Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blue Breathing Tube

Getting a LOT of use lately, eh? Finola is spectacular as usual--loved her talking to Dante.  Her hair looks so much better non-ombre too.  Duke woke up just as Anna was saying how much she loved him.  He knows who poisoned him.

Did the Jeromes take over the Q mansion? Geesh!  They need their own place. GET OUT OF MONICA'S HOUSE! 

Paddy gets a delivery of baby stuff-- Sabrina is there. OMG Emma says "That happened the night you and Daddy HOOKED UP"! ahahaa
Maxie is trying HARD to get Flea-Mac wed asap!!  She calls the baby Georgie and Lulu is all like "IT'S NOT YOUR BABY".. uh, yeah, Lulu.  LULU was on my LAST NERVE today. Geesh.

Dr. Obrect-- she was hilarious today.


  1. Sabrina looked shocked that Patrick would be getting things for his baby. Grow up! Would you want to date a guy who would abandon his child, just because he did not like the mother?

    Emms is just too cute.

    I feel bad for Brit when she is with her mother, but not when she is with anybody else.

    Loved how Ava and Julian accused each other of trying to off Duke.

    It is nice to have a Franco free week. Of course as soon as RH is back in action I'm sure that will change.

    Luke tomorrow. Crossing my fingers for Laura.

    Lulu is just seeing the writing on the wall. Maxie IS attached to her baby - at least Dante will have a baby at the end of this whole thing.

  2. "As if you could get any fatter" hahaha Dr. O has the best lines!

  3. Sabrina and Felix's home: Mama Dr O wins the line of the day!

    Mama Dr O: It is not as tho you could get any fatter.

    ROFL! I LOVE DR O! :) Boy Britch can move really well with that basketball baby of hers. :) Uh Britch, you are saying your papa's name wrong! :) Hmm Ceasar Drake! Hahahahaha! And the way that Mama O dropped that milk, was funny. :) That milk floated in the air haha!

    Floating rib: Gee looked like a cat threw up a hairball on Maxie's head! Oh oh Lulu is worried that Maxie is calling the baby Georgie!!!!

    The hospital: Anna and Duke scene awwwww! And I got emotional with the Anna and Dante scene! Wow Duke can talk with the tube down his throat!!! Amazing! Can he stand on his head while the tube is down his throat too?! :) LISTEN TO HIM ANNA! Dr O was at the floating rib!!!! :) Love the Spinny and Felix scene. Oh and Karen, I like Anna with a bit of that color in her hair. I wonder why she got rid of it.

    Patrick's home: Emma knows about hooking up? ROFL! I wish Sabrina have asked her what she thinks hooking up is hahaha! Oh Felix stop teaching young Emma adult words!!

    Q home: Ava and Julian think the other one is guilty of trying to kill Duke! Hahahaha! The newspaper headline: Dead again. Duke Lavery clinging to life. Wow the newspaper headlines are so boring now. Zzzzzzzzzz.

  4. I just love Dr. O - she does get the best lines. Finola was outstanding yesterday, but then again she always is. Maxie's hair looked like she slept on it but her dress was adorable. Why is Ava even at the Q's anymore - she has no connection now? Nice to see Emma. Love the way she kisses her dad.

  5. I wonder if TPTB know now how bad they screwed up by pairing Sabrina and Patrick when it would've worked far better had Liz been the one? There has been zero chemistry between Patrick/Sabrina since day one. Poor Jason Thompson. I don't blame him one bit for phoning it in every time he has scenes with her. He's probably well aware of how many people fast-forward or don't watch their scenes.

  6. I love Dr Obrecht's lines, too.

    Insisting she name the baby Cesar. LOL I chortled out loud.

  7. I LOVE Sabrina and i the only one??

  8. I would say I don't hate Sabrina and Patrick but would much rather have seen him with Liz. They have so much more chemistry and when Robin comes back it would be a better story

  9. I agree on the Liz/Patrick pairing. I thought they had good chemistry. Sabrina just comes off as whiney and shrewish...give her to Michael...

  10. Another vote for Pat and Sabrina, she's sweet, smart, wholesome, can be sassy when she wants. I think she's more like Robin than Liz. Remember Liz already slept with another dead best friends guy, another would be just wrong. Besides has more tread than a tire, three baby daddy's ! Today was awesome, convo between Maxie and mom was long overdue, loved seeing Anna the badass. Not liking Lucy's hair at all, boring, doesn't fit her personality. I think (hope) it was just tucked under, didn't
    move at all.

  11. MiamiMom said...

    Besides has more tread than a tire, three baby daddy's !


    At least she knows who all the daddies are!


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