Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AJ's Trash Can

He totally threw up in that thing! If I were Anna,  I'd be like OK, DANTE TAKE that out! LOL ewww
Dante should NOT be in that room with AJ. geesh!! AJ says it's Tracy's gun..just throwing her right under that bus!!
AJ remembers taking the gun and now thinks he did kill Connie (meaning he didn't)

Tracy and Luke!! awwwwww. I do like them. His back looks bad.  They kissed so nicely! Loved it.

Laura and the baby awwww --Scotty is there to ream her out. LOL  Then he says they don't fit. Laura cries. 
"My love for you? It's never going to be enough for you."

Looks like Laura says ok to the divorce. Luke walks up as Scotty and she are hugging. 
Lulu overhears Luke and Laura talking about their health. Laura is off to Paris..nice L&L moment SPOILED BY NULU. She's so snotty! Every line is just snotty.  She knows Luke is dying.

Britt: Are you Batman?
Nik: I do have a butler named  Alfred! 
She sees photos of Emily and starts having pains. 

ahahaa, Britt's belly is so funny. Giant beach ball. She's going to drop any minute! 

Last it interrupted by Mr. Luther King Day, which I don't mind. There are a LOT OF PEOPLE on that mall! Wow.


  1. Scotty finally realized the truth that Laura will never love him enough. It is about time.

    Lulu's delivers all of her lines in the flat way.

    Patrick and Sabrina all kissy face coming off the elevator was a little weird.

    Dante should be no where near this investigation of his Aunt's murder.

    I sort of like Michael and Liz together.

    Britt's in labor Here we go.

  2. So, I also saw some chem between Michael and Elizabeth, but here's a theory: it's not really "chemistry" but it's just something called "great acting"! These two are both powerhouse performers, but they rarely get scenes with other great performers.

    I'll look at Michael, since we've seen more of him lately. His scenes with AJ are phenomenal because SK is a great actor, but his scenes with Sonny fall flat because MB has been phoning it in for a while. Michael is also disappointing in scenes with Kiki or Morgan, because neither are super stars. But he's AMAZING with Carly or Alexis, who are both amazing actresses. He also does really well toe-to-toe with Tracy, as did Elizabeth when she and Tracy butted heads, because JE always brings her A Game. In fact, I doubt she even has an A-minus Game. I'd love to see Michael and someone like Luke get to share some decent screen time.

    So, then I'm thinking of Sabrina. She's not a great actress but she's not cringe-worthy. However, when she's with Felix, who is phenomenal, I'm glued to my screen. But put her and Britt in a room together, and, well, time for me to fold my laundry.

  3. I am over Nulu. She ruins every scene and her lines fall flat.

  4. I really don't get what is wrong with Nulu, I think she is a fine actress--of course, she is different from JMB, who I really miss, but I don't see what people are criticizing in her acting.

    I really hope that Scotty and Laura are not leaving the show?

  5. The hospital: Scotty wins the line of the day!!!

    Scotty: I want a divorce.

    ROFL! Well it's about damn time Scotty! I'm glad your eyes are wide open now, and you aren't in denial anymore! Now you just have to wait until Lucy divorces Doc, and then you can be with Lucy! :) Lucy and Scotty went to New Mexico together YAY! But we missed it. :( Laura and Luke kissed YAY! :) Laura has to go to Paris for a follow up?!?!?! Is she coming back?!?!

    Wyndemere: Britch and Nik scene YAY! Great scene. :) Oh oh Britch is looking at the photo album of Nik and Emily ACK! Britch starts to have cramps. Well yeah! Cus she is looking at the pictures!!! Stop looking at them and you will be fine. :)

    Q home: Luke and Tracy scene was fine, until they kissed ACK! I thought maybe they were going to have sex. Oh yes Luke everything she feels about wanting love can be put aside uh huh sure. *roll eyes* Oh oh the gun isn't in the safe! Where did it go?!!? AJ doesn't have it anymore.

    Police station: Oh what is this?!!?! Good cop bad cop!!?! AJ throws up looking at Connie death pictures DOH! AJ finally remembered getting the gun out!! He thinks he did it!! That means he DIDN'T do it. :)

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  7. Andrea said...Patrick and Sabrina all kissy face coming off the elevator was a little weird.
    Well Sabrina IS 18! :) She is lying when she says she is 27! :) ROFL!

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a problem with this Lulu. I don't like her at all. I really hoped that it was just me not being used to her, but it isn't.

  9. Lovely scenes with Luke/Tracy and Luke/Laura. I agree about Nulu - nothing against the actress but not a good fit for some reason. Old Lulu was more like a young Laura. I liked the Michael/Liz scenes. When he has scenes with Kiki it's like watching paint dry. CD has a lot of potential unlike KA, who has totally lost whatever Kiki's personality was supposed to be and evolved back into Star. For the life of me I can't understand Cartini's infatuation with her. I feel that way about MB, whose overacting with AJ was laughable.

  10. Does anyone know if Genie Francis is done or just taking time off? I can't wrap my head around the scheduling of some of these vets. Do you think each one has a unique contract with only a certain number of days per month they work? With budgets the way they are, I'm guessing that's the case. How else could we have so many vets on the canvas right now?

  11. Is it just me or does Sonny not resemble a kewpie doll with that "pose" (the left hand just so, the head and chin slightly down, etc.)?


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