Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday GH

Kiki and Morgan?? goes GH?  Told you I'd try to get this going so you can post!! WHOOT!!   I peeked in on Twitter a bit but didn't see much. Maxie had to have had that baby, right? People were also talking about LukeSon scenes?? EEE! Can't wait to see those on my DVR. 
BALTIMORE is gorgeous...Fell's POINT rocks. Gus is with my parents at our house, so don't worry about him. LOL. 
See ya! Hope someone (Sonya) is recapping. 


  1. I'll try my best! :) Hey David where are you? You gotta help too! :)

  2. What have you missed? Only that Kim M is offically returning as Robin this Fall and has signed a contact! Excellent!

  3. I'm glad Robin is coming back..i really loved Patrick with Sabrina but now i know Robin is on the way i can't invest in this couple anymore at all..

  4. So happy that Kim is coming back! I wonder if they'll keep Sabrina or if she'll leave the show. It's going to be amazing to see Kim and Finola's first scenes together. I'm going to stock up on Puff's Plus. lol! Robin and Emma and Patrick will be awesome to see again, too.

  5. So, today's topic will be the Vets, since it was announced yesterday that Kimberly is definitely returning. Also, because of the news (not really a spoiler) that Lucas Jones will be heading back to town. (Karen, have they cast this role yet?) With his return, and the revolving door of vets that started with the anniversary just before April, the question posed today is:

    Do you like having the vets pop in and out short-term, or would you rather they stay full-time on canvas. If full-time, which ones and why.

    To create a metaphor, I live in NJ and go to the Jersey Shore during the summer and when I do I get a deep-fried twinkee. You havent lived until you had one. I look forward to this every summer and, in fact, I am heading to Seaside Heights this Friday and will hunt one down. Or two. If I had one every weekend, the delicacy would be diluted and I would eventually loose interest.

    Likewise, I personally like the vets to be "guest stars". Like my twinkee! When Denise Alexander brought Leslie into the hospital last month and the inevitable confrontation with Monica was about to begin, I wanted a front row seat. As a viewer since 1977, I knew everything I was going to get from this. Great acting, great writing, history rehash and sentiment. And they did not disappoint.

    If the two of them were on together every week, the chemistry would be diluted. I want must-see-tv, I don't want a rerun.

    Another good example is the appearance of Sean and Holly. I kinda guessed they would be coming on, but didnt have full-on spoilers for them. I am very happy they came on, had some good scenes with Luke, brought up a lot of memories, and then left. Holly and Laura talking about Ethan, etc. made me remember when Laura was the mayor's wife and Holly helped her get through speaking at a luncheon. If they stayed on, returned to Port Chuck and took up residency, they would have become "domesticated". I like these characters to maintain their edge and history. Neither one of them should ever become complacent or "boring".

    Lucas is returning. Bobbie if his adoptive mom, and Noah is inferred to be in a relationship with her. I would love for them to come back with him, introduce the character to the canvas, visit relatives, see the babies, and then leave. Sounds cruel, but I really dont see them on the canvas anymore except as "guest stars". One week stints is all I want.

    Finally, and I know this goes without saying to 99.999999% of you, and that is I would welcome Kimberly back full-time in a heartbeat. I would not want her back part-time. I want as much of her as I can get. Of all the vets mentioned or on/off canvas, Kimberly is the only one for me I would want back full-time.

    How about you?

  6. David: if you had your (GH) blog, I would definitely subscribe! LOVE your comments :)
    And Sonya's recaps of course :)

  7. I'm really curious about Lucas and hope we'll also see Noah and Bobbie!

    Very happy Robin is coming back!

  8. David do u have a GH blog that I can subscribe to?

  9. oh, no no nothing like that. Wubqueen said she would be a.w.o.l. for a few days and I said if she gave us a forum to post on a daily basis while she is gone, I would make sure I posted something every day. That's all. Looking SO forward to her return and am interested to see her Sunday Surgery without watching any of the eps. Good luck on that one, K!

    I love Georgie. I simply adore her. Her death has to be one of the biggest mistakes in this shows history.

    You know what? If Kristen and Lindsey came on at the end of an episode, broke the 4th wall and said "Hi everyone. We know hat you have wished that Georgie was never killed, so the writers are going to come up with a scenario where she was away at college, or travelling overseas and we are going to bring her back. We need to to suspend belief a little to make this work and need your support..."

    I would SO buy it. We know it is a show, and that things happen behind the scenes. I'd rather this scenario than the back from the dead or fake death ridiculousness.

    I'd buy it. Would you?

  10. I love having the vets return and would gladly sacrifice some regulars now (Franco, Kiki, Sabrina) to have them full time. But, there are only a few I would like to see stay for awhile - Kim, Jack W., and Tristan R. As it is, we see way too little of Finola and she is just phenomenal. Can't wait to see Kim!

  11. David--I love that you're asking these awesome questions. Thanks for stepping in and keeping the dialogue going.
    Re: Vets--
    I missed the GH heyday of the 80s, tuning in really during the L&L2 storyline in the 90s, so some of these returning vets don't really do much for me. I LOVE that the writers are bringing them in for cameos (and that I can come here and get some backstories from you lovely people). However, I don't think I'd want them on full-time.

    The "vets" I'd like to see pop in are Ned--for Tracy's sake; Bobby--for Carly's sake; and JJ as Lucky because I just don't buy this "dead-beat dad/finding himself" storyline. Lucky would at least be in part of his family's life, from his kids to his siblings to Elizabeth.

    Also, Jax, Jerry, Faison, Helena, and Robert should be coming and going all the time.

    But, YES, KM coming back for good is a great joy to my heart. Keep Sabrina, though, she's grown on me. I love her and Felix together. Ditch Ellie and get Sabrina and Spin together so she can help him raise little Georgie because I don't want a Spixie redux at this point.

  12. Today's show was good. I LOVED the Georgie scenes and I agree that killing off Georgie was just wrong. It would have been so easy to have her go off to college. When Georgie kissed Mac and Flelicia's cheeks I teared up.

    I'm actually shocked that Ellie spilled the beans to Spin. I hope he believes her. She has to beblindnotto see how much ner loves Maxie.

    Olivia's vision didn't disappoint. LOL.

    All the grandparents chatting about the baby was nice and seemed very natural.

    I'm ready for Connie to go, shoot her already.

    I felt bad to Liz today and it broke my heart when she was looking at the picture of Jake- Another bad and unnecessary killing.

    As regard to the vets. Some need to stay, Anna for one needs to stay and given a great storyline. I love Luke and Laura they play off each other so well and throw Tracy into the mix and plenty of stories. Lucy is a riot and enlivens any story.

    GH has so many people on canvas and we already dont see stories for weeks at a time so not all Vets should be On contract. There is not enough screen time to do them all justice. When is the last time we saw TJ and Molly and Rafe and Taylor? Danny and the bone marrow story seemed to be shoved to back burner for weeks. Before the wedding Flea was not on for at least a month. In a perfect world Bobbie and Monica and Flea would be there all the time for the kids. But to have them back for everything you have to get rid of other people. In my opinion, Sean can go, Sabrina can go, Franco can go Silas can go. Kiki can go, but she should be replaced by Kevin or Scott's daughter.

    It is sad to see a vet -like Mac the former police commissioner just relegated to manning the bar at TFR.

    All I want to see is great stories, with a variety of characters. These writers are doing a good job I , don't love everything, but I am certainly not. Bored and my FF button is getting a rest for now.

  13. They need to keep Robert Scorpio on a regular rotation coming and going. His last stretch was a good one (while minus the last part where he was unrealistically overpowered by Dr. O - that was a little bit much) and I enjoyed it a lot...They wrote the character (like the stellar Night Shift 2 writing crew did on his time on there) as he should be and it was time and character well-used.

    I like your Noah and Bobbie idea...bring them on every 9 months or so for a few weeks at a time (as Springfield's touring schedule allows). They were also pretty well written the last time around.

    Robin M. as Heather is always welcome too...She looks like she is having a ball playing the resident crazy and always gets some great lines. She needs to come back every few months or so to liven things up. I would love to see a Dr. O and Heather team up! LOL's my rant for the day. I am a huge Scotty fan and Kin Shriner is the man BUT at this juncture, is is more than apparent that he and Lin Herring have all kinds of fun chemistry. My idea...let Laura and Lucy fight it out over Scotty for a little bit instead of Scotty crying about Luke and Laura. Give Scott a real decison...Go for the "high school sweetheart" or for the wild and crazy Lucy who appreciates his bad boy streak but tries to keep him honest.


  14. The hospital: Okay there is a tie with who won the line of the day!!! Maxie and Olivia! :)

    Olivia: A woman isn't allowed to be relieved that her grand baby isn't a dog?

    Maxie: Couldn't I at least get a wheelchair? I did just have my uterus cut open.

    ROFL! Great lines. :) Great scenes today!!! GEORGIE!!!! Georgie kissing her parents! Awwww! :( Spinny gets to hold his daughter awwwwwwwww! :) When Ellie was going to tell Spinny the truth, I thought it was all in Maxie's head at first, until Ellie was paged away. :) And then I realized she was actually gonna tell Spinny the truth! AND SHE DID LATER YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Aww Julian is a match for baby Cheeto YAY! :)

    Q home: GREAT SCENES!!!! Fantastic!!!

    Michael: Open your mouth, put it in, and pull the trigger. And end your miserable life.

    I gotta say, that I thought it was real!!! :) You got me writers! Good job! :) The writers totally snowed me. :) The smug look on Michael's face, priceless!!!

    Julian's office: Julian and Connie scene, I wanted him to grab her and kiss her! Connie figured everything out WOW! Nicely done Connie! Oh oh AJ with a gun!!! Bye bye Connie!

    Liz's home: Is that a new Cameron? He still looks like his dad. :) Liz and Michael scene, awesome. :)

    Sidenote: David, good job! :)

  15. Lara said...And Sonya's recaps of course :)
    Hehe thanks. :)

  16. I AM OVER THE MOON that Robin is returning!! CAN'T WAIT to see her!!--and all the joyous reunions. If only Georgie could come back as well, and Jake. . . .

    I WANT ALL THE VETS to come back, I don't care about logistic, I just want them all!! I can't get enough of any of them!! The scenes at GH with the 3 sets of grandparents--be still my heart, am I dreaming? To have them all together after all these years--Sonny, and Luke and Laura, and Felicia and Mac--a few years ago we would have thought it a lie if someone had told us that this would come to pass.

    Lucy, Anna, Robert, Leslie, Audrey, Lucas, Scottie, etc., etc., I love them all!!

  17. Great board today regarding the vets. Thanks David :) I agree totally about the vets as guest stars. I started watching GH just as John Stamos' Blackie started to grow on me (little girl crush). Then he went to prison for a not so great reason. I remember Demi Moore's Jackie Templeton. I'd love to see Stamos back in some cool way that would tie him to the present. Maybe he could be Spinelli's Dad. Stranger things have happened. I'll always live Frisco and Felica and I'm sad that we'll never see them as a couple again. I'd love to see Holly and Robert reunited. Even though I really enjoyed the writing of Anna and Robert in Night Shift 2, I'm happy Duke is with Anna now.
    Although Lucas Jones (Jerome) makes sense, I'm worried because the character has never grown on me. Like Steven Lars Webber, he has major ties to the show but, I've always found both those characters boring. I pray this time will be different!!!
    I'd also love to see Olivia Jerome again, she was crazy. She needs to be working with Jerry Jacks and Dr. Obrecht hiding Robin.

  18. It isn't so bad having the vets come and go, but sometimes I just wish certain ones would stay and have good story.

    Vets that need to be there all the time: Finola. She should be the centerpiece of this show, she is that good. She needs strong story and action. I don't mind Duke hanging around, but he needs a job so he is anchored.

    Genie Francis. I have long loved Laura and want to see her with Tony Geary. Luke and Tracy never made any sense to me--really don't like that pairing at all. Nor do I like Scotty with Laura--ugh. He is as hard to take as he was as a callow teen. I want to see Laura starting up the Deception story with Lucy (another vet who should stay) and have Laura win back Luke!

    I think they should have Tristan come back for months at a time, preferably when Tony is on vacation so we always have good adventure stories.
    I liked that he filled in for Geary last winter for the Faison story. But I'd also like to see them together as friends because they were really great--played off each other so well.

    I like Kevin as the hospital's shrink and coming on for good scenes with the crazies and Lucy. He's there, but not really all the time. I like him with Lucy, but still, I very much prefer Scott with Lucy than with Laura. Pul-lease! Scott's a whiney baby around Laura and always has been, but Lucy keeps him off that track.

    I like that Bobbie and Leslie and and Sean Donnelly and so on can come and go--it adds so much color to the canvas and keeps us believing we are in PC. But they don't need to stay around more than to move story a little. I never liked Jack Wagner, nor cared much for Rick Springfield, so short stints there are fine.

    There are some permanent characters that I would accept as part time: Sonny being number 1. Soooo tired of him. Carly is another, though I like the actress. And Shawn can just disappear. I liked Sabrina better when she wore the glasses and was shy, and I liked her with Felix then. Now she's just another pretty face and the character isn't interesting. So Kim will be very welcome! And I rather like Britt...

    A permanent character I always enjoy is Alexis and she needs better story and more airtime.
    I also like Felicia and Mac, but maybe not all the time. The show has really picked up and is great fun to watch!

  19. Georgie again proved why the character was cut loose- really no charisma. Kim Mc was a great child actress, but never grew. She's worlds better than Sabrina, though.

  20. Anybody else find it really funny that Lulu picked the name Jacquelyn? as in Jackle-lyn? Love that the writers threw that in

  21. Campus: What is that reference?

  22. named after the Jackal...Spinelli:)


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