Monday, August 19, 2013

What are YOU doing here?

Connie...eves dropping never gets you anywhere good!! Whatever YOU DIDN'T WANT Sonny!! I will be so happy when she is gone.

I knew it was Laura in the room. From the easy box. Too soon to be Robin or Robert and Laura was due on this week anyway.  Aw, Laura told Luke she knows he's sick. She's all teary eyed.
Laura tells Luke Jerry is alive. Dr. O tells Holly she can get Robert out of the coma. 
Jerry tied Laura up! wow...
Dr. O knocks out Holly and escapes. 
Holly and Laura talking about Ethan..awkward.
Luke goes with Laura to see Lulu--Holly goes off to get Dr.  Obrect. And refresh her 900 coats of MAKE UP.'s spackled on! 

Maxie's water broke, ruining her shoes. Spinelli looked so excited. Ellie kinda wanted to tell Spin about the baby but ...will she?  She does 'let' him go to the hospital though.
Maxie's in labor, Lulu and Dante are smothering her.

Tracy got the front page of Kiki's Not A Q paper framed for her new office but AJ smashes it! He also tries to steal a stapler on his way out. heh.

Britt should have told Anna she was Faison's daughter. That would have thrown Anna for a loop.

Nikolas and Liz were the "summarizers" today--Giving us the low down on the ELQ coup. AJ saw Nik and Liz hugging and sulks off.

Franco's on tomorrow!


  1. I hope Maxie confesses now and not later. And I'm still not convinced Britt isn't Anna's...


  2. I kinda liked Laura and Holly talking. Do you remember when Laura became the Mayor's wife and Holly was there to help her through speaking at a luncheon? I kinda expected yet another flashback to something like that. (After all, this show is flashbacks most of the time)

    Since Monica loves her son AJ soooooooo much, why doesnt she finally kick Tracy out of the mansion? She is the CEO of ELQ (and will NOT let us forget it for a minute) and surely she can afford her own penthouse apartment somewhere. and while Monica is at it, get rid of Franco, Ava and Kiki since Kiki is not a Q. THEN, invite Liz to move in with her boys. It might be fun to have Tracy keep sneaking back into the mansion and hiding whenever Monica comes around, and finally is allowed to move back in. The dynamic is monica and tracy fighting in the house, i get that, but a symbolic move to support her son would be a nice gesture. Tracy needs to be taken down a peg. Although her obvious loneliness in the ELQ office today was gratifying.

    I figured out how I want the baby stuff to play out. Maxie slips during actual labor and says that Spimoni is the baby's father. Lulu and Dante hear this, and Lulu faints. It will then turn out that Lulu is 2 months pregnant. Really. The natural way. Maxie has her baby, Spinelli is the father and Ellie is part of this triangle. Lulu and Dante have their baby next spring. Lulu stays mad at Maxie throughout her pregnancy but when she goes into labor, Dante isnt around and Maxie is there and they make up. Finally… the Britch baby. Britt delivers with Patrick in the delivery room. The baby arrives and the doctor looks up, and Britt asks whats wrong and the doctor holds up an african-american baby (or indian, or asian, etc.). Turns out Britt got the wrong fertilized egg implanted and this is proof the baby isn't Patrick's after all. Motherhood changes Britt, she moves into Wyndermere and raises the baby with Nicholas.

    Most of the time, characters who are related dont look anything like each other. I was noticing the other day that Britt and Dr. O have very similar eyes. I think they are believable as mother/daughter.

    When Dr. O left Holly, I expected to see her in the very next scene in port charles since she has that teleportation device that lets her go from PC to Corinth in a matter of 6 minutes.

    Do we have to wait until September before they pick up the "Cure" storyline again? What is the time frame? Any rumors or spoilers on this?

    1. Love it! I'd die laughing if the wrong egg!

  3. I think the ROBIN stuff will be for fall sweeps??
    And I totally think Britt and Dr.O look alike too..
    Glad she doesn't look like Faison

    1. What an ugly woman she'd be. Can you imagine Faisons hair on Britt!

  4. I think the actresses of Obrecht and Britt are both excellent talents. Good casting. I like Britt from time to time, quite a lot (she's certainly more interesting than milktoast Sabrina who I am liking less and less), and I wouldn't mind seening Britt with Nik.

    I also think Liz should stick with AJ. He is acting like a jerk again, but I think he needs her to put him firmly on earth. He can be very likable one moment and a baby the next, but I do like Liz and he together and he's a work in progress.

    So glad it was Laura!

  5. Wow, I so DID NOT miss Carly and Tranco, it was nice having time with the others . . . I'll take Holly and her 900 coats of make-up over anyone from OLTL. . . .

    Most TV family members don't resemble each other, ITA--exceptions are AJ/Michael, Laura/Lulu, Laura/Nik, this AJ/Jason, maybe Dante/Sonny, and, when the original Kristina was on, the David girls and their Mom looked like a family, I think.

    No one looks like Luke.

  6. Oops, typo, meant "the Davis girls. . ."

  7. I laughed out loud when Luke called Frau Obrecht "Eva Braun". (She was Hilter's girlfriend.)

  8. sean kanan, (AJ) looks more and more like Paul Satterfield (Paul Hornsby) as he gets older.

  9. Sabrina is boring. Thumbs up for Britt and Dr. O! The actress for Britt is getting better every week and I think has the potential acting chops to play the character out long term as a AMC Brooke-type who can be hellcat out for blood, but also be interesting enough to have some redeeming storylines and personal traits.
    And Dr O is great - GH needs a funny, yet insane, colorful villain on it. It livens things up and keeps Luke from feeling too sorry for himself.

  10. The floating rib: OH! Maxie's water broke YAY! Maxie thinks that sometimes when your water breaks it doesn't mean you are in labor ROFL! Oh look Ellie comes in looking like a hooker ROFL! Wait Ellie doesn't want Spinny to go to the hospital?!!?! Ellie you are robbing Spinny of seeing his daughter being born?!!?! I am mad at your right now Ellie! And what was the point of Ellie jabbering on and on at the table? If you are not going to tell Spinny the truth. stop talking!! Oh Spinny can go to the hospital after all YAY!

    The hospital: Mac and Felicia wins the line of the day!

    Mac: We will be right outside honey.

    Felicia: She knows she knows.

    Felicia: We will be right outside sweetheart.

    Mac: She knows she knows.

    ROFL! Love that dialog. :) Oh Nik is wearing that pink shirt and I can see his nipples! Take off your shirt Nik! :) Oh dear Nik and Liz walking around and around and around UGH!

    Police station: Very cryptic stuff with Britt about Dante!!! Dante don't go! Your baby is in the police station! Baby Rocco! :)

    Sonny's office: So basically it's Connie and Olivia fighting over Sonny! I want him! No I want him! UGH! Come on Olivia punch Connie! :)

    Q office: That one security guy looks like Joe Jr!! I want the actor to come back! He can be someone else! I want him with Tracy!

    Corinth PA: LAURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :) Yeah Laura why are you there hmmmmmmm? :) You wuv Luke! :) Jerry tied her up!!!! :) Oh Laura stop talking about Ethan! Ethan is Robert's damn it!

  11. Britt has Dr. O's eyes and coloring, but def Faison's cheekbones and nose- GREAT casting.

  12. Loved it when Ana barked at Britt, "DON'T INTERRUPT ME"! Finola is so awesome.

    Nicolas, please wear an undershirt.

    Poor Emma Samms had so much eye makeup on. I couldn't see her eyes unless there was a close up. They were just two black spots. Her makeup bag must be the size of Laura's carpet bag!

    I really enjoyed a whole day without Kiki/Michael/Morgan. If there had been no Connie/Sonny, it would have been perfect.


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