystery guy now, I will talk about him! :) The money is with OH! SEAN DONALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 ANOTHER SHOCK! When I saw Sean's picture, I gasped. :)

  12. I was so surprised and happy to see Sean. And I too remembered the wedding. I was thinking the same thing about Luke and Holly taking so much time in the bank lol



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