Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't Wanna Bring another Ginger in the World, Right?

Spinelli was so cute...again today. Lulu was overdressed, she COULD run home and grab some jeans. LOL.
Lulu is driving me  INSANE I just don't like her anymore.

Sonny was just so Batman Villain today. LMAO-- he kept talking so AJ had time to get saved.  Sonny was yelling SO LOUD how he hell didn't Michael or AJ HEAR THEM? 
Sonny: GET your head down, you bitch!!
Then, Michael and Dante finally storm in. Sonny could have shot AJ 50x by now. 
Michael: says don't do it, for me... don't kill him. It means everything to me. 

Carly had on some fugly aqua Vegas Cocktail halter today! Geeeshhh. 

Jump Franco..but first, remove the bracelet!! WHY? weird.  Ellie and Todd, interesting combo, eh? He's SOOOOOO Snarknado Todd. 
Ellie is probably Franco's kid. Why else do this? She's going to be SOMEONE-- missing  Q? 

YES, the blood-writing was totally a nod to the Diana Taylor murder. Got it. If 'follows suit, 'ALICE' could have done it--ala ALICE Grant.  Maybe her name is Alice Jackson. 

COMING: Scotty tells Laura he wants out


  1. Liz needs to bitchslap Sonny, take his gun, shoot him in the back and throw his body in the harbor. Sonny can join his bitch Jason for eternity.

  2. I agree about Lulu. She is on my last nerve. Let's say that this was not Maxie's baby (which she is): couldn't Lulu be a little empathetic? Maxie carried "her baby." Ugh.

    Sonny is obnoxious, but I do not want him to go away. AJ, however, needs to go. He's such a wuss. I think that Elizabeth needs to eat some iron-rich food (she is so pale!) and wake up. AJ is a big baby. And what is the emotional connection to Michael? Just because they are genetically father and son there's a bond? I do not get it.

  3. Sonny is the worst mobster ever. He can't even shoot the guy that he thinks killed his girlfriend. Just yell at him that he has to die, that will do it.

    I loved how Michael handled it. AJ deserves some compassion for once in his life. Sonny deserves none. He should be in jail many times over for killing people. What comes around goes around.

    A patient is missing from the hospital and no one in the hospital seems to care. Kiki and Moron are putting up signs like their dog is missing.

    I don't feel sorry for Franco, Ellie and Carly should have let him go. I didn't get why there were scenes with him and Franco. If they start to put him on 3 days a week I am going to wish he offed himself.

    Olivia was great today.

  4. andrea, I thought the same thing about Franco! Post brain surgery and he IS still considered a serial killer right? No APB?

  5. WHERE was the security when they were called up to the roof?? And, Karen, ITA, I was going to say exactly what you said, about Sonny's taking forever to pull the trigger, and screaming in the house--didn't he think someone would hear? I know he was out of his mind with grief, but he's SUPPOSED to be a mobster, and have SOME smarts about these matters . . . Oh, DUH, AJ, Ava Jerome, I forgot about your earlier spoiler, I must be slipping. . . .

  6. The murderer? "Jerry" Aloysius Jacks.

  7. I love your idea AbsoluteLunatic!!! Sonny and Lulu are on my last soapy nerve right now!!!

  8. There is a tie of who won the line of the day today! Sonny and FranJasTod! :)

    Q home: Gee Michael and Dante don't you hear your father yelling?!!?! They must be deaf! Sonny won the line of the day when he told AJ, get your head down, you bitch!! ROFL! Michael talking to his father, it made me cry!!! :'(

    The hospital: FranJasTod is spiderman!!! :) And this is the line he won.

    FranJasTod: Don't wanna bring another ginger in the world, right?

    ROFL! Cracked me up! :) Hmm interesting Ellie and FranJasTod scene. Are they father and daughter? :) Carly and FranJasTod scene was interesting too. Awww poor guy don't have kids. Don't worry. You can have sex with Carly and she can give you a kid. :) Hmmm security is really slow today. Ellie and Spinny scene. :( Boy the elevator is really slow today. Spinny and his daughter. :'( His daughter looks like him. She has his eyes! Come on Spinny tell Lulu the truth!!! What a strange sign on the window. I have been meaning to mention it. Don't tape on the glass because baby is sleeping!?!? Huh?!!?! Is the baby an animal? That's the type a sign you see in a pet shop! Don't tape on the glass. :) Oh wait! Must be related to Olivia's visions!! The baby IS a jackal! :) Er her father is a jackal! :)

    Crimson: Poor Olivia! I think she needs to go home! She might get a nervous breakdown!!! Sonny is there!!! Awww Sonny it's okay. You are free from Connie! Now you can be with Olivia. Have some grief sex, and then after awhile have a relationship with her. :)

    Preview for tomorrow:

    Scotty: I want a divorce.


  9. AntJoan said...Sonny's taking forever to pull the trigger, and screaming in the house--didn't he think someone would hear?
    Nobody heard anything! Everyone was deaf!! :)

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  11. Scotty can't get a break. Damn! They haven't even been married 3 months yet.
    Ok - well, pair him with Lucy ASAP - they are great together. And bring back Sarena for a guest appearance. With Karen and Logan dead and Gail and Lee Baldwin also presumably dead, she's the only family the guy has left!

  12. Never liked LULU except when she first came on. JMB used to annoy me as well. So really ER is no different!

  13. Lulu's problem now is that she has no personality. I was so hoping Franco would jump and take Kiki with him. Or Ellie. Thought Chad did really well yesterday but the Sonny/AJ scenes were laughable. And loud, LOL.

  14. Andrea said... Kiki and Moron are putting up signs like their dog is missing.
    I was thinking the same thing!! Like their dog is missing! ROFL!

  15. I know we're supposed to feel sorry for Sonny but he's just pathetic and not in a good way

  16. How about Alice killing Connie. She sees A.J. leave with the gun and follows. She probably hates Connie but instead of shooting her outright, she tries to get the gun away from A.J. because she cares more about A.J. staying out of trouble. During the struggle, the gun goes off, killing Connie. A.J. gets off and Alice gets some kind of probation. Maybe she an be Franco's minder. Oh and Alice hd the gun. Maybe in Tracey's bedroom for good measure.

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