Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It's a fun party!! (with a little danger Obrect thrown in!!) Awwww, Lante were so cute. Can't sing but cute.
Well, Ellie got all up in Maxie's face!! Interesting. 
Dr. O even sang!! 
Mac and Kevin are going to dress in drag from the GOOD OL' DAYS! 

They didn't actually sing on the show today though--damn it.

Dr. O uses  Propofol--yeah!! Great drug of choice.  Only it's switched. Duke recognizes her...but he's too ill to do anything about it.  Duke is DOWN!

I'm feeling for Britt--are you? She seems sympathetic now. Something seems "off" to me with Jason Thompson. Can't put my finger on it but--he's been flat lately. 
Britt tells him she lied about being sick-- and about wanting an abortion. 
Aw, they are having a boy!   
Sabrina can go jump.


  1. Awww, Lante is having a boy. :-P Rocco it is!

    I think once we all realized Britt was Dr. O's and Faison's spawn child, we all got more sympathetic. How horrible to have a baby just to try and win over a man who doesn't want you, because your PARENTS told you to. And then to see how your mother suffered her whole life from pretty much doing the same thing...having a baby to hold onto a man. Then the Nik pairing is halfway brilliant and gives her a real friend. She's grown on me, but if she dies in childbirth I won't miss her....

  2. In an issue of SID I believe Jason Thompson expressed irritation with the storyline, said he felt Sabrina should not be so involved because its Patricks business more, so maybe its showing through to the acting.

  3. Have they shown Britt with Nik lately? I've missed a couple of episodes and it's been kind of choppy but I loved today. At least I loved it till Duke went down like a cheap card table. Hope he's going to be okay.
    I do get a real kick out of evil Dr. O. She says some funny stuff ("I'm from New Jersey" when the bartender asked about her accent. Bwahaha!) She reminds me of Natasha from Bullwinkle but way more evil.

  4. Everytime I see Sabrina I like her less and less and it looks like Patrick does too.

    But I lost all sympathy for Brit today, when she said - WE are having a boy. BUT I would like her with Nik - as long as she does not become too nice. She is the product of Dr. O and Faison.

    No one said - Who is that woman in the bad wig singing?

    Maxie singing Goin' to the chapel" was great. But I was very disappointed that Mac and Kevin didn't preform - Maxie actually looked really pregnant today had the waddle and everything.

    Did they have scenes for next show?

  5. I am NOT feeling for the Breatch, she is lyin' about the baby daddy, the whole thing is a lie, she only confessed her other lies to throw him off the path of her giant lie and make him trust her--she is reprehensible. Poor Sabrina!!

    The show was GREAT today--see what they can do when they use the vets, the party was PRICELESS!! Maxie was ADORABLE singing "Going to the Chapel" (or "Going to the Temple," as we of the Jewish persuasion refer to the song). And then, coming back from commercial with Dr. O singing, did no one else find that HYSTERICAL??!?

    I agree, Patrick seems pissed off, or, actually Jason seems pissed off. . . .

  6. What a glorious Avakikimorganfrancosonnycarly free day today!! What would have made it perfect? Actually showing the song/dance by the guys, and showing Robert, locked up with Robin somewhere, awake and plotting their escape. A girl can dream...

  7. Keep Dr O and Britt around...They are cracking me up!

  8. I have been def warming to Britt. I like her with Nick. But today I liked her with Patrick as well. Since the baby is not Patrick's we can assume Britt will never end up with him. Sabrina is pretty but so not right for Patrick. I sometimes really yawn when they are on together.

    So loved Maxie singing. I had happy tears during today's episode. It was a great one.

  9. The hospital: Patrick has fallin in love with his basketball baby awwww! :) Oh oh Britch has pain. Faking it? Oh it's a boy!! Lante are having a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Rocco! :) Lucy and Kevin scene! ROFL! Lucy wins the lines of the day today!!!

    I don't want to be rude!

    The V word!


    No no no don't touch the hair.

    ROFL! And then after she rants to Kevin, after he says why didn't you just leave without me, she says she didn't want to be rude! Hahahahaha! Really Lucy? And you blaming Kevin wasn't rude? :) I love you Lucy. You crack me up! :)

    Floating rib: Karaoke! YES!! :) Lante scene was so funny, but creepy hahahaha! Dante's face! He looks like Clint Eastwood! Felicia, Mac, and Maxie scene singing awwwww! :) Dr. O singing a ominous song while Anna drinks the propofol drink! Love it! Oh oh Duke accidently drinks it!! He is down! My favorite party of the evening, is NORMA AND EVE!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I have missed them!!!!! Oh shoot we didn't get to hear them sing! :( Crap! :( *kicks stones* :(

  10. CareyN said...Awww, Lante is having a boy. :-P Rocco it is!
    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  11. Kevin and Lucy's spat was ridiculous. Some of the writing lately has been really bad. LOVED Maxie singing and Kevin and Mac resurrecting better days. Dr. O. was great - loved the Jersey line and the song. She could hear everyone else's conversation but they couldn't hear her talking to herself? LOL. I think Sabrina needs to go bye bye with Connie. Patrick deserves a better love interest and a more dynamic co-star if Robin really is gone forever.

  12. Have you all seen Michael Fairman's interview with Jason Thompson? If not, go check it out. It's very telling. He's saying the same thing we are, i.e., that Sabrina shouldn't be so mixed up in the baby drama and he definitely seems dissatisfied with the story.

  13. LSV422, I always assume that if they're talking to themselves that they're actually talking in their head. The writers are just letting us listen in.

  14. LSV422 said...Kevin and Lucy's spat was ridiculous.
    Their argument felt realistic to me. :) But at the end they reconciled. :)

  15. THANKS for the info on Jason Thompson-- I also heard the same tone in Michael Fairman's interview.
    I think it's kinda over it.

  16. I think Jason Thompson needs to grow up. He's not happy with what he's being given? So, what? Act the hell out of it and maybe next time you'll get a better story. He hasn't liked anything since Kimberly left and he likes to tweet his discontent, especially in regards to the Britt/Sabrina triangle. We all know he can act, but it does seem like he's phoning things in lately, and that is not fair to his fans or to the women he is working with. We know he misses Kimberly, but it isn't as if they were actually married, which he seems to be confused about. (She didn't leave YOU, dude, she left the show. Get over it already. ugh.)

    Okay, my rant is over. Overall, I did love this episode. It was so much fun, although I would have loved to see Kevin and Mac sing--did that music sound like "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO to anyone else? Maybe they couldn't get the rights to the song.

    Dr. Obrecht is the coolest evil person. Who else would get up and sing karaoke while waiting for her enemy to take a fatal dose of propofol?


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