Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Injectables

There's a lot to be said for a week that had (mostly) some of my favorite people on, and managed to move and lighting pace. A few bumps here and there but all in all, not bad.  Hey, we got to revisit some old ABC soaps too!

Duke and Anna action was all over! 

Get out your poison hazmat suits and get some wedding rice to throw...I think we should serve some champagne as well. It's that time again!!

The week started out a pain in the ass--especially with the KIKI Morgan wedding. Just when you thought Michael stopped it, they pulled that rug out and we find out the idiots really did get hitched. Now I suppose, from a writing standpoint this is a good thing because now we can spend time having Kiki be suspicious of Morgan, Michael lusting after Kiki and vise-versa. If they pull a WTD on this triangle, I will. SCREAM!! Use some birth control kids!

Sean's also holding on by a thread and his daughter gives Luke the "medicine" to help him go after the real cure. I'm glad JR could make it on the show for a short stint. Too bad Luke was dressed like a communist circa 1964 and distracted me. I do like how Sean has on an oyrish wool sweater and Anna had on a cardigan. You know, because tis' Ireland don't cha know.

This almost made it to prop of the week but so many of you pointed out that you can't drink propofol, it has to be injected that I decided not to. That little bottle was certainly shown enough though. Geesh! Poor Duke, laying in the alley after being poisoned. We did get treated to Dr. Obrect singing for us. Not that anyone noticed there was a strange blonde at Mac and Flea's party, but hey.  Lucy finally put the dots together-- but a little too late. 

Felicia and Mac's wedding. I put up a pic of adorable Emma to represent the part of the wedding I LOVED--you know, the normal, fun part. NOT the "wacky" Richard Simmons stuff. Now, I love me some good comedy. And I'm not  adverse to vets coming back but this was just WEIRD. The whole thing.  Thank GOD those two got married in the end because if they hadn't I would have lost it. 

Felicia and Maxie had a nice talk about Georgie and being a mother. Very heartwarming and special. Sniff. Then stupid LULU had to ruin it with her evil eyes and paranoia.  I know she's justified but it still bugged me. 

To top everything else off, the revisiting of Corinth happened. Yeah  that did happen.  Hopefully you saw my little guide down there to the whole history. It was pretty brilliant to tie that all in to this story. Especially given the fact Faison did cross over to Loving AND the whole poisoning stuff goes with this poison sheeze. Secret rooms! Clues! A crazy statue outside! woot!

Of course the GIANT guffaw of the week was Dr. O's time travel from the apartment to the exact spot that Holly and Luke were at in PA. We really can take a lot of things in stride but that? Was so blatant it was hilarious. I put it up to block taping and editing. Either that or Obrect has an identical twin. Someone should have caught that. It was just eye-ball rolling. 

I am SO Glad this Connie crap is ending! Good gravy.  Friday's talk between Sonny and Olivia about her,  coupled with Kevin missing the wedding for the appointment had me ready to kill her off myself. TOO much. Ava and Julian were hogging up the Q mansion for a few scenes too. Like I said earlier, GET YOUR OWN PLACE!

SCENE OF THE WEEK: You knew it when you saw it. Anna at Duke's bedside, talking first to Patrick, then to Dante. Perfection. Give Fin a raise!! 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Dr. O's blonde wig!! Give it up for the hair!!

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Whatever the hell this was. ...

RUNNERS UP: Cake face!!

So, what or who does Luke see in the room? My guess is Laura as they are supposed to be back in Port Chuck to see their "Grandbaby" born. I would give anything for it to be a huge shocker like Mike Corbin or an undead Mitch Lawrence. heh. Ok, ok, I kid.  
Monday will be my last blog before my holiday so soak it in while you can! 


  1. Yeah!! Give it up to the wig!!! Love Wiggy! Give Wiggy a contract! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That wig looks like a Tribble on the floor!! =) ha ha!

  4. Spot on analysis. Luke channeling his inner Fidel Castro as just plain distracting.

    Richard Simmons' appearing was boring. Zzzzzzzz

    I loved seeing Anna and Duke on he front burner but, the Danny story seems to have stalled. I wish theses stories would be played out in an appropriate sequence.

  5. I wish it were Laura at the bottom of those stairs but it's gonna be Ethan...

  6. Interesting how they were at first listing her as Lisa Obrecht but now they say Lisel. I thought it was odd to go with Lisa soon after the departure of Lisa Niles.

  7. Pretty good week with minimal Kiki/Morgan/Michael distraction. Finola was totally brilliant with Duke scene, Maxie and Felicia beautifully acted and brought tears to my eyes. Emma was just so adorable. R. Simmons at the wedding was creepy and unecessary. Obrecht was so entertaining as always. And she has wings!! Sorry but as much as I love Luke and Holly, the scenes in PA were cheesy, poorly written and acted in my opinion. I hope the cliffhanger surprise is worth it. Loved seeing Anna as an assertive police chief. Not looking forward to seeing Franco again this week.

  8. And Karen, have a great vacation and don't forget to come back. We love ya!

  9. Too the uninvited guest wasn't either Colton Shore and Frisco or Ryan Chamberlain. I liked this weeks shows.

  10. I found it ironic that Robin played a role in Felicia & Frisco's wedding back in the day & now Emma's playing a role in Felicia & Mac's wedding.

    Whodda thunk.

  11. I think Liesel Obrecht borrowed a Tardis from Dr Who -- no other way to explain her supersonic transport to Corinth.

  12. I would love for the mystery person to be Mitch Lawrence. Not sure how that would make any sense but really, what does anymore?


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